What happened to James May's Ferrari 458 Speciale?


It has been away from the public eye for what seems like years, but James finally has the V8 thoroughbred Ferrari back in his garage, ready for a thrash into the countryside when lockdown lifts. Mike grabbed him for a chat about the car, and how his 2021 is going so far.
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  • grinch hilligoss
    grinch hilligoss7 timer siden

    its time to make....JAMES MAYS GARAGE LOL.

  • Walter Burton
    Walter Burton12 timer siden

    Looking forward to James' future projects. 👍👍👍

  • Walter Burton
    Walter Burton12 timer siden


  • Ethan Shields
    Ethan Shields19 timer siden

    He looks like Billy Connolly

  • Joshua Honeck
    Joshua HoneckDag siden

    Imagine if hammond had the dodge hellcat starts Revving his engine during the interview with James may starts shouting stop doing that

  • BMAWG1968
    BMAWG19682 dager siden

    Ok, Mike can't drive it, how about Lucy Brown? that would make a great episode!

  • Scott Saylors
    Scott Saylors6 dager siden

    Jeremy, James and Richard have changed and influenced so many lives. They’re inspirational and honestly the best tv presenters in the history of television.

  • Oh G
    Oh G6 dager siden

    At 0:31 you can see the meccano motorbike James built it the toy tv show and was driven on the Isle of Man in 2013 hence the licence plate

  • Frédéric De Beir
    Frédéric De Beir7 dager siden

    A real petrol head. Ferrari 458 Italia Speciale in Rosso Dino with golden wheels 😍😍😍 and the Alpine Blue A110 😍

  • Mohammad Ebrahim Mohammadi
    Mohammad Ebrahim Mohammadi8 dager siden

    The animal hospital - presented by James May!

  • Luca D'Onorio
    Luca D'Onorio10 dager siden

    Did I just see a spicy CBR in the background

  • RusCarYT
    RusCarYT10 dager siden

    3:52 lol

  • Yang Maha42
    Yang Maha4210 dager siden

    0:10 is that a cbr 1000 rrr?

  • Echo3world
    Echo3world10 dager siden

    welcome to the shoe show Speciale

    NATHAN KILEY11 dager siden

    I would love to see a james may woodworking show

  • tindin sywon
    tindin sywon11 dager siden

    I will forever resent the fact that the trio never shot anything in slovenija.

  • Martipar
    Martipar11 dager siden

    James May needs to present a series on the basics of motoring, the technical details I reckon there's enough for a 6 part series of hour long episodes on each major component. Suspension, wheels & tyres, gears & drivetrain, body materials, valves and brakes.

  • Ren Chandler
    Ren Chandler11 dager siden

    if you have insomnia, try to listen James's talking loool

  • Latesha Utiger
    Latesha Utiger12 dager siden

    Come to New Zealand James no covid restrictions here and huge culture and culinary experience here for you to explore

  • Peter Boda
    Peter Boda13 dager siden

    Can't wait for the next "Our Man In..." Japan was a phenomenal series.

  • David Lee
    David Lee14 dager siden

    In the beginning there is a db9(maybe) and a 996 c4s

  • Ben David
    Ben David16 dager siden

    Loving the fact James has a 2009/2009 iMac sat on the shelf in the background :)))

  • Varun Negi
    Varun Negi17 dager siden

    Yoo james May pls do come to India lol

  • Oliver Aston
    Oliver Aston17 dager siden

    Is he a old man or lady?

  • Shashee Kaushalya
    Shashee Kaushalya18 dager siden

    James May and Richard Hammond both with retirment plans.... A little sad too...

  • Mark O'Connor
    Mark O'Connor18 dager siden

    Foot twitchers club, totally f.......d my attention

  • S Gibbo
    S Gibbo18 dager siden

    It seems James has turned into Billy Connolly during lockdown

  • SV Bungaree Sydney
    SV Bungaree Sydney18 dager siden

    The slowest 8 minutes and 4 seconds of my life 🤷‍♂️

  • Jonathan Hare
    Jonathan Hare18 dager siden

    We love you James May

  • Csaba Rozinyak
    Csaba Rozinyak18 dager siden

    I am surprised he didn’t want to go to space with a budget where money is not an issue. But at least his answer was honest and genuine.

  • whatchalookin429
    whatchalookin42918 dager siden

    I like James's idea on the animal rescue, that needs to happen

  • Andrew Scott
    Andrew Scott18 dager siden

    Jeremy and James are aspiring to be Harry's garage now.

  • Lux Swarmz
    Lux Swarmz18 dager siden

    Are these two trying to play footsie ..... the amount they are twitching their toes lol

  • Hitmaniak17
    Hitmaniak1718 dager siden

    James May and donkey in Ferrari :)

  • Sandy Dick
    Sandy Dick19 dager siden

    i would love another our man in!!!!

