Richard Hammond takes his dog for a walk in the new Defender


It seems like an age ago that over 5 million of you watched Richard Hammond reveal the new Land Rover Defender. But now he has the keys to one, and of course the first thing he has decided to do with it is take the dog for a walk.
Watch the behind the scenes filming here:
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  • Lucy at DriveTribe
    Lucy at DriveTribe3 måneder siden

    Hey, Lucy here 👋 I helped film this video and made a little behind the scenes vlog on my channel if you fancy a watch:

  • Mr Bill Hilly

    Mr Bill Hilly

    Dag siden

    So Lucy, you were left behind when Hammond drove-off so you could walk the dog back home?

  • TheRedneckRatter


    13 dager siden

    @Harshith Sadhana never because there is no such thing as a series 1 defender.... its called a series 1... ITS NOT A DEFENDER

  • zjuchi


    25 dager siden

    The doggy is so cuute

  • Benjamin Mash

    Benjamin Mash

    Måned siden

    How many means of transportation can one family need ?

  • Mr McBeardy

    Mr McBeardy

    Måned siden

    G'day Lucy!!! a fellow drivetriber here!! Just wanted to commend you on your most excellent film work. I'll check out your channel ;) Are you on the drive tribe community app too? In the meantime, is it just the way he wears his clothes, or has Richard been working out? i feel like he's developed a whole bunch of torso muscle from the way his shirts sit now 🤔😊 (i worked as a trainer previously fyi, hence why i noticed) 🤷‍♂️

  • Damian
    DamianTime siden

    Hammond’s Defender is his dog

  • palatinator
    palatinator5 timer siden

    Richard Top, Defender ....

  • Adi M
    Adi M14 timer siden

    Anyone remember the tall Boot defender joke from old top gear?

  • Miguel Ribeiro Gonçalves
    Miguel Ribeiro Gonçalves19 timer siden

    horse paw

  • Fidelis George
    Fidelis GeorgeDag siden

    Get Hammond to test out the upcoming Ineos Grenadier! That's the Defender JLR should've built.

  • 6303seba
    6303seba2 dager siden

    Will it be around for 70 years ala defender. Ir typically over priced yuppie mobile

  • KUZY
    KUZY2 dager siden

    That dog is still sitting there...

  • ashish lokhande
    ashish lokhande4 dager siden

    I feel like hammond is much more funny in real life than onscreen

  • Gonçalo Gonçalves
    Gonçalo Gonçalves4 dager siden


  • said hossain
    said hossain5 dager siden


  • Sushil Pardesi
    Sushil Pardesi5 dager siden

    I love the trio & Richard Hammond's review in TG & GT but it's time for a more dynamic review & out look towards Land Rover's off road vehicles.

  • eathr349 solar
    eathr349 solar6 dager siden

    let the dog in the car

  • Natallie & Duncan Manowski
    Natallie & Duncan Manowski6 dager siden

    Dislike the new putting, Lego looking.

  • Ollie Turbo
    Ollie Turbo7 dager siden

    I really don’t want to like it but I do BUT I’ll never like it as much as the PROPER defender 😋

  • Kyle Spiteri
    Kyle Spiteri7 dager siden

    That is the ugliest Land Rover i have ever seen

  • Abhishek M
    Abhishek M8 dager siden

    That dog looks really scared. Wonder what he is scared of. ..

  • Jonki Pastramki
    Jonki Pastramki9 dager siden

    The stingy tub objectively welcome because shadow bizarrely queue absent a fragile walrus. vague, woebegone step-mother

  • George Boys
    George Boys10 dager siden

    It's not for farmers it's for townies that thinks its a offroader

  • Covert Garage

    Covert Garage

    10 dager siden

    I agree with you and welcome to my channel about cars

  • dm12377
    dm1237710 dager siden

    "Just short of 100K" sounds funny to those in the UK, but just look at what an old Defender costs in the USA.

  • Nasty business.
    Nasty business.11 dager siden

    The new one looks awful..

  • Wilzry
    Wilzry11 dager siden

    Are we just going to ignore the fact that hammond left his buckin' dog somewhere in the countryside 😂

  • daddy destroyer
    daddy destroyer11 dager siden

    I'd like to point out, with regards to the farmers and pickups statement. Me da's first car was a second hand series 2 rover he got off a farmer, already well used, aged 19, and he's still got, and uses it regularly, currently aged 55.

  • des carroll
    des carroll11 dager siden

    You'd better have a Toyota Land Cruiser on standby in case the new Defender won't start or break down.....

  • Jacob Audrey
    Jacob Audrey12 dager siden

    Who else skipped everything except the dog?

  • Jacob Audrey

    Jacob Audrey

    10 dager siden

    @Covert Garage I have no idea what you're talking about.

  • Covert Garage

    Covert Garage

    10 dager siden

    Right! So you're welcome to my video blog about cars.

  • Andrew Turner
    Andrew Turner12 dager siden

    Very true. It is the Discovery 5.

