Which member of the trio was the Stig closest with? | Ben Collins interview


Ben Collins was the Stig we all remember, setting some unbelievable lap times around the Dunsfold test track and taking part in many of the best challenges that the trio ever undertook. Mike Fernie grabbed him for a chat about his time on Top Gear, his more recent film stunt driving and what his relationship was like with Clarkson, Hammond and May.
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  • HemistReborn
    HemistReborn9 timer siden

    Some say that he HASEN'T SPOKE EVER and has NEVER MADE COMMUNICATION with ANYONE. All we know is that Ben Collins WAS and ISN'T the Stig.

  • GarconBlanc
    GarconBlanc10 timer siden

    Does anyone know where one can watch the video of him in the Stig helmet speaking in his voice which he mentions is what helped fuel the rumour mill?

  • Zak Evans
    Zak Evans12 timer siden

    some say sabine schmitz was the stig, others say it was James May

  • Scout 1874
    Scout 1874Dag siden

    A Top Chap

  • Bujf vjg
    Bujf vjgDag siden

    analogy of a sticky throttle....."entertaining".....

  • Benjamin Samson
    Benjamin SamsonDag siden

    I think I liked him better when he was the Stig.

  • Auto Curioso
    Auto Curioso2 dager siden

    Intro scene in Quantum of Solace is still my favorite chase ever!

  • Avi Barr
    Avi Barr2 dager siden

    Some say he wears his leather jacket to bed, and that he really likes cheetos... all we know is he’s 𝘯𝘰𝘵 the stig; but he is the stig’s helmetless cousin

  • Sunny Kay
    Sunny Kay2 dager siden

    He seems pretty cool. He has to be the stig

  • JustAGuyfromLDN
    JustAGuyfromLDN3 dager siden

    All we know is he's *not* the stig, but he is the stig's Chandler out of Friends' look-a-like cousin!

  • The Enlightened One
    The Enlightened One3 dager siden

    *I miss the stig that drove the Ferrari FXX* 😞

  • rob collins
    rob collins3 dager siden

    He's a Collins, so is really cool.

  • Thế Phúc Nguyễn
    Thế Phúc Nguyễn3 dager siden

    Stiggggg...James xDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • Anthony
    Anthony3 dager siden

    Imagine getting paid to hit an Aston with a sledgehammer

  • Jakub Ševčík
    Jakub Ševčík3 dager siden

    aa Cap. America i everywhere :DDD

  • TheMooseFromTheRoom
    TheMooseFromTheRoom3 dager siden

    Quantum of solace.. Loved? What have you been smoking mate? It was diffently the worst of Daniel Craigs Bond films, if not one of the worst in the Bond-verse overall

  • legion
    legion3 dager siden

    Nick cage didn't drive his own car? He's a phoney, a big fat phoney..

  • contradicsean
    contradicsean3 dager siden

    Some say ben collin’s face is stig’s helmet

  • 94628861
    946288613 dager siden

    Some say, his original helmet is red

  • Templar7832
    Templar78323 dager siden

    What a cool guy. Would be great to meet him.

  • A Truth Seaker
    A Truth Seaker4 dager siden

    I cannot stand when guy on the left opens his mouth

  • Pete Harriss
    Pete Harriss4 dager siden

    Ben is a very modest and gracious person; Top Gear producers treated him very poorly and unfairly, particularly in terms of pay with the show's increasing success and pay rates of the other 'stars'.

  • netweed09
    netweed094 dager siden

    _This isn't the Stig, but the Stig's Holographic projection_

  • A3 Radio
    A3 Radio4 dager siden

    wait... the result of the race with the German Presenters was not stage? i'm genuinely blown away

  • Vegito Blue
    Vegito Blue4 dager siden

    stig is cool

  • Mr Speed Triple
    Mr Speed Triple4 dager siden

    Cool dude

  • Sgt Steel
    Sgt Steel4 dager siden

    Genuinely nice guy.

  • Hello hello hello !!!!
    Hello hello hello !!!!4 dager siden

    He Comes across so arrogant

  • jpogi gtxcr1
    jpogi gtxcr14 dager siden

    Sounds like he only wanted the Carrera GT because it was challenging, but wasn't really nice to drive. Another point for the car's notoriety.

  • lotm666
    lotm6664 dager siden

    I knew The Stig was Matthew Perry! They had to stop Friends because he was involved with Top Gear

  • CrazyDog 5508
    CrazyDog 55084 dager siden

    Honestly thought the competition ad was Omaze at the start.

  • Goliath Projects
    Goliath Projects4 dager siden

    For someone called "The Stig" he's really 3-dimentional

  • Conrad Aach
    Conrad Aach4 dager siden

    The obvious answer is that the stig was closest with the Ultima GTR

  • fifthof
    fifthof5 dager siden

    There was black stig for at least three series, wasn't there ? He was then catapaulted of an aircraft carrier...I seem to remember.

