This was the most powerful car you could buy new in 1998


The famous supercars of the '90s like the McLaren F1 and Jaguar XJ220 always get the limelight, but this Aston Martin was once top of the new-car power tree back in 1998. The Aston Martin Vantage V600 is a twin-supercharged brute that deserves its place in '90s supercar royalty.
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  • Albert Lira
    Albert LiraDag siden

    I was a little kid and just became a big brother

  • ProfessorData 1701D
    ProfessorData 1701D2 dager siden

    In 1998 I was non-existant

  • Atlas Novalis
    Atlas Novalis3 dager siden

    1998 huh? Sounds like a time I didn't exist.

  • Luke Rabin
    Luke Rabin5 dager siden

    Ignoring Google and making much better content than this! LOL

  • Pixel_Geist
    Pixel_Geist9 dager siden

    in 98 Jag/ aston was owned by ford. This is the mustang, or what it will morph into in a couple of years, Thanks, aston!

  • Barbarian75
    Barbarian7512 dager siden

    Headlights from audi and rear lights form VW were on virage. Come on, man, learn the basics. Not to mention you were driving Le Mans edition.

  • Ben Lowe
    Ben Lowe16 dager siden

    CLK GTR plox

  • balanced_squid
    balanced_squid19 dager siden

    1998? I was a fluid back then

  • Covert Garage

    Covert Garage

    10 dager siden

    Right! So you're welcome to my video blog about cars.

  • IND4GR0V3
    IND4GR0V321 dag siden

    the steering wheel is from a 1990 crown vic

  • Covert Garage

    Covert Garage

    10 dager siden

    I agree with you and welcome to my channel about cars

  • Act
    Act22 dager siden

    I was born that year.

  • Covert Garage

    Covert Garage

    10 dager siden

    I agree with you and welcome to my channel about cars

  • Zach A
    Zach A23 dager siden

    You look so old for being 25

  • Automotive Distributors
    Automotive Distributors26 dager siden

    Done on the Porsche 959

  • Marcus Ho
    Marcus Ho27 dager siden

    In 1998, I was in my dad's cockpit.

  • Lee Williams
    Lee Williams27 dager siden

    1998, i was 9 years old

  • Max Weatherley
    Max Weatherley27 dager siden

    Not alive

  • conrad featherstone
    conrad featherstoneMåned siden

    These have become my favorite type of video you guys do. The ones about obscure and forgotten cars.

  • Khidorahian
    KhidorahianMåned siden

    I was not even existent. My parents were bf and gf at the time

  • Frank Allen
    Frank AllenMåned siden

    My kids were in high school and I was working myself into the ground...still working myself to death

  • MJ Seare
    MJ SeareMåned siden

    i was in heaven

  • Zero x Zero
    Zero x ZeroMåned siden

    This is the car that makes my pants get tight. The V600 Le Mans

  • Willy Nebula
    Willy NebulaMåned siden

    Dream car xj220 Realistic dream car 90's NSX with some mods!

  • Dlli S
    Dlli SMåned siden

    Top cars of the 90s for me. Lambo Diabolo, Ferrari F40, porsce 911 964, Toyota supra, Nissan Skyline R34, WRX scooby...actually there's loads!

  • dhruv dagar
    dhruv dagarMåned siden

    I was being born in 1998

  • tom oldrini
    tom oldriniMåned siden

    1998? I was still an egg

  • John Fullbrook
    John FullbrookMåned siden

    In 98 I was approaching my last year of school and I remember seeing Clarkson driving it on old top gear and then on one of his Videos that car is a Le Mans and I believe there was 2 for sale on Auto Trader for around 450-500k. A very rare beast indeed only 44 produced and it’s the last of the truly hand built Aston Martins after this car they were building them on production lines

    MADA MADAMåned siden

    Toyota Supra: finally a worthy opponent

  • Steve Cleaver
    Steve CleaverMåned siden

    I'd just started contracting in the computer industry & was working for "Beatties of London" (the toy company as opposed to the Beatties that most people know which is a clothing & furnishings company) in Hemel Hempstead & was commuting from Erdington (a little town just north of Birmingham) 5 days a week !!

    VARNAN GAUTAM_421Måned siden

    I was born that year

  • khalid shaker
    khalid shakerMåned siden

    I was still in my dads testicles

  • moist_flange
    moist_flangeMåned siden

    being born

  • Vilosey 201
    Vilosey 201Måned siden

    I wasn’t born.

  • Jeremyk 541
    Jeremyk 541Måned siden

    I was pretty busy listening to Sublime smoking everything in sight...