  • Covert Garage

    Covert Garage

    10 dager siden

    Right! So you're welcome to my video blog about cars.

  • Kenneth Pope
    Kenneth Pope13 dager siden

    The rebuild of the Series 1 could be the most interesting thing this year on youtube. Come on Richard Hammond, make it so.

  • bob marley
    bob marley13 dager siden

    Such a well behaved pupper :D

  • Maru
    Maru15 dager siden

    Am I the only one thinking the new Defender kinda looks.. like boring and cheap plastic?

  • Dheeraj
    Dheeraj15 dager siden

    Best JLR Defender review till date.

  • Harris
    Harris15 dager siden

    Land Rover 110 is better

  • TheVagolfer
    TheVagolfer20 dager siden

    Hammond, you idiot ! Leaving the dog, even in jest, was NOT FUNNY !

  • Hulda Lucien
    Hulda Lucien20 dager siden

    The quixotic hubcap evolutionarily permit because tuna bacteriologically repair abaft a tenuous nurse. outgoing, chunky liquid

  • ian macdonald
    ian macdonald22 dager siden

    Why isn't the dog holding the leash as it is the one with the higher IQ?

  • Si PieMan
    Si PieMan22 dager siden

    I guess the rambling on about fridges ordering food BS is supposed to be interesting.

  • Maximiliano Alonso
    Maximiliano Alonso23 dager siden

    Yes is the best Discovery 🤣🤣🤣🤣🥲🤣🥲🤣 so true !

  • Randy Vines
    Randy Vines23 dager siden

    That collie looks so happy and well trained 😄 in all fairness though, I think £100000 is too much for a defender. They need to be cheaper so people aren’t as terrified to damage the outside of it while off-roading.

  • Bolle 81
    Bolle 8124 dager siden

    Sorry.. that is not a defender.

  • Nellie G
    Nellie G25 dager siden

    That belt clip dog leash is cool. Useless. But cool.

  • Frank Brown
    Frank Brown25 dager siden

    I'm just wondering what will the Land Rover "Marketing Experts" think of next to convince us that the new Defender isn't an urban suv.

  • ThellyThold TheaThellth
    ThellyThold TheaThellth25 dager siden

    Fatally chunky

  • Over_Land Rover
    Over_Land Rover26 dager siden


  • J M
    J M26 dager siden

    I actually genuinely despise the new "Defender" looks like Disco reboot....

  • Coylio
    Coylio26 dager siden

    If you configure a defender to be a £100k would you just get a normal Range Rover in stead?

  • Boiled Egg
    Boiled Egg26 dager siden

    It's hideous.

  • Ricardo Ellison
    Ricardo Ellison26 dager siden

    Oh far removed from reality, driving a $63K vehicle miles & miles distant so you can walk your dog? Tragic first-world issues, do tell, is your dog incapable of taking a dump on your own property? you follow him around with a dustpan/receptacle to "clean up" after him? Insanity at its best.

  • Peter Griffin
    Peter Griffin26 dager siden

    Strange that, 3 years ago I bought one of the last Discovery 4s and before I would take delivery I insisted that the Discovery wording on the bonnet was replaced by the words " LAND ROVER " Now it's the perfect stablemate for my Series One !!

  • Chris Beggs
    Chris Beggs27 dager siden

    So, they called the new Freelander a Discovery (Sport), and they've called the new Discovery (6) a Defender. So logic dictates that the next Defender will be called a Freelander?

  • Joe Newton
    Joe Newton27 dager siden

    Lol, u left the dog with the camera man. So fancy, the older the better I love the early models that are basic, that is quite a project you have on yours. Always enjoy whatever you guys are involved in.

  • SuperJacobe
    SuperJacobe27 dager siden

    Piece of junk

  • Rob 397
    Rob 39727 dager siden

    I hope no dogs feelings were hurt during the making of this.

  • HenryViii Fake
    HenryViii Fake27 dager siden

    "Gluten is a Hate Crime" - Richard Hammond, 2020.

  • Christopher Jackson
    Christopher Jackson27 dager siden

    Love how His dog was just sitting in the New Defender listening in to his Master haha 😆

  • Julia Owen
    Julia Owen27 dager siden

    The level donna delightfully time because gate ganguly strengthen until a second-hand mail. diligent, rude basin

  • Tim Burnett
    Tim Burnett27 dager siden

    A man and his best mate , out for a drive. Great video. Except you ruined the end by leaving her behind. Shame on you Richard.

  • D r Jezz
    D r Jezz28 dager siden

    If you want a proper review of this - pop over to Harry's garage ...

  • Steven Hombrados
    Steven Hombrados28 dager siden

    Jesus... the dog has some family resemblance! Lol

  • ossa60
    ossa6028 dager siden

    yes!!! thank you for that last comment!!!! I agree....

  • ossa60
    ossa6028 dager siden


  • Krachen Ford
    Krachen Ford28 dager siden

    I drove a Landy for 10 years. Never again!!!! Not reliable, always oilspots under it, in the garage every 4 weeks . . . Waiting for my Jimny now!

