This X20 engine is two V10s stuck together!


What happens when you take two V10 engines, gear them together and slap a Lamborghini gearbox on the other side? Well, you end up with an X20 engine, like this one built by the guys at Villiers for a Connaught supercar!
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  • Richie D
    Richie DDag siden

    Why not mount another v10 on top while you're at it

  • Skeng in my blazer
    Skeng in my blazerDag siden

    I’d love to hear this thing start up

  • danny hartill
    danny hartill5 dager siden

    f**k electric cars ! Give me one of these !!! Carry on guys !

  • Mark Overton
    Mark Overton5 dager siden

    Have they considered a piston valve engine my farther designed one the drawings still exists ?

  • Luke Rabin
    Luke Rabin5 dager siden

    Villiers? As in the guys who built lawnmower engines that we used for mini bikes in the 70’s? Amazing!

  • Dr Broncanuus
    Dr Broncanuus6 dager siden

    m.p.g. ? that's metres per gallon ....

  • Imagery - Design
    Imagery - Design6 dager siden

    Koenigsegg 3 cylinder, 2 litre . . 600hp!

  • Prince Bytor Frunobulax
    Prince Bytor Frunobulax7 dager siden

    Need to talk to the tractor-pull guys about putting engines together. This is just two engines, not one. Doesn't hold up to a VR6, W12, or W16.

  • Ryan Radman
    Ryan Radman7 dager siden

    The horsepower prediction is trash 400 hp? Really why so little? Not worth the time and energy

  • Dubsy Dubs
    Dubsy Dubs8 dager siden

    I thought the department of transport doesn't allow 2 crankshafts in a car, has that been changed?

  • Phil Johnson
    Phil Johnson8 dager siden

    Wow! That could be the dumbest engine ever.... Until the X30?

  • {Mr Shabby}
    {Mr Shabby}9 dager siden

    Look like the bfg from doom

  • Ivan Drusc
    Ivan Drusc10 dager siden

    Open deck forced induction? No thanks.

  • Covert Garage

    Covert Garage

    10 dager siden

    Right! So you're welcome to my video blog about cars.

  • sledge dube
    sledge dube11 dager siden

    Make them ..come here in south africa and show them the x20 We will love it And I hope its cheap

  • Laurean 599
    Laurean 59911 dager siden

    Why does it make only 400hp? The entire point of small capacity cylinders is to have lighter pistons and lower piston speeds so you can rev higher, it should easily rev over 10.000 and there is no excuse for this thing to make less than 800hp.

  • Covert Garage

    Covert Garage

    10 dager siden

    I agree with you and welcome to my channel about cars

  • Laurean 599
    Laurean 59911 dager siden

    I want to see the crankshaft/rods on this thing, fitting 20 rods on to a crankshaft without master/slaverods or something similar must mean very narrow bearings

  • YaboiRhodey
    YaboiRhodey13 dager siden

    Modern engineers are grown children

  • Kila
    Kila15 dager siden

    I was confused at first lol, I was like V10? you mean someone strapped two missiles together? Oh, you mean valves.

  • ANON 4
    ANON 418 dager siden

    Wait so an X 20 with ONLY 400 bhp?! Doesn't make sense

  • TheOther RayJ
    TheOther RayJ18 dager siden

    It would make for a great inboard marine engine

  • Pete
    Pete21 dag siden

    I thought they were going to say it was like 1800 hp

  • Beefalo Bart
    Beefalo Bart21 dag siden

    For sure still stuck with one question, WHY? There is no logical reason to spend that much time and money on the output levels vs economy.

  • Kirsty Sinclair
    Kirsty Sinclair23 dager siden

    400hp from that boat anchor is not near enough to make it viable .

  • Michigan Cur
    Michigan Cur24 dager siden

    Forget a bike or three wheeler, I'd take that triple on my snowmobile

  • W D 14
    W D 1424 dager siden

    This makes the W18 engine look like nothing!

  • Felix Tan
    Felix Tan25 dager siden

    Impressive Most important Can it fit my Honda?

  • magnetmannenbannanen
    magnetmannenbannanen26 dager siden

    lol and weld turbos to it, like 4 turbines. i do not volenteeer to do the welding job :)

  • Noah Klinger
    Noah Klinger26 dager siden

    you can get any american V8, and make over 400 HP and probably save on gas aswell.

  • Ozark prepper
    Ozark prepper27 dager siden

    Looks like it's all aluminum. Curious what the engine weight alone is. With it being opposed my brain went to putting it in my airplane. LOL But for that size and weight it would definitely have to have large boost or too nice superchargers! Perhaps a boat?

  • Cooper Gerhardt
    Cooper Gerhardt27 dager siden

    Now I'm waiting for double stack boxer engines

  • Danies Alex
    Danies Alex28 dager siden

    This makes me remember of the guy who is designing a k24 v8

  • Daermon
    Daermon29 dager siden

    400-450... Thats it?

  • Zai Alee
    Zai Alee29 dager siden

    It's in tiny sheds like this that world renowned engineering comes from.. Anyone remember COSWORTH??!!!