  • Kamil
    Kamil5 dager siden

    is The Stig copyright protected?

  • Johno
    Johno5 dager siden

    Black stig was badass looking

  • Tyrone Whitehead
    Tyrone Whitehead5 dager siden

    He comes across has a decent lovely person and he looks a cool man

  • ##
    ##5 dager siden

    he was the driver in tg stunt trying to land a parachutest in the back of a comvertable.....i think

  • RykalSkyes
    RykalSkyes5 dager siden

    My answer was no. So it doesn't matter when I watched this

  • Juan Carlos Berrocal
    Juan Carlos Berrocal5 dager siden

    So great to see Ben... hope to see more of the original Stig

  • CJ Bell
    CJ Bell5 dager siden

    That was a very strange decision, to threaten Old Top Gear fans with a chance to win a Tesla Model 3... Two minutes into an interview with the Stig no less.

  • seppi120
    seppi1205 dager siden

    i hate this only in uk Condicion

  • Michael Latham
    Michael Latham5 dager siden

    Paul Merton's looking well

  • Mascal
    Mascal5 dager siden

    "Have you ever wanted a tesla model 3?" "No."

  • Weed Yeeter
    Weed Yeeter5 dager siden

    I thought the real stig was Michael Schumacher

  • Redacted
    Redacted5 dager siden

    What a cool guy

  • Arslan Bhai
    Arslan Bhai5 dager siden

    I'd love to have some sort of souvenir from Grand Tour , James, Jeremy or Hammond used ofcourse not a car something els.... Could my dreams come true?????

  • Lancia Delta S4
    Lancia Delta S45 dager siden

    Some say he uses feminists’ tears as hair gel, and that he invented the fork... but all we know is he’s the Stig’s communicative cousin!!

  • Jan Pruijser
    Jan Pruijser5 dager siden

    Amazing that he’s part of drive tribe now! Looking forward to him behind the wheel, whilst being able to see his face.

  • Sam Conduct
    Sam Conduct5 dager siden

    Some say.

  • Kavinsky Smith
    Kavinsky Smith5 dager siden

    3:34 Ah that explains so much with the carrera GT, and why so many people had trouble with it, it was just like the viper, where they found it actually handled and drove better with the Time Attack model when you removed chassis stiffness from it so the wheels could hold and handle the ground better in 2014 as if you make a car too stiff it slams and bumps over everything just like that and can upset the car very easily, where if you make it too soft it wobbles and slides all over the place, and that also explains why the tire change they did to it, where they actually siffened it up even more, made it worse. its not the only car to do that FYI, the Mclaren F1's the same way, hence why Mr Bean Crashed his about 3 times and counting, or was that more than that.

  • Brian Palay
    Brian Palay5 dager siden


  • nethy02
    nethy025 dager siden

    I would not have a tesla car if it was given to me even with Kylie Monogue in the seat looking for a new b/f

  • bluenapalm123
    bluenapalm1235 dager siden

    08:09 for the answer to video title if you are looking for it.

  • checktheevidence
    checktheevidence5 dager siden

    Social distancing - laughable. Do some research - start here: cvpandemicinvestigation.com/ Stop being conditioned to accept nonsense.

  • We say no to pay to win
    We say no to pay to win5 dager siden

    So that's who Mr willman is on Grand Tour

  • Utred Bee
    Utred Bee5 dager siden

    Love seeing The Ben Collins! And to hear about his blossoming career :-)

  • IBeatYouTube circumventingyourbullshit
    IBeatYouTube circumventingyourbullshit5 dager siden

    which incarnation of The Stig is this guy?

  • Eddie S
    Eddie S5 dager siden

    Sooooo boring 😴

  • Louis Lockyer-Gendre
    Louis Lockyer-Gendre5 dager siden

    no one wants a tesla

  • Robbie Gee
    Robbie Gee5 dager siden

    FAKE. We all know Schumacher was the Stig.

  • Badly_Dubbed


    4 dager siden

    He was never the stig.

  • ConFall
    ConFall5 dager siden

    You guys need to interview the Stig's american cousin

  • Denis Kalugin
    Denis Kalugin6 dager siden

    У вас огромная армия поклонников в России, думаю стоит добавить хотяб субтитры 👍 Спасибо за видео!

  • Lance Krajewski
    Lance Krajewski6 dager siden

    Ugh I really really dislike this host. Truly ruins the drivetribe for me.

  • 1984
    19846 dager siden

    A part of me still does not believe that Ben Collins is the Stig.

  • j4d3 goat
    j4d3 goat6 dager siden

    He owns a Landrover! Great! I'm a big fan of Landys too - especially the Series II/III ones!

