The Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo SV is a 1900hp racecar with a MASSIVE wing


Revealing concept cars using games has become a fairly serious trend in recent years, with Bugatti most famously showing us the Chiron originally in the shape of the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo. This time Jaguar has had a pop, and just wait until you see the rear wing on this thing...
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  • Mike DriveTribe
    Mike DriveTribe2 måneder siden

    What is your favourite car ever from Gran Turismo? Reply with your choice!

  • PyroManiac


    14 dager siden

    Art Morrison corvette

  • -Keith- _EA1381_

    -Keith- _EA1381_

    Måned siden

    There's simply no way I could ever answer that question.

  • Bush Spoon

    Bush Spoon

    Måned siden

    The LCC Rocket or one of the obscure concept cars that have been in the franchise.

  • Biscuit Abuse

    Biscuit Abuse

    Måned siden

    Renault F1 Espace.

  • Human basic

    Human basic

    Måned siden

    TVR Cerebra LM

  • Madao Legacy
    Madao Legacy3 dager siden

    I dislike car reveal/review videos that doesn't include a test drive. Regardless of anything else.

  • Sir Shanks
    Sir Shanks3 dager siden

    Do i recognise that mans voice from Forza 5?

  • KarlosH
    KarlosH3 dager siden

    I'd like to see Clarkson get in the full size mock up of the Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo. Hammond would probably fit, and if it has and engine and goes, he'd probably crash it !

  • top text bottom text
    top text bottom text7 dager siden

    Car: exists People: iS tHiS a bAT mObiLE

  • Patrick Le Rigolleur
    Patrick Le Rigolleur10 dager siden

    This looks stunning !

  • Covert Garage

    Covert Garage

    10 dager siden

    I agree with you and welcome to my channel about cars

  • Q'own Son
    Q'own Son14 dager siden

    It's a yes from me. With how absolutely subtle, sleek, and tame the exterior looks I absolutely am enamored, it's a very classic speed look, modern hyper cars these days need a billion fins, exotic lights, and crazy grills and 'this-and-that', this looks like a proper race car. I love it. True to form, simple, sleek, to the point and ruggedly-beautiful.

  • Covert Garage

    Covert Garage

    10 dager siden

    Right! So you're welcome to my video blog about cars.

  • Orion
    Orion16 dager siden

    This looks like it rolled right of the Teku's garage in Acceleracers. No seriously I could see Vert maybe Kurt driving this thing.

  • Azz Azz
    Azz Azz21 dag siden

    Hybrid yes, Electric, No

  • Covert Garage

    Covert Garage

    10 dager siden

    I agree with you and welcome to my channel about cars

  • sxfzz
    sxfzz21 dag siden

    its proportionate but disproportional at the same time

  • Yiannis Hayabusa
    Yiannis Hayabusa23 dager siden

    I love it 🥰

  • Yiannis Hayabusa
    Yiannis Hayabusa23 dager siden


  • Cloudy Bill
    Cloudy Bill25 dager siden

    are you the voice I always hear in forza horizon 4 lol

  • The Fastest Brick
    The Fastest Brick25 dager siden

    will this car be on gt sport on ps4 as an update?

  • Martin Jelonek
    Martin Jelonek26 dager siden

    Wow, 0:20 that shape together with the music makes you feel as if you're whitnessing the next evolution of cars and being catapulted 100 years forward... B-)

  • Anubhav Roy
    Anubhav Roy27 dager siden

    It needs to get rid of the roof and you get the perfect future c type

  • Kevakazii
    Kevakazii28 dager siden

    I've always wanted a Jag just so I can do my Jeremy Clarkson impression everytime I see it in the morning. "It's my Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaag".

  • -Keith- _EA1381_
    -Keith- _EA1381_Måned siden

    The evolution of the automobile is among the greatest of human achievements.

  • Agent Tony
    Agent TonyMåned siden

    It looks like a hot wheels car that has been squished in a playground

  • Gamma Light
    Gamma LightMåned siden

    dude the circuit board decals are cringy af

  • Amadeus Grim
    Amadeus GrimMåned siden

    The profile

  • Shivang Mathur
    Shivang MathurMåned siden

    Thats Jackson Storm.

  • David Lavrinovich
    David LavrinovichMåned siden

    No room to put stolen paintings and silverware, two 👎🏼

  • Beren Gamble
    Beren GambleMåned siden

    Has your editor ever heard of colour grading?

  • TheTillinger123
    TheTillinger123Måned siden

    the spoiler kills it for me

  • Mobile Gamers Unite
    Mobile Gamers UniteMåned siden

    The ONLY jag I would ever want 😂

  • Harendotes Abydos
    Harendotes AbydosMåned siden

    Cyberpunk has reached the car industry ....

  • Fontsman
    FontsmanMåned siden

    Build the thing for real.