  • timpearson0911
    timpearson091129 dager siden

    So a single v8 from koeningsegg makes around 1,400bhp. 2 v10s can make 40 Err

  • Holzwurm _HD
    Holzwurm _HD29 dager siden

    ... That could fit in a Subaru...

  • Klayx
    KlayxMåned siden

    So underwhelming. I though it was gonna make at least 1200hp

  • MrFlazz99
    MrFlazz99Måned siden

    40mpg from a 2-litre V10? Yeah right - a miracle of internal friction reduction - but these engines are a triumph of fun over function and I'm sure they have fun building them.

  • Wor Jackie
    Wor JackieMåned siden

    How many of you are comparing an experimental engine, from an engineering company that very few people have ever heard of, to well known car manufacturers that have been producing cars for decades and spend millions in r&d on one single engine. 🤦‍♂️

  • Auntieslapscake
    AuntieslapscakeMåned siden

    I need a supercharged version right now..

  • gnarshread
    gnarshreadMåned siden

    Well this is new to me. And as a guy with a VRT fetish. This is awesome!

  • eiccaw
    eiccawMåned siden

    Funny thing you mentioned that they could put that 6 cyl in a motorcycle... What about that motorycle on background? they already have one in a bike... :D

  • Weaponised Potato
    Weaponised PotatoMåned siden

    An X20 with 400hp? Ok, what am I missing? A mildly worked k20 surpasses this easily. I get that they do it because they can etc etc.



    4 dager siden

    True it can... but the fact the parts are smaller and theres more of them means the "Load" is spread out more so not only will the car be smoother, it will also be potentially more reliable however it comes with a tradeoff that if something goes wrong it's going to be much more severe... 100hp in each cylinder will have alot more "Stress" in a 400hp 4 cyl motor than 20hp per cylinder in a 20 cylinder motor.

  • British neko
    British nekoMåned siden

    I guess I will design the VW30

  • Agent EagleT
    Agent EagleTMåned siden


  • Wayne Kher
    Wayne KherMåned siden

    I want these guys to make a 24 cylinder engine and mate it to a 7 speed transmission just so they can call it the '24/7'

  • GoreTV
    GoreTVMåned siden


  • DevilsAvocado
    DevilsAvocadoMåned siden

    I just wish they would stop calling the VR10 "V10"

  • Johny Titor
    Johny TitorMåned siden

    Overengineering the combustion engine really... Thankfully we can move forward with electric vehicles, since batteries are just starting to catch up since the Porsche P1 in 1898 (I am exaggerating a bit but it captures how slow batteries are progressing)

  • ? Mystery Guy ?
    ? Mystery Guy ?Måned siden

    There are no v10 engines but vr10 engines. The VR form was developed and used by Volkswagen several years ago.

  • Zachary Babb
    Zachary BabbMåned siden

    All those cylinders for Mustang-level horsepower

  • S L
    S LMåned siden

    It's great but I'm willing to bet they will never put this in a vehicle.

  • Matthew Lund
    Matthew LundMåned siden

    This is absolutely in every way my dream job.

    EE DESIGNMåned siden

    Are you sure it is not 80 valves?

  • Zachary Whitney
    Zachary WhitneyMåned siden

    Can we talk about that v6 cafe bike in the background..?

  • frogs
    frogsMåned siden

    When you start getting to this size of cylinders the mass outweighs the bhp gain. They figured this out in the 1930s. It's better using turbos like v8 twin-turbo or v10 twin etc. Unless you're just after torque, which is useless above 1000 pounds-feet in a conventional 2 wheel drive sports car.

  • Ron Kirkpatrick Customs
    Ron Kirkpatrick CustomsMåned siden

    Still won top the gen 2 hemi. Still the king

  • C Mo
    C MoMåned siden

    I mean it is super innovative but 400hp out of 20 cylinders? You dont need a transmission out of a Lamborghini to handle that.

    UNIA LTDMåned siden

    I want to buy one engine

  • Matthew Burg
    Matthew BurgMåned siden

    wowowow. the best sort of minds at work. what a pleasure to see!

  • Michael
    MichaelMåned siden

    So... what does a V10 and the appropriate transmission cost?

  • Tony Montana
    Tony MontanaMåned siden

    I wanna hear the sound so bad 😔

  • Anfecs Ian
    Anfecs IanMåned siden

    So it's basically a... X20 boxer motor. Awesome.

  • The Legend20STFU
    The Legend20STFUMåned siden

    For V20 it really should make more power NA

  • Paul Sharpe
    Paul SharpeMåned siden

    such a shame these guys are so late in the game when its basically over

  • mtktm
    mtktmMåned siden

    Why did I miss seeing this... Oh yeah... the riots happened :p :(

  • Mike Page
    Mike PageMåned siden

    New decade new LUT? Loglaw is so 2017.

  • mxg131
    mxg131Måned siden

    cool, but not worth the $, a Suzuki Hayabusa is a 1.3L 4 cyl with 197 HP, take 2 of them V8 2.6L 384 HP NA. it's there $ but how do you fix this engine in 10 years from now?

