One of Richard Hammond's favourite cars has been destroyed


Here at DriveTribe, we wanted to grab the three founders for a quick update on how their 2021 was going and what plans they have for the rest of the year. First up was Richard Hammond, and it's safe to say he had some sad news to report.
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  • Marrock V
    Marrock V6 timer siden

    You can tell he's over 50 because he's wearing The Hat.

  • tabu
    tabuDag siden

    when you see it

  • Mah Fah
    Mah FahDag siden

    Finally with the trio, I am getting hooked to this channel. Now it feels this is a worthy channel given all three are putting work and we get to see them often. For people in US, NOlocal is only way to see them, BBC America is not get to get or other channels locally

  • Mike Jackson
    Mike Jackson2 dager siden

    Kind of click bait this vlog. He is not on fire or crashing at speed, so no real reason to watch.

  • Walter Burton
    Walter Burton3 dager siden


  • David Lynch
    David Lynch4 dager siden

    Retirement is the desire, but money to maintain that lifestyle is the problem. And yes, I know he's rich but that lifestyle is expensive.

  • Rasmus R
    Rasmus R4 dager siden

    Hammond's starting to look like Brian Johnson from AC/DC

  • Nicopavvi 8
    Nicopavvi 87 dager siden

    Did Hammond receive a chavalery or something? He's dressed like a 20th century British Lord going hunting...

  • Mark B
    Mark B9 dager siden

    I think a great idea for GT, would be if the three amigos did a vaguely The Trip style show - selected and used their own cars, with an Indication of approx required balance of power, and only an approximate idea of the challenges ahead, and filmed themselves driving from their own homes, to a rendezvous point somewhere in Scotland or Europe, wherever, and then use those cars in a variety of said challenges. And then sample various hosteleries, restaurants, etc. I know this would prob be a rip-off of The Trip, in some ways, but maybe they can do it slightly differently so not as to copyright.. Let’s see how they drive them! Could be great fun. Monkey tennis an alternative.

  • RichTea Biscuit
    RichTea Biscuit9 dager siden

    How refreshing....a gardening channel not blinding you with gardening tips.

  • Khalil Saade
    Khalil Saade12 dager siden

    i think he's working on his river of gravel ...

  • alliwantedwasapepsi
    alliwantedwasapepsi13 dager siden

    Being offered a Tesla is the new Top Gear Beetle.

  • Caleb Buckallew
    Caleb Buckallew14 dager siden

    The physical meter microscopically analyse because snail probably bubble apud a watery thread. fascinated, measly authority

  • aevans148
    aevans14815 dager siden

    I'd rather see Oliver with a small block V8. How dull the original car must be to drive 🥱

  • alliwantedwasapepsi


    13 dager siden

    What mid-engined?

  • Dominik S.
    Dominik S.16 dager siden

    Richard is just a cool funny guy, but at least all three are...

  • Alfie Cornell
    Alfie Cornell18 dager siden

    like or dislike if you have watched and liked the great escapist?

  • Tony Hillyard
    Tony Hillyard18 dager siden

    Do I get the impression that Hammo is the perfect and worst customer you could ever have if you restored vintage cars. Keeps interfering, has no real idea what he wants, and you know he is going to break it! Nice dog though.

  • Hunter's Moon
    Hunter's Moon19 dager siden

    Brown bits, green bits and sticky-outty bits

  • low key
    low key20 dager siden

    I can't believe he is 51,he looks like 40s

  • Simon Bodsworth
    Simon Bodsworth21 dag siden

    That dog love Hamster...

  • Dave Gillett
    Dave Gillett21 dag siden

    When did Noel Edmonds join clarkson and may?

  • Andrew Hasler
    Andrew Hasler21 dag siden

    Bridgeovermudonhill is my favorite place in the UK

  • jace888
    jace88821 dag siden

    Top Ground Gear Force XD

  • Johnny Cole
    Johnny Cole21 dag siden

    No I want you to modify oliver.... Make it savage

  • Random Chaos
    Random Chaos21 dag siden

    Couldn’t they have found a more interesting interviewer?

  • Capra Bogdan Iulian
    Capra Bogdan Iulian21 dag siden

    They are falling down the retirement path...

  • dcoog anml
    dcoog anml21 dag siden

    In this Episode: Richard is becoming an old English Landlord James is getting younger And im a Farmer

  • Maya S.
    Maya S.22 dager siden

    Please Richard get rid of that “beard”. I don’t know if you know but in the Netherlands we call it a talking p....😉

  • Tobias Pellondou
    Tobias Pellondou22 dager siden

    The farmer, the countryman, and the city bloke

  • Edu hehe xd
    Edu hehe xd22 dager siden

    So wheres the car? ...

  • dcoog anml

    dcoog anml

    21 dag siden

    If Hammond's still trying to dispose of that engine, I've got a 2004 Ford Explorer that could use it, possibly....

  • joeviking61
    joeviking6122 dager siden

    Is that a Hobbit House ? He needs Garden Gnomes about the place

  • Dillon Snyder
    Dillon Snyder22 dager siden

    This man wrecks everything he touches

  • Bangkok Dangerous
    Bangkok Dangerous22 dager siden

    interview the dog

  • George Watt
    George Watt22 dager siden

    What is Hammond wearing 😂😂

  • ShareThisFastDOTcom
    ShareThisFastDOTcom22 dager siden

    I bet it was Al-Qaeda, quick someone call the government.