  • Mick McManus
    Mick McManus19 dager siden

    Covid is a lie.

  • Henric Oscarsson
    Henric Oscarsson19 dager siden

    @3:51 That has to be the best fotage ever filmed. :D

  • Aidy Madd
    Aidy Madd20 dager siden

    For just £2 a month you could help James May open a donkey sanctuary and buy another Ferrari.....

  • Chris Hewitson
    Chris Hewitson20 dager siden

    Someone should translate the foot taps into morse code!

  • FreedomWarrior
    FreedomWarrior20 dager siden

    I don't even watch any video where people wear masks or talks about covid-19 nonsense, unless they're telling the truth about it.

  • Kasper Hansen
    Kasper Hansen20 dager siden

    Future generations will refer to this, as the genesis of James Exotic

  • Nathan Robert
    Nathan Robert20 dager siden

    Love this man.

  • Slawek z
    Slawek z20 dager siden

    That blurred Aston and 911 at the beginning is kinda incongruous when you're visiting one of the most famous petrolhead in the world xD

  • René Müller
    René Müller20 dager siden

    Another „our man in“ would be awesome. Really enjoyed Japan and I’m rewatching it this very moment. Keep it up Bim! Really like James May‘s personality.

  • William Miller
    William Miller20 dager siden

    It’s not safe to go round the shops no more.

  • Odd Gatsby
    Odd Gatsby20 dager siden

    .. ok cool, I wasn't the only one fixated on their feet twitching

  • seansuperman
    seansuperman20 dager siden

    Brian May has a fox sanctuary. It's only logical that James May should too

  • Stephen M
    Stephen M20 dager siden

    At last, a proper excuse for that hair!

  • sulaimaan hassan
    sulaimaan hassan20 dager siden

    There playing air footsie

  • danduranduran
    danduranduran20 dager siden

    What's with the sneaker shot? Did Tarantino shoot this?

  • DarksideRogan
    DarksideRogan21 dag siden

    Nice to see the Man Labs Meccano Motorcycle in the background. Glad to see James kept it.

  • Max Borge
    Max Borge21 dag siden

    James May, our man in Costa Rica

  • boomerhgt
    boomerhgt21 dag siden

    Get yer hair cut you old hippie

  • Jesse Rosen
    Jesse Rosen21 dag siden

    Their feet are communicating 😋

  • RiverPlasmaHero
    RiverPlasmaHero21 dag siden

    James doing an animal shelter show sounds really nice actually. An ongoing, no drama, laid back, relaxing program where James goes out checks on each of the animals, figures out how to make life a bit better for each one, and ends off each episode with a beautiful shot of the sunset from that day. Sounds amazing James! Can you please make that program and not wait until 2030 to do it?

  • DiveJumpShooter
    DiveJumpShooter21 dag siden

    James has always been my favorite but he'd look much younger if he cut his hair.

  • zabnat
    zabnat21 dag siden

    7:42 Collab with Cleetus McFarland?

  • BB
    BB21 dag siden

    So...when are going to talk about the blurred out purchases. A DB9 and a 996 as far as I can tell....

  • Aka Iced Tea
    Aka Iced Tea21 dag siden

    The close up on their feet lol. I had been focused on it too.

  • John Shaw
    John Shaw21 dag siden

    Covid is a psy-op! Live your life and stop being programmed to fear the flu!

  • Ufkun Çakır
    Ufkun Çakır21 dag siden

    I bursted into laugh at 03:58. :))))

  • Zubiila
    Zubiila21 dag siden

    I would totally watch a series of James May's animal shelter. Like an documentary following the entire process of making it become a reality.

  • Myles Chilton
    Myles Chilton21 dag siden

    Does Mike know that auditions for train spotting are over?

  • Jeremiah Stewart
    Jeremiah Stewart21 dag siden

    Anyone else think that James should be wearing a white lab coat while messing with a DeLorean and exclaiming “Great Scott!” Or it is just me?

  • Querida Tess
    Querida Tess21 dag siden

    The spiteful bedroom empirically melt because millisecond macroscopically claim upon a worried frame. high-pitched, wiry alley

  • Recall
    Recall21 dag siden

    Stop moving your feet the pair of you

  • Eric Maki
    Eric Maki21 dag siden

    How about, Our Man in Nature? James could do an outdoor camping / adventure series. Wouldn't have to be around a lot of people.

  • AllTheGear
    AllTheGear21 dag siden

    I would watch James May do a wood working show. Along with everything else he does/will do.

  • Andy
    Andy21 dag siden

    Just checked the reg and it comes back as invalid.., (cue sinister style music).

  • Chris Carson
    Chris Carson21 dag siden

    This isn't a pandemic... It's an IQ test.

  • Pen-Gos
    Pen-Gos21 dag siden

    Just talk to donkeys, don't you do that with Jeremy anyway?