  • Dave Whelan
    Dave WhelanMåned siden

    Won't drive the 600 bhp supercar fast because the guy that looks after it is watching? Pathetic. Sort of missed the point didn't they?

  • Jordan Ault
    Jordan AultMåned siden

    Not a supercar but would be cool to see some of the old rally cars like Sainz's Celica St185

  • The Gear Knob
    The Gear KnobMåned siden

    I was also 4 in 1998, but I remember it vividly. I spent most of 1998 and 1999 playing Gran Turismo on my dad's playstation. Subarus were my favourite. Not sure why, maybe because they were blue, but I still want an original impreza like that. My interest in cars had already solidified, I could identify most of them by the time I started school. Some of the first words I could read were automotive terms...

  • Guy Mahoney
    Guy MahoneyMåned siden

    And now that wouldn't be crazy difficult NA

  • RogueBrit
    RogueBritMåned siden

    Lister Storm 546 bhp in 1994.. 4.1 0-60

  • Scott Callanin
    Scott CallaninMåned siden

    He should do one on the fantastic lotus carlton, supercar killer.

  • Kaen Ban
    Kaen BanMåned siden

    1998 you said? Let me think...oh yes I remember_ I wasn't born yet :'))

  • Boating with Cody
    Boating with CodyMåned siden

    I like that it has the same steering wheel as my grandpas f150. The part sharing in this era was hilarious!

  • Richard Evans
    Richard EvansMåned siden

    this must have been designed by an american because its hideous but because its an aston its automatically cool

  • Richard van Tricht
    Richard van TrichtMåned siden

    Looks bit like a skyline

  • Gael Garcia
    Gael GarciaMåned siden

    British wide body mustang.

  • Thunnini Tom
    Thunnini TomMåned siden

    I was one year old

  • Kwan Lin
    Kwan LinMåned siden

    1998? I wasn't even born

  • Carbz
    CarbzMåned siden

    No it wasnt. End of video

  • ApocaliptycFace
    ApocaliptycFaceMåned siden

    It looks like camaro.

  • chris randell
    chris randellMåned siden

    20 years later a car is built with 2000BHP and is electric that scared the pants off Jeremy and Richard!

  • Matthew
    MatthewMåned siden

    I was born

  • Michael Peebs
    Michael PeebsMåned siden

    If thats aston martins heritage one. Ive done 197mph in it, on a test drive during my work exp when i was 16. Gutted we didnt hit 200

  • Christoffer Sinding
    Christoffer SindingMåned siden

    But the engine is the only interesting thing about this car. If you can't boot it it's just boring

    JAMIE WILLISMåned siden

    January 98 I was being born

  • Wilson Lee
    Wilson LeeMåned siden

    Still in my dads 🥜’s

  • Noah Harston
    Noah HarstonMåned siden

    1998, being born.

  • Steven
    StevenMåned siden

    1998 i was in the ice storm in Ottawa Canada 🇨🇦 crazy year! I was 11 years old

  • Nightstalker314
    Nightstalker314Måned siden

    Playing NFS 2 SE.

  • MrPoopnoddy
    MrPoopnoddyMåned siden

    1998? 21yrs old driving a 1968 Dodge Charger 440R/T every day to work in the UK. Still got the car but it's obviously no longer a daily driver. I have another V8 for that. I live in the UK, btw.

  • Edyn Craig
    Edyn CraigMåned siden

    I hadn't even been conceived yet in 98 😂

  • Amitesh Mohanty
    Amitesh MohantyMåned siden

    nothing cause i wasnt born

  • Scott Richo Gaming
    Scott Richo GamingMåned siden

    1998?... I wasn’t even born yet 😂😂

    PETER BOCZANMåned siden

    The last of the hand built dinosaurs. Autocar did a comparison test between this and a Ferrari 456 GT. The Ferrari won hands down. But I can see the appeal.

  • Graciel Kelly
    Graciel KellyMåned siden

    I was busy being born in 1998.

  • Aaron Kent
    Aaron KentMåned siden

    So sad the owner is a chump who would not let u drive it.

  • JD 2
    JD 2Måned siden

    In 1998 I was busy not existing

  • PunkyB 88
    PunkyB 88Måned siden

    4:32 Pooding😂 Is that pudding made with poo?

  • DefyYourLogic
    DefyYourLogicMåned siden

    In 1998 I was in a belly.

    XOLISA RALAWEMåned siden

    Being born

  • Nath Leaves
    Nath LeavesMåned siden

    1998, depending on which month I was either born or not.

  • Generously buttered ALCO
    Generously buttered ALCO2 måneder siden

    1998? I was a few months old, so probably much the same as you.