  • Amith Shastri
    Amith Shastri6 dager siden

    Ben Collins was quick

  • Hamza
    Hamza6 dager siden

    I get the hype around keeping the stig mysterious throughout the series, but I would have loved hearing his actual thoughts when the original series aired! Like when Ben shared about how difficult the race in the aston was against the germans in the porsche 911

  • bashdash4
    bashdash46 dager siden

    Loved his How to Drive book! Looking forward to the Aston one.

  • m9cky cobbs
    m9cky cobbs6 dager siden

    The hand gesture kills me! I hate it!

  • Bogdan Dumitru
    Bogdan Dumitru6 dager siden

    If I'd ever win a Tesla Model 3 or any other EV, I'd sell it and buy a Giulia Quattroformagio :)

  • A Person
    A Person6 dager siden

    OK yeah right we all know the stig is michael schumacher. Nice try tho

  • Andreina Rangel
    Andreina Rangel6 dager siden

    RIP Sabine!!

  • David Holgate
    David Holgate6 dager siden

    A well spoken rat. I imagine he could buy a nice new jacket if he had kept his loyalty

  • John Gerken
    John Gerken6 dager siden

    Anything Ben Collins does is just cool. If I could be anybody it might just be him.

  • D C
    D C6 dager siden


  • Mika Sihite
    Mika Sihite6 dager siden

    Its the ben collins

  • F1 Nitram
    F1 Nitram6 dager siden

    Stopped watching at 2:28

  • SM
    SM6 dager siden

    Ben seems like a very lovely and genuine person. I'm happy to hear that he's doing well and looking forward to seeing the romantic novelist more often!

  • Rants 'N' Bantz
    Rants 'N' Bantz6 dager siden

    Seems like a really wholesome guy

  • Curt Cour de Lion
    Curt Cour de Lion6 dager siden

    What happened to the Stig‘s American Cousin???

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith6 dager siden

    Top gear is unfortunately not aging well. As a show.

  • Large Moving Box
    Large Moving Box6 dager siden

    I wonder if Rubens Barrichello still has his “I beat the Stig” t-shirt?!

  • James Anthony
    James Anthony6 dager siden

    Does Ben Collins pen n ink or something?

  • Ready for some Improv
    Ready for some Improv6 dager siden

    Ben I watch that jacket it is Badass!

  • Jase Watson
    Jase Watson6 dager siden

    Only just on topic, but who voted Skyfall the best Bond film? I think it's one of the worst if not the worst. He wasn't my favourite Bond, but the Roger Moore films were the best for action.

  • Freemaysin
    Freemaysin6 dager siden

    Legend has it, if you remove the leather from his body at any point in time, it will grow back within hours.

  • Its Liam 2006
    Its Liam 20066 dager siden

    He looks like the real life Michal de Santa

  • David Wilder
    David Wilder6 dager siden

    Top gear without the fab four can never be real top gear

  • Sukhdev R34
    Sukhdev R346 dager siden

    Why didn't they air the Nissan 350z lap? I would've loved to have seen that.

  • Bob Adam
    Bob Adam6 dager siden

    I remember reading his book and there are some irregularities in this interview. In his book he took credit for the White Stig Alpine stars look. Also the handing in his resignation, I don't remember that from the book. It I remember correctly it was more of a joint decision that it was over when he was found out - which is kind of splitting hairs.

  • Fat Dad Gaming
    Fat Dad Gaming6 dager siden

    Id actually like to see a Car Show presented by Collins... He could have two sidekicks, who are funny, but know stuff about cars too.... Could call it, Oooooh, I dunno "Gop Tear"... I know there is something similar on BBC right now, but a failed comedian, a Flat Earther and one guy who knows what he's on about isn't very entertaining.

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian6 dager siden

    Get Ben Collins to be a fourth presenter on the next grand tour special? 👍😊

  • Shaun Underwood
    Shaun Underwood6 dager siden

    1.17 million, tickets for car.. £9.99 not a bad little earner for the team.. car cost what? 40.000. not bad money making even if 500.000 by ticket

  • Rob Malkin
    Rob Malkin6 dager siden

    don't know why they had to pretend it wasn't Ken Block on the last episode the other night

  • ace iimov
    ace iimov6 dager siden

    he holds the distance world record for arab style driving, lol

  • ace iimov
    ace iimov6 dager siden

    it's sad to see that people who can actually drive cars the best can't really afford them.

  • Steve Hall
    Steve Hall6 dager siden

    Ben deserves so much more respect than he gets. He came in for some real stick following his book and it was totally out of order. He has a cult following from old top gear followers and it would be great to see him with a regular tv slot in the uk.

  • Robert Anderson
    Robert Anderson6 dager siden

    Thanks for the in-depth Ben!

  • Ollie Bonugli
    Ollie Bonugli6 dager siden

    I’m sure a Car Throttle podcast was filmed here