We found the lost 2.0-litre V10 sportscar!


At the start of 2020, Mike put out a video about a lost British sportscar called the Connaught Type-D, with the unique thing about it being that it had a tiny 2.0-litre supercharged V10 engine. We had so many people messaging us to rediscover the car after the company went under in 2004, so Mike set about trying to find the unique sportscar. And after some serious digging, he found it!
Here's Mike's original video: nolocal.info/have/video/fKxomL16uG6Plq4
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  • Mike DriveTribe
    Mike DriveTribe3 måneder siden

    Thank you to everyone who DM'd me asking for progress on finding the car, we got there in the end! Stay tuned for the first drive further down the line.

  • Sebastian


    23 timer siden

    Drive the car

  • Gary 'Man'

    Gary 'Man'

    Måned siden

    @Si Raff yes was still ahead of the game at the time with some idea's but due to lack of funding being a small British car company didn't go anywhere really, some great ideas on that V10, like shutting down one bank of cylinders for economy , regen braking , regen motor used for starter , and the Hybrid was supercharged to

  • Si Raff

    Si Raff

    Måned siden

    @Gary 'Man' 15 years early or this would have taken off in a big way.

  • Gary 'Man'

    Gary 'Man'

    Måned siden

    @Si Raff funny enough we made one with a hybrid system to

  • toucan221


    Måned siden

    @Aleksandr Halas Actually i was thinking more a Dodge Hellcat

  • ahotcupoftruth mcgrory
    ahotcupoftruth mcgrory2 timer siden

    It's beautiful

  • Kyle Murray
    Kyle Murray3 timer siden

    Love the channel, you could of found a better presenter though guys a bit of a shmuck.

  • My New Life
    My New Life10 timer siden

    I sold my ears and brought bitcoin!

  • My New Life
    My New Life10 timer siden

    I sold my ears and brought bitcoin!

  • mmaxeator
    mmaxeator11 timer siden

    I wish I had enough resources to let this man finish his dream.

  • Stacy Dornan
    Stacy DornanDag siden

    What a sin,that is one beauty of a machine

  • Skeng in my blazer
    Skeng in my blazerDag siden

    I wanna see the car driving

  • 5th time account deleted.
    5th time account deleted.Dag siden

    Lancia is pronounced "Lan-cha" in English. It's like mispronouncing "Por-sha". It annoys me.

  • Tadhg McElligott

    Tadhg McElligott

    20 timer siden

    They're also mispronouncing connaught. Connaught is pronounced like Con-ockt. Its a province here in Ireland consisting of 5 counties.

  • John K
    John KDag siden

    Now THAT is a car to bring back! Idk how to appeal to investors, but, if i was one, id put that car into production immediately...it's so rare to see a one-off car that is so perfect and beautiful 😍

  • Drew Demien
    Drew DemienDag siden

    Very cool

  • steve driver
    steve driver2 dager siden

    A baby V16 BRM,,,

  • Milan Vondřich
    Milan Vondřich2 dager siden

    "Making it a VR10 engne" Labels the video as a V10

  • chris brinkley
    chris brinkley2 dager siden

    What a lovely bloke

  • Old ManWillyBoy
    Old ManWillyBoy2 dager siden

    Can I buy it?

  • Collin Cullere
    Collin Cullere3 dager siden

    Mad props for the Sopwith shirt chap.

    D4RKHOUND4 dager siden

    Doesn't look like it uses a "Headgasket" per se i'm assuming it uses silicon sealant around the flat surfaces then on the cylinders it probably uses a copper ring.... something like this if produced could become quite the kit engine, i can imagine getting in bed with a casting company and seeing as they are already machinists they could probably pump these out for a few grand each in kit barebones form (No ecu or anything) just the engine block and head... i'd love to throw one of these into my mustang! 2.0 V10.... i bet supercharged that would make some lovely noises.

  • J P
    J P4 dager siden

    Came here to see & hear supercharged mini v10. Instead got an Awkward interview & a bare engine block. 💩

  • Baz za
    Baz za6 dager siden

    engine specialist at jlr does not bring one a lot of confidence

  • lokisgodhi
    lokisgodhi6 dager siden

    When I saw the picture in your thumbnail, I saw a VW Golf Mk3 or 4.