  • זה סודי
    זה סודי2 måneder siden

    The TVR cerbera speed 12 was more powerful

  • Lewis72


    Måned siden

    That wasn't a production road car.

  • Illest Visionz
    Illest Visionz2 måneder siden

    98? I was born

  • Star Dawg
    Star Dawg2 måneder siden

    Didn't know poooding was a thing but I guess it must be.🤔

  • JCZ0RR0
    JCZ0RR02 måneder siden

    In 1998 I happened to be around Cannes, had the chance to see one of these live on the streets, along with an EB110 and the Rinspeed Viper

  • Lima Whiskey
    Lima Whiskey2 måneder siden

    In 1998 I was a 27-yesr old absolutely killin it in my 190E.

  • ricardo1e93
    ricardo1e932 måneder siden

    My reaction when I knew I was older than him at the start was kinda cute

  • Justin Irace
    Justin Irace2 måneder siden

    I've driven an Aston Martin. It is a true GT like the LC500. Looks like a sporty car. Sounds like a sporty car. Handles like a sofa on a skate board. It was a boat. It is a Lazyboy with a big motor. It isn't a driver's car.

  • Gxmer_69
    Gxmer_692 måneder siden

    I'd like a supra

  • grayson serrano
    grayson serrano2 måneder siden

    Being born in 1998

  • Ziptie Jedi
    Ziptie Jedi2 måneder siden

    My absolute favorite 90s car isn't even a car. Its a 92 Gmc Syclone pickup truck with the Awd, Turbo 4.3 v6. For cars I have to go with a 99 Pontiac Trans am Ws6 with the 6 speed manual. 99 Corvette fixed roof coupe. I also love the Jdm legends of the 90s like the Skyline, Supra, nissan 300zx and the 240, 3000Gt, and Eclipse GSX And for the obscure pick I would have to say the 99 Shelby Series 1 was a seriously cool car also.

  • Austin Osborne
    Austin Osborne2 måneder siden

    0:09 non-existent

  • Jon B
    Jon B2 måneder siden

    too bad he couldnt let it rip. cool car tho. i like rare stuff. my dream car is a Mazda 323 Familia GTR

  • Midnight Beast
    Midnight Beast2 måneder siden

    I remeber seeing that in an aston dealership and thinking to myself, wow, that's a really butch looking mustang.

  • Ian Visser
    Ian Visser2 måneder siden

    Being born

  • simmo03
    simmo032 måneder siden


  • Simmo TVR
    Simmo TVR2 måneder siden

    First video I’ve watched on this channel That was dull and the presenter 😳 Aston was lovely which is why I picked this video but would have been nice to hear it roar

  • El Arr
    El Arr2 måneder siden

    In the analytics, does anyone watch past the 3:40 mark?

  • Liam NIre
    Liam NIre2 måneder siden

    I want to buy that plate....

  • Hiro Soki
    Hiro Soki2 måneder siden

    The steering wheel is exactly the same as in the 93 Mustang GT 😁

  • xjeeper
    xjeeper2 måneder siden

    oooh, 17 years ago i saw this Vantage roaring through the french Alps, an epic event i'll never forget in my life.

  • sajjad pooralmas
    sajjad pooralmas2 måneder siden

    i was only banana then 😐my dad ate me and the rest is formality you know 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣

  • Darshen Ambikapathi
    Darshen Ambikapathi2 måneder siden

    i wasnt even born yet

  • Ken Brown
    Ken Brown2 måneder siden

    in 1998, I could still afford to have a mechanic on retainer.

  • sudo
    sudo2 måneder siden

    In 1998 I was learning to skateboard, nothing has changed. I still skateboard.

  • Chris
    Chris2 måneder siden


  • Jaystink Fairkid
    Jaystink Fairkid2 måneder siden

    Which Audi uses the same headlights?

  • Gavin Wyllie
    Gavin Wyllie2 måneder siden

    Boring. What's the point of driving it at 30mph and giving an utter useless 'review'?

  • 80s Boombox Collector
    80s Boombox Collector2 måneder siden

    Too bad this car was rather homely looking IMO

  • iseeolly
    iseeolly2 måneder siden

    In 1998 I was in my mid 20' also puking up every couple of hours

  • Mattyphatsacs
    Mattyphatsacs2 måneder siden

    I was 10 years old, and I was playing Turok dinosaur hunter on Nintendo 64.

  • Weston Trussell Creative
    Weston Trussell Creative2 måneder siden

    That steering wheel is straight out of the ford parts bin from the 90's. My parent's Taurus had the same wheel.