  • cecil stolberg
    cecil stolbergMåned siden

    Yet “ANOTHER” concept car by Jaguar that they will “NEVER” produce! I don’t know why they bother!

  • Johnathon Webster
    Johnathon WebsterMåned siden

    Now we're talking a super cool design let's keep this Jaguar dream alive all that history to draw from enough said!

  • M L
    M LMåned siden

    Lovely Jags, thanks. CRX SiR for the GT question

  • ArtificialxSky
    ArtificialxSkyMåned siden

    Looks like something from straight outta F-Zero.

  • Alpha Griffin
    Alpha GriffinMåned siden

    Imagine this in a race with Volkswagon IDR Bugatti Bolide

  • Corey Sleap
    Corey SleapMåned siden

    Ae86, triumph dolomite sprint.

  • James Vavassori
    James VavassoriMåned siden

    Mine was the Dodge Viper ACR 2008

  • Edi BuddyHOme
    Edi BuddyHOmeMåned siden

    thank me later 3:12 dance yo click

  • King Juli en
    King Juli enMåned siden

    I was expecting to see the inside of that vision. But "concept" got me back to reality.

  • arminask
    arminaskMåned siden

    Cannot handle the fakeness of this thing. Gran Turismo is full of these futuristic lifestyle racing inspired nonsense designed by marketing departments.

  • Oliver
    OliverMåned siden

    Love this guy

  • Mohammed Alli
    Mohammed AlliMåned siden

    If Jaguar make that car they would smash all its competitors but they won’t

  • Ian Baker
    Ian BakerMåned siden

    Mitsubishi GTO 4 wheel drive and could be turned about 930 bhp nice in blue with gold rims and of course pop up head light mmmmm nice

  • John Palcon
    John PalconMåned siden

    something is off for that grill imo

  • John Michael Richards
    John Michael RichardsMåned siden

    Reminiscent of the XJ220.

  • Sjors Nuijten
    Sjors NuijtenMåned siden

    Is he saying Le Mans or Ur mom?

  • DudeOnly GamingAndOtherStuff
    DudeOnly GamingAndOtherStuffMåned siden

    The MOST important thing is that it's a jaaaag.

  • utbdoug
    utbdougMåned siden

    I could listen to Mike talk Jaguar all day.. Jag mega geek!

  • Inkognito
    InkognitoMåned siden

    Is it real? Like can it drive? Are the 0-60 time etc "real" or purely theoretical?

  • IYBJS 530
    IYBJS 530Måned siden

    Everybody gangsta till somebody rolls up in an actual cyberpunk 2077 car

    SOHAM SAWANT 8527Måned siden

    ill do anything to see this car in leman hypercar class,but in it wont happen

  • swalstar
    swalstarMåned siden

    Team Oreca Chrysler Viper GTS-R

  • Pietro M
    Pietro MMåned siden

    0-60mph in 1,65 seconds? my civic could smoke it

  • Nobody:
    Nobody:Måned siden

    This vs hoonicorn pls

  • Arul Roshan
    Arul RoshanMåned siden

    I always wanted the e type for such beautiful view

  • Vance Sloan
    Vance SloanMåned siden

    Jaguar's racing and prototype guys are awesome and personally, I think that it's a shame that more of their works aren't given the greenlight for production. Nice work fellas.

  • Be Low Below
    Be Low BelowMåned siden

    Still much prefer Citroen's EV Gran Turismo concept from 2009

  • Pixel Schnitzel
    Pixel SchnitzelMåned siden

    A physical model of a video game car? Yawn. Wake me when it competes against real cars on a real road.

  • Fyfe Craigie

    Fyfe Craigie

    Måned siden

    Why be here then?

  • Ian Canty
    Ian CantyMåned siden

    Wow! That’s low and flat! You’d have to have your jeans pressed, the buttons taken off your shirt and your nose removed just so you could fit into it.

  • Benas Kudirka
    Benas KudirkaMåned siden

    It looks like it would be a car in cyberpunk 2077

  • Buddlebot
    BuddlebotMåned siden

    I don’t like future looking cars 🤮

  • Sparta beer reviews Sparta beer

    Sparta beer reviews Sparta beer

    Måned siden

    Deal with it

  • Tama Pai
    Tama PaiMåned siden

    Hi everyone in the group 😁 Don't you know what the man cut it from? I wanted to get a video somewhere... But no one knows yet😄 Ps: I would ask to share posts in other groups 😇

  • Ashish Patel
    Ashish PatelMåned siden

    Jaguar needs to make it.

  • •_
    •_Måned siden

    It's a jaguar concept so it will never be made

  • Raffaele Pagano
    Raffaele PaganoMåned siden

    Subaru SV baracca

  • Satrio Arif
    Satrio ArifMåned siden

    It looks so high and so low at the same time what

  • Bram Jakobs
    Bram JakobsMåned siden

    And for a version with an engine: a big honking V12 with the exhausts placed in the vents behind the front wheel and placed like a perhaps a Supermarine Spitfire or a Hawker Sea Fury for a bit of britisch lineage!