  • P-Funk
    P-Funk6 dager siden

    The back of this car is hideous

  • mee5ful
    mee5ful6 dager siden

    Nice 👍

  • Terry Hesticles
    Terry Hesticles6 dager siden

    Imagine if every person that contributed to the (currently) 31,000 likes, kicked-in at least say....$5 towards this goal.

  • Chuck Selvage
    Chuck Selvage6 dager siden

    What's its redline?

  • Daro Darius
    Daro Darius6 dager siden

    You are looking at serious brains. Brilliant.

  • Mark Overton
    Mark Overton6 dager siden

    Want one 👍

  • Edward Gribble
    Edward Gribble8 dager siden

    Geez, the owner was genuinely interesting and definitely proud. Less turtlewax and more of him!

  • Miguel Cordeiro
    Miguel Cordeiro8 dager siden

    Got Camaro vibes from the front

  • Tight T
    Tight T8 dager siden

    It's awesome you helped to bring this back to light.

  • Francisco Machado
    Francisco Machado8 dager siden

    Move! Passing through! Sorry for the drooing.

  • Donovan Piko
    Donovan Piko8 dager siden

    Instead of more V10s, how about a flat-10?

  • Unbias
    Unbias9 dager siden

    Without all the gears and fueled by alcohol it really gets interesting.

  • NGP
    NGP9 dager siden

    I think this engine would work on cars like BMW m1/ Mercedes A amg. .BMW had the e60m5 who had a V10 now they could Have his nephiew

  • Jesse James
    Jesse James9 dager siden

    Bro this would make a killing in Australia

  • R SvSbg
    R SvSbg9 dager siden

    Wish me luck, fellow admirers, with my projects, please, so I can bring this back. Amazing ingenuity! My respect for both the video and the Connaught project.

  • FlankyFrankie
    FlankyFrankie10 dager siden

    Start the car!

  • mpetersen6
    mpetersen610 dager siden

    And there is the people building a 4.0 liter Flat 20 cylinder engine based on the V-10.

  • mpetersen6


    10 dager siden

    @Covert Garage I personally believe in a past life they designed and built aircraft engines for Napier.

  • Covert Garage

    Covert Garage

    10 dager siden

    I agree with you and welcome to my channel about cars

  • Tom Nathan
    Tom Nathan10 dager siden

    0:11 months ago

  • Covert Garage

    Covert Garage

    10 dager siden

    I agree with you and welcome to my channel about cars

  • MrCrispyNips
    MrCrispyNips11 dager siden

    front looks like a Camaro, back looks like a TVR

  • RobbanxC
    RobbanxC11 dager siden

    No performance numbers? No hp? No torque?

  • Covert Garage

    Covert Garage

    10 dager siden

    I agree with you and welcome to my channel about cars

  • Alex DeLarge
    Alex DeLarge11 dager siden

    "Very 2004 inside". Really? Just looks like a kit car from the 80s inside. That engine though. Amazing. Take that and just make a new car. The existing one looks like a Simca 😂

  • Grim
    Grim11 dager siden

    mom can i get a v10? no we have one at home

  • Sa Br
    Sa Br11 dager siden

    Front end reminds me of a deformed 2010 Camaro and rear tail lights look like Smart Roadster headlights

  • 2ndBest Bob
    2ndBest Bob11 dager siden

    What a shame, barely any information about the engine other than its size, is all the other stuff a secret or something.... 🤔

  • Covert Garage

    Covert Garage

    10 dager siden

    Right! So you're welcome to my video blog about cars.

  • John Grizzle
    John Grizzle11 dager siden

    They should make engine kits for those wanting to do engine swaps.

  • Covert Garage

    Covert Garage

    10 dager siden

    Right! So you're welcome to my video blog about cars.

  • Roy VS
    Roy VS11 dager siden

    Just crowd source a 2022 version, seems nice

  • Covert Garage

    Covert Garage

    10 dager siden

    Right! So you're welcome to my video blog about cars.