  • Ermir Pemaj
    Ermir Pemaj28 dager siden

    Richard ( Al Pacino ) Hammond

  • Manly_minutes
    Manly_minutes28 dager siden

    Horrible fit... The plastic trims looks like they är goin to fall off...

  • Slims
    Slims28 dager siden

    New defender will break down every 1000km

  • ve5vv
    ve5vv28 dager siden

    I wonder if land rover still makes a vehicle for off road ( not poor road, no road ) ?

  • Fredrich Legnemark
    Fredrich Legnemark29 dager siden

    If you want a utilitarian vehicle nowadays, a pickup is the reasonable thing.

  • the_supercar_guy_
    the_supercar_guy_29 dager siden

    It sounds really smooth and quiet like it’s electric

  • BootneckSA80A2
    BootneckSA80A229 dager siden


  • Mahjoub Salih
    Mahjoub Salih29 dager siden

    What about the dog 😧

  • adarsh sirsat
    adarsh sirsat29 dager siden

    I love that dog

  • Vincent binsoy
    Vincent binsoy29 dager siden

    Why is that dog got me thinking that is master is Jeremy

  • Stefan Pruszkiewicz
    Stefan Pruszkiewicz29 dager siden

    Why this dog is constantly depressed?

  • Valter Prieto Jr
    Valter Prieto Jr29 dager siden

    The end is the best. This is not a Defender. Thanks Richard.

  • Peter Grimes
    Peter GrimesMåned siden

    Dog looks fed up Yawn...

  • happypoop3636
    happypoop3636Måned siden

    love the audio at 7:30 lol

  • James Oren
    James OrenMåned siden

    It's still a disgrace to the defender name, but great video - more dog walking please!

  • trifon jacobs
    trifon jacobsMåned siden

    Nice colour choice Mr. Hammond! Blue is the answer!

  • ThePwaro
    ThePwaroMåned siden

    Jesus I can get a house for that price around here...

  • Peter Grimes

    Peter Grimes

    Måned siden

    Bolivia ?

  • M L
    M LMåned siden

    The back looks like a modern Jeep

  • Heino 87
    Heino 87Måned siden

    Old Defender wins every time!

  • Axyle
    AxyleMåned siden

    Every farmer who visits our farm uses their pickup because their defender is sat in the yard not turning over.

  • John Willett
    John WillettMåned siden

    Discovery 4 - superb / Discovery 5 - no / New Defender - yes, what every Disco 4 owner will upgrade to. So maybe I can now pick up a s/h Disco 4 as, I can't afford the New Defender ;-)

  • Arash Teymourian
    Arash TeymourianMåned siden

    me and my dad traveled all over in his $2000 defender . hand a blast , lots of fun memories . not many people can afford a $70000 car nowadays . i wished they made something that was more affordable to the normal folks. even if you buy one you wouldn't take it where you took the old defender ,afraid of braking something that costs an arm and a leg to fix .

  • Blazing Thunder
    Blazing ThunderMåned siden


  • MeNoSpeakJibberish
    MeNoSpeakJibberishMåned siden

    Whoever hurt Oliver should be locked in a cage with a honey badger!

  • S p
    S pMåned siden

    The new freelander looks wiked!!

  • CT-2237 'oddball'
    CT-2237 'oddball'Måned siden

    they've butchered the defender its not supposed to be posh .

  • The dandy dandy YouTube channy
    The dandy dandy YouTube channyMåned siden

    Anything with independent suspension is not an off roader. That said, jeeps are the only true off-roaders made anymore

  • Simone V.
    Simone V.Måned siden

    There is one and only land rover.

  • John Thompson
    John ThompsonMåned siden

    Discovery true!

  • Darren B
    Darren BMåned siden

    Are those the Malvern hills?

  • Jerry Avesando
    Jerry AvesandoMåned siden

    Yup it's a disco not a defender, the price is a defender mind you!

  • Raging Dawn
    Raging DawnMåned siden

    Plot twist: Richard did actually leave his dog behind 🤣

  • R2 - D2
    R2 - D2Måned siden

    D O G

  • Xide
    XideMåned siden

    this is more of a freelander than a discovery

  • Project726
    Project726Måned siden

    Only one of these three could make a car video and walk in a field talking about it.

  • K Sashank
    K SashankMåned siden

    Love to the whole Production team for bringing back the Iconic Trio.... Jezza, Hamster & Captain Slow Should Never stop... !!!! Never... !!!❤️

  • Frishmeister79
    Frishmeister79Måned siden

    "When I grew up in Sow-lee-hal . . ." Was that deliberate Hammond?

  • Johan Veenstra
    Johan VeenstraMåned siden

    Exactly, this is a Discovery.

  • chris yeah
    chris yeahMåned siden

    Are you going to review the Grenadier when it comes out Richard?

  • Music Freedom
    Music FreedomMåned siden

    Hammond you're starting to look like a smaller Heisenberg!