  • matthew shemeth
    matthew shemethMåned siden

    missed a real opportunity to have quantum singularity playing while looking through that garage.

  • HonqueWasTaken
    HonqueWasTakenMåned siden


  • BlairAR
    BlairARMåned siden

    The more I look at it, the less I like it...

  • Chillmott
    ChillmottMåned siden

    Lol if any of you actually play GT Sport, you know all the lobbies say "No VGT". Most players don't like them. I'd rather have an up to date Ford GT gr3.. You know, like every other racing game has :/

  • Tye Howling
    Tye HowlingMåned siden

    would love to see a Gt electric racing series or Le Mans

  • Nathan Walker
    Nathan WalkerMåned siden

    Modern day XJ220

  • Justin Taylor
    Justin TaylorMåned siden

    Mitsubishi 3000gt ... In the first two gt games it was unstoppable and my answer to the skyline

  • The King
    The KingMåned siden

    Where's the E type

  • Pyro Kitsune
    Pyro KitsuneMåned siden

    Its almost the same as a citroen gt but without sound

  • George Cupac
    George CupacMåned siden

    Nice jag BUT the 6 cylinder ford Barra just hit 2000hp That's an Aussie taxi with 2000hp

  • Northern Irish Man
    Northern Irish ManMåned siden

    When will they be cyberpunk truck gran2. Nice movie car.

  • akmal for class sake
    akmal for class sakeMåned siden

    its better without the massive wing

    NBMTXMåned siden

    Looks really incredible

  • Lewis Hilaire
    Lewis HilaireMåned siden

    Bro this car is pure downforce and aerodynamic shape

  • scott s
    scott sMåned siden

    The Hoonicorn will beat it.

  • Sparta beer reviews Sparta beer

    Sparta beer reviews Sparta beer

    Måned siden


  • Asrielite
    AsrieliteMåned siden

    i want this in forza horizon 4.

  • Sparta beer reviews Sparta beer

    Sparta beer reviews Sparta beer

    Måned siden

    Yuo can’t

  • Arwo
    ArwoMåned siden

    .... the RD6 and the one to its left look like a Bentley XD

  • Kingbee
    KingbeeMåned siden

    What are those brake calipers? Let look so different, was that just a gimmick because it looked cool in the game?

  • Wasteland Media Productions
    Wasteland Media ProductionsMåned siden

    needs put into cyberpunk 2077

  • alex BK
    alex BKMåned siden

    SRT Tomahawk X is my absolute favourite car in gran turismo. It’s fun to drive, and extremely fast.

  • Aprilia
    ApriliaMåned siden

    at least Bugatti made it road legal....i hate concept cars...

  • A-6M ZERO
    A-6M ZEROMåned siden

    WHERE IS THE 7-L V-12.

  • The Laughing Man
    The Laughing ManMåned siden

    Have it race the Hoonicorn so it can finally lose lol

  • Darren Armytage
    Darren ArmytageMåned siden

    Can it beat the hoonigan????

  • Sparta beer reviews Sparta beer

    Sparta beer reviews Sparta beer

    Måned siden


  • Andy Clifft
    Andy ClifftMåned siden

    I saw that XJ220 prototype at the Motor show back in the 90's.

  • Vikram Haridas
    Vikram HaridasMåned siden

    Cyberpunk graphics are getting out of hand

  • Ban Ka’a
    Ban Ka’aMåned siden

    It was the car in Cars 3

  • NvrStpGaming
    NvrStpGamingMåned siden

    My favorite car from any Gran Turismo game has to be the Escudo Pikes Peak

  • AviatorSoberal
    AviatorSoberalMåned siden

    255mph top speed. 1900hp and 4 electric motors.... HUH PLAYGROUD GAMES LIMITED THE SPEED DIDN'T THEY?! LOL

  • Sideu 1
    Sideu 1Måned siden

    fully Electric 🤮

  • The Doctor
    The DoctorMåned siden

    Hoonicorn will smoke it...

  • Sparta beer reviews Sparta beer

    Sparta beer reviews Sparta beer

    Måned siden

    Nope electric cars are faster then Hoonicorn

  • Martin Vrabec
    Martin VrabecMåned siden

    can we see this at LMPH Le Mans 2021 starting grid? pretty please?

  • x x
    x xMåned siden

    Annnnnnd this is why I love Jaguar. What concept and design. Amazing.

  • Yakumo Tatsuro
    Yakumo TatsuroMåned siden

    you want concept? lambo vision gt

  • Zakary Laroche Bouthillette
    Zakary Laroche BouthilletteMåned siden

    Ok, but what’s inside ?