  • angryadrien
    angryadrien12 dager siden

    I wonder what Buckminster Fuller would say about this

  • angryadrien
    angryadrien12 dager siden

    Gotta love listening to a history-making engineer who looks like a farmer/mechanic

  • TheRiceguy78
    TheRiceguy7812 dager siden

    Its like a vr10 and the front looks like a mini camaro

  • Che johnny
    Che johnny12 dager siden

    front clip looks like a chevy camaro. how is it a super car? why didn't u ssk how the hybrid is set up?

  • asambi69
    asambi6913 dager siden

    Not a huge fan of the front end look, but it seems like a car ahead of its time sadly. Hope it gets the funding and expertise needed to make it viable.

  • Gareth Lloyd
    Gareth Lloyd13 dager siden

    I remember seeing this on the carpet in their office foyer in Dafen, Llanelli. I was amazed I'd not heard of it at the time!

  • SuedeStonn
    SuedeStonn14 dager siden

    @3:55-3:59 instant thumbs-up ;}

  • Wolf Jordan
    Wolf Jordan14 dager siden

    What if such an engine would be mounted in a Morgan....

  • Chicken Dippers
    Chicken Dippers15 dager siden

    I want one!!!

  • fidel catsro
    fidel catsro15 dager siden

    Wow i didnt know the existence of such a car!! such engines could also be used in superbikes!!

  • Justo Talkalottashit
    Justo Talkalottashit15 dager siden

    2 big ol dents in the front left wing near the door. Im willing to bet, they would total the car at an american insurer

  • Talk my Walk
    Talk my Walk16 dager siden


  • Elias Henriksson
    Elias Henriksson16 dager siden

    Only me that se s liten camaro in the front

  • ReleventGaming
    ReleventGaming18 dager siden

    v10 swapped miata?

  • Emanuel Muresan
    Emanuel Muresan18 dager siden

    Why not turn on car

  • Sergej Nadaždin
    Sergej Nadaždin18 dager siden

    It looks like a BeamNG Automation car.

  • Toma Hawk
    Toma Hawk19 dager siden

    A Super Rare Car indeed! Squarishly Handsome! Love It! 🕯🌷🕊

  • Wayn Smith
    Wayn Smith26 dager siden

    It looks like a camaro

  • Kj16V
    Kj16V27 dager siden

    I NEED to know more about this engine and its hybrid system. Because it makes zero sense to me. Everyone else has been using fewer and fewer cylinders for years because it increases fuel economy through less frictional resistance. But this guy's like "Moar cylinders!!" Also what the heck does not idling have to do with having ten cylinders?? If he'd have said "I want it to run really, really low revs" then more cylinders would make sense, but not the other way round. This car makes no sense and I'm intrigued.

  • Jose Francisco Davila
    Jose Francisco Davila28 dager siden

    I want to see the 2022 version of this company 👍

  • Mike MiZeRy#1
    Mike MiZeRy#128 dager siden

    Beautiful engine like wow gorgeous! Wonderful design work and top notch engine builder!!

  • moosian
    moosian29 dager siden

    sounds like an aircraft radial engine!

  • Lionel Baron
    Lionel BaronMåned siden

    enjoyed this video Mike, keep them coming

  • Garrett Bischoff
    Garrett BischoffMåned siden

    He should take it to SEMA or a similar event to see the reactions it would get.

  • Izzat Fauzi Mustafa
    Izzat Fauzi MustafaMåned siden

    Artisanal carmakers rarely get much attention they deserve. They have great ideas that don't always get well with major and larger car manufacturers. Of course, being small companies also meant that getting short on money and no significant fundings are common sad stories for many of them.

  • 2sik
    2sikMåned siden

    This car should be ported in too a driving game like forza or something so people all over the world can see it and get too love it

  • Craigy Waigy
    Craigy WaigyMåned siden

    It's sad to see the developer's dream die - Unfortunately it was too little, too late and not enough money......That's business. Similarly, there's another new(ish) car company who are on the complete opposite end of the spectrum, but the outcome will be the same. Interesting times - Keep safe and well.