  • Nekminute
    NekminuteMåned siden

    pretty dumb

  • guitarwi3rdo
    guitarwi3rdoMåned siden

    I canNOT wait to hear what that x20 sounds like. Really looking forward to the first start

  • Corey H
    Corey HMåned siden

    So its just adding excessive complications, size, and costs to get what a small V8 already does in many production cars?

  • Deep Voice Banton
    Deep Voice BantonMåned siden

    *JEEZUS* just SHUDDUP & take my MONEY

  • Sevintrix
    SevintrixMåned siden

    Only 400 HP, from 20 cylinders? What a joke.

  • Rawrwata
    RawrwataMåned siden

    An engine that big only 2 litres? That's gonna be thirsty.

  • AlternateMusicAddict
    AlternateMusicAddictMåned siden

    Normal small block 350 with 700hp hold my beer

  • Michael Hardy
    Michael HardyMåned siden

    Oil scavaging will be interesting. Many stage dry sump pump would needed to keep all the oil being taken from where it is

  • Timothy Rabourn
    Timothy RabournMåned siden

    Looks like a great engine for aircraft

  • Haplessnote 9418
    Haplessnote 9418Måned siden

    I love this engine but only 440 break hp. Not much considering this is two v10s mated together.

  • woody Vallallellalunga
    woody VallallellalungaMåned siden

    Allen Millyard could putr two of these together with his eyes shut, just give the man a hack saw and a week

  • J1010H
    J1010HMåned siden

    I was literally thinking "How would it be to put two of these V10s together?" recently! Glad to see someone there had the same idea

  • Drenosh Gaming
    Drenosh GamingMåned siden

    Cough Cough "Quad Turbo" Cough Cough

  • Sławek Drożdż
    Sławek DrożdżMåned siden

    Waiting for v10 mx-5/miata ;D

  • bawlout 93
    bawlout 93Måned siden

    As a R32 owner, the fact there's other Vr engines on the way makes me very happy. The exhaust note makes us R(v6 R owners not the 4 bangers) owners hard as morning. Hopefully we can buy these globally. Keep grinding guys love the ambition, make a go fund me!

  • Flat Twin Frog
    Flat Twin FrogMåned siden

    Is today the 1st of April already???...

  • Mike Lutjen
    Mike LutjenMåned siden

    Stock ls 5.3 makes 350

  • Spoonify
    SpoonifyMåned siden

    I have never been so excited about a car company than I have with Connaught. I though all was lost after the long search for the Type D, but here we are now!

  • robert elliot
    robert elliotMåned siden

    British engineering,make engines and never mind about the leaks in the roof

  • Eddie Niems
    Eddie NiemsMåned siden

    I feel like... I don’t know maybe just have literally any V10 instead since they all make over 400hp🤣

  • 100GTAGUY
    100GTAGUYMåned siden

    I honestly wouldn't mind getting one of them two strokes tbh

  • Kayne Jones
    Kayne JonesMåned siden

    120 out of a v6? Try again

  • szymoozz
    szymoozzMåned siden

    Why not a x 24 and take advantage of 6 cylinder primary balance. Also, two cranks is just a terrible compromise but I guess there's not enough length on a single crank for 20 con rods.

  • Kuharaku
    KuharakuMåned siden

    Ah yes, the floors is many floor that stick together

  • Lukas Ulmer
    Lukas UlmerMåned siden

    So 400hp from 20 cylinders.... mercedes a45 engine makes 435 from 4 cylinders

  • lightning guy
    lightning guyMåned siden

    Um my zx-14 makes 200 hp with 600 less cc's and 6 less cylinders. So what's the point of making more complicated engines make less hp?

  • RumbleMaster 1200
    RumbleMaster 1200Måned siden

    Tonight, we put two v10s together and put it on a (insert something that is too small for this engine here)

  • Angus Uchiha
    Angus UchihaMåned siden

    X20 engine: 2 V10 engines, smashed together, complicated gearing system, manual transmission; 400bhp. Ford "Eco-Boost": 1 V6, DCT, 610(b?)hp. But, the X20 is waaaaaay cooler.

  • fann0727
    fann0727Måned siden

    its a joke.

  • SkorpyoTFC
    SkorpyoTFCMåned siden

    From 0 to broken driveshafts in nothing flat.

  • Aaron Cavanaugh
    Aaron CavanaughMåned siden

    After x20, and after v12... they could go crazy going with x24... or combine a pair of vr6 to make a very unique and potent w12

  • sixstringedthing
    sixstringedthingMåned siden

    I bet that will be super-easy to fix when something breaks. You: It's a bespoke 400hp 4 Litre X-20 forty valve with a magic bellhousing. What your mechanic hears: NOPE NUP NOOOOO NO WAY NO HOW NOPE. Although I suppose if you can afford the car that this engine's going into, you just have your man take care of it for you.

  • illdeletethis
    illdeletethisMåned siden

    why are 2 separate crankshafts necessary?