  • Fin Regan
    Fin Regan21 dag siden

    I heard nothing cos I was too distracted by the foot wagging competition

  • charles delone
    charles delone21 dag siden

    British COVID restrictions are bonkers.

  • Anna Ferrara
    Anna Ferrara21 dag siden

    I think James doing a classic train travel show would be quite nice.

  • Max Horsnall
    Max Horsnall21 dag siden

    You mean you want to own a zoo

  • Steve McMosh
    Steve McMosh21 dag siden

    Can we get more videos on James Mays motorbikes? Or bike reviews in general?

  • Brian W
    Brian W21 dag siden

    You can come to my house James... My wife runs a dog rescue and we have around 20 dogs IN our home at any given time!!! (The number changes as they're adopted out... Which doesn't happen soon enough for my like ;-) She also has a couple of horses that were to be euthanized if she hadn't given them a home, (most expensive "free" animals we've ever had!!!) Not to mention many cats too... Glad we've got 20 acres here in western NC to house them all!!!

  • anosh ohol
    anosh ohol21 dag siden

    Please come to India for the Grand Tour🙏🏻 You can easily drive from Mumbai to Ladhak or just Mumbai to Himachal Pradesh. You will get to see beautiful landscapes and would also notice how diverse the lifestyle is of every Indian states. In this single journey alone you will get to visit Maharashtra(Mumbai), Gujarat, Rajasthan, Delhi, via Punjab or via Chandigarh and then Himachal Pradesh. The best thing about doing a journey by road is that you directly pass through the main spots and you wouldn’t even have to take long detours.

  • anosh ohol

    anosh ohol

    21 dag siden

    Forgot to mention the state of Hariyana. Anyways it has nothing to do there and you cannot skip it either. And also if you to do this adventure then please sir come during the month of September-October or January- March.

  • Fareez Bashir
    Fareez Bashir21 dag siden

    even their feet are talking to each other

  • Chip Wolf
    Chip Wolf21 dag siden

    The 10 second shoe closeup at 3:52 sells the interview.

  • less
    less21 dag siden

    wow tinker me in here jim with the advertising shmalty - gritty determination - turns out its an ad for "turnips are evil" yet the voicover refers to hershey bars

  • TheArseen
    TheArseen21 dag siden

    Unlimited budget... Grand Tour on moon. Or some other show of actually permanent habilitation and tourism in space.

  • benarsenal
    benarsenal21 dag siden

    Honestly, out of the 3, I like James the best now. He seems like a genuine, down to earth person that’s really nice.

  • Kieren Ferguson
    Kieren Ferguson21 dag siden

    Why does James look like he's handled lockdown better than the other two?

  • Entropy
    Entropy22 dager siden

    Clean your wind shield

  • MAXNAZ 47
    MAXNAZ 4722 dager siden

    You will be pleased to know, i let the vid play through to the very end, just to confirm my view. You're welcome! 😂

  • william cowan
    william cowan22 dager siden

    James got ideas of donkeys from Colombia

  • Josh Esh
    Josh Esh22 dager siden

    James is attuned to the NOlocals like a true professional, he threw in the like comment subscribe like a daily vlogger.

  • Rush380
    Rush38022 dager siden

    Well he's got a giraffe (and an orangutan) to start off his animal sanctuary

  • dirk bomans
    dirk bomans22 dager siden

    Thought I'd sneezed on my computer screen for the first 15 seconds.

  • Catriona
    Catriona22 dager siden

    Maybe after Covid we could have "Oz and James drink to Germany" :P

  • Jamie Meadows
    Jamie Meadows22 dager siden

    The slippery moon critically trust because camp alternatively sniff for a lucky drill. nebulous, loud volleyball

  • William Hardes
    William Hardes22 dager siden

    it looks brown because of high-vis orange jacket? lol

  • Brendan McAleer
    Brendan McAleer22 dager siden

    Nice to see the IoM TT Meccano bike in the background.

  • ianj454
    ianj45422 dager siden

    the meccano motorcycle!

  • Willam Millar
    Willam Millar22 dager siden

    James should go to North Korea

  • conorcob
    conorcob22 dager siden

    If there is no budget , “The Grand Tour In Space”

  • DodderingOldMan
    DodderingOldMan22 dager siden

    As a non-Brit, I'd be genuinely happy to see James May do a documentary in Hammersmith.

  • Bill Carter
    Bill Carter22 dager siden

    In todays episode Jeremy buys a Toyota Corrolla Hammond gets a knighthood and one James's donkeys kills Joe Biden

  • Chris O'Grady
    Chris O'Grady22 dager siden

    Ia James vegan? It seems a bit hypocritical to want to open an animal sanctuary if you are still paying to have them bred into enslavement then murdered as children. If he isn't vegan he at least seems logically consistent enough to get there at some point