  • Devil's Advocate
    Devil's AdvocateMåned siden

    I would buy one. If there is one for sale...I will buy it.

  • Dhani71 Isaac
    Dhani71 IsaacMåned siden

    I hate bald young guy.........hahaha no hard feeling, you also sounds like a non a real British guy.....where u from actually....sorry lads....hohoho🤪🤪🤪

  • Nate Leenheer
    Nate LeenheerMåned siden

    I really like this car. Even the exterior styling is spot on.

  • jeff steeve
    jeff steeveMåned siden

    Definitely looks more like brushed aluminum than stainless steel in the interior.

  • buzzbbird
    buzzbbirdMåned siden

    Too bad no test drive

  • Traune
    TrauneMåned siden

    They should have made a donation page for them

  • TheEpicFuzz
    TheEpicFuzzMåned siden

    The front of the car looks like if a Camaro was on acid but also angry for some reason Massive headlights but an angry grill

  • pear7777
    pear7777Måned siden

    If I'm right, there's a 20 odd cars to be build, any millionaires that can buy sum for 500k?

  • Todd Omicioli
    Todd OmicioliMåned siden

    ide like to know how they seal those cylinders.... the vr has canted top pistons and the liners are flat as the deck.....

  • Wade Guidry
    Wade GuidryMåned siden

    I'd like a motorcycle with that engine.

  • Bapster Man
    Bapster ManMåned siden

    Prius a hideous car, the car that started it all and made Toyota the biggest car manufacturer in the world and billions of money, typical Brit. The last thing they made that made a difference was the radar, brilliant invention though, but a long time ago

  • Eu Phonyx
    Eu PhonyxMåned siden

    Why is it named after an Irish Province? Would love to know. By the wat it's pronounced Konnoct

  • Ethan R
    Ethan RMåned siden

    Camaro mx5?

  • Rodney Dunnigan
    Rodney DunniganMåned siden

    Just looking at it, I'm impressed 👍😎

  • McLovers
    McLoversMåned siden

    What was behind that door at the end?

  • Nuno Cardoso
    Nuno CardosoMåned siden

    Sounded like a Viper.

  • Callum Bailey
    Callum BaileyMåned siden

    Why did the front end remind me of a Camaro.

  • shinytan
    shinytanMåned siden

    Aspiration: V10 2.0 Business Sense: not a great Idea

  • oO0L4CH0Oo
    oO0L4CH0OoMåned siden

    nice looking car,,, very interesting

  • Devilish Wolfie
    Devilish WolfieMåned siden

    The front looks a bit like a Camaro

  • john smith
    john smithMåned siden

    Engine type V10, 22,5° narrow angle, 4 valves/ cylinder, DOHC, twin scroll inter Displacement 2.0 l (122 ci) Power 304 ps (300 bhp / 224 kw) Torque 371 Nm (274 lb-ft) Power / liter 152 ps (150 hp)

  • john smith

    john smith

    Måned siden

    similar performance to nissan 350z 2006 engine. almost... The VQ35DE rated at 287 bhp (291 PS; 214 kW) and 274 lb⋅ft (371 N⋅m) of torque

  • James Weir
    James WeirMåned siden

    The Prius was not the only hybrid available at that time in NA, EU, remember the first gen. Honda Insight... which is a fantastic car...

  • Jill AA
    Jill AAMåned siden

    DUDE! I just hit SUBSCRIBE and that BELL! You better show us all the series about this! YOU BETTER!

  • illdeletethis
    illdeletethisMåned siden

    if you lay this engine flat you"d have a great basis for a 2 row city car with a transverse mid engine v10 under the rear seats

  • Ivan Quaglia
    Ivan QuagliaMåned siden

    so sad when he said they run out of money, seems to be a nice guy, i got curious, even i think there is many things to say at least. that car is running? why 10 not 8 why 2 liters (rpm maybe but) is not much more metal to have many cilinders? how the hybrid system will work? seems a long package...

  • kalidesu
    kalidesuMåned siden

    What a thing of beauty.

  • Nikoxion
    NikoxionMåned siden

    The right idea at the wrong time. Hopefully this time it all comes together!