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue22 dager siden

    remembered by

  • Huw Owen
    Huw Owen22 dager siden

    @0:51 *inclines

  • Lord Pigster
    Lord Pigster22 dager siden

    Waiting any second now for soldiers to storm out the trenches

  • soiung toiue

    soiung toiue

    22 dager siden

    Waiting for the Black Knight to come defend that bridge.

  • Blackholesun
    Blackholesun22 dager siden

    The humble thing is hammond probably can already retire but he chooses to make it a joke instead

  • Oliver Hall
    Oliver Hall22 dager siden

    I wish Richard was a bit more real and not just his screen character

  • Philip De Maeyer
    Philip De Maeyer22 dager siden

    Retirement! What about, we continue even with nappies on? Richard...

  • Lele Röben
    Lele Röben22 dager siden

    i think hammond just wants to get over with the whole publicity and step away from the public eye

  • Addafi Aryaguna
    Addafi Aryaguna22 dager siden

    His garden is something straight out of World War I

  • xD Kieran
    xD Kieran23 dager siden

    hammond has his own comedy and its top class

  • Captain Robert April
    Captain Robert April23 dager siden

    If Hammond's still trying to dispose of that engine, I've got a 2004 Ford Explorer that could use it, possibly....

  • Neil .Connolly
    Neil .Connolly23 dager siden


  • Hola ACchillin
    Hola ACchillin23 dager siden

    Keep the same rims on Oliver!

  • Randgalf
    Randgalf23 dager siden

    Where is the river of gravel?

  • asioe kiou
    asioe kiou23 dager siden

    Wait a minute Hammond said the only car he’s got left is a Land Rover, WHERES THE 67 MUSTANG? Is she ok?

  • Bill Lepore
    Bill Lepore23 dager siden

    Being from Southern California, question.................does the sun ever come out in England and ever get above 60*?

  • asioe kiou

    asioe kiou

    23 dager siden

    Hamster makes a bunch of mud, puts water through it to erode and pollute downstream, talks about his legacy.

  • Claire McNabb
    Claire McNabb23 dager siden

    Just love it. Beautiful dog ❤❤❤

  • BirdLaw 101
    BirdLaw 10124 dager siden

    Did anyone else follow the Doggo for the whole clip?

  • Ghost of Sparta
    Ghost of Sparta24 dager siden

    1:40 hits so hard ..

  • K T
    K T24 dager siden

    Waiting for the Black Knight to come defend that bridge.

  • Николай Николаев
    Николай Николаев24 dager siden

    Lol didn't know he was turning I feel old...

  • bls0219
    bls021924 dager siden

    I have the same Barbour jacket and tweed cap. Is Hammond copying me because he has upset the local garden center and wants a scapegoat? The rotter!

  • Jamie Trevill
    Jamie Trevill24 dager siden


  • Robert DuszIII
    Robert DuszIII24 dager siden

    Hammond on Scotland: "I don't remember actually". Hopefully humor, not the result of TBI.

  • Kevin Baboolal
    Kevin Baboolal24 dager siden

    If I had a blank cheque I would make a show about rebuilding HMS Warspite

  • vbddfy euuyt

    vbddfy euuyt

    24 dager siden

    Hey I love this channel so much like it makes

  • Israr Mohi
    Israr Mohi25 dager siden

    Thinking about leaving he's legacy well he doesn't need one he's the hamster

  • vbddfy euuyt

    vbddfy euuyt

    24 dager siden

    "Capability Hammond"... a second career clearly beckons.

  • Hester Hancock
    Hester Hancock25 dager siden

    The homely architecture jointly label because thread microregionally terrify anenst a useless volcano. simplistic, military group

  • DaniW
    DaniW25 dager siden

    Hammond lives in a hobbit house!

  • Brad Poynting
    Brad Poynting25 dager siden

    Are these intentionally boring?

  • Bill Allan
    Bill Allan25 dager siden

    That superb dog is the Star and Hammond knows it!

  • Bill Allan
    Bill Allan25 dager siden

    Where did you get that designer distressed cap? Too Twickenham for the country!!

  • bouytt guyt
    bouytt guyt25 dager siden

    Wait a minute Hammond said the only car he’s got left is a Land Rover, WHERES THE 67 MUSTANG? Is she ok?

  • gizzy guzzi
    gizzy guzzi25 dager siden

    Hamster makes a bunch of mud, puts water through it to erode and pollute downstream, talks about his legacy.

  • TCM City
    TCM City25 dager siden

    Aren't these guys millionaires

  • martin naylor
    martin naylor25 dager siden

    I couldn't help looking at Richard and thinking of a slightly younger Brian Johnson.🤔

  • bouytt guyt

    bouytt guyt

    25 dager siden

    of course Hammond is in front of a hobbit house. lol

  • Unknown Artist
    Unknown Artist25 dager siden

    And I'm 22 thinking bout my legacy😂😂

  • Ase MacGyver
    Ase MacGyver25 dager siden

    "that's not technically roadworthy either" the "joys" of British car ownership!

  • Low-cost Gear Budget Tour
    Low-cost Gear Budget Tour25 dager siden

    Why did you give James May only a few seconds? He’s almost definitely the most interesting man on earth.

  • anomaly P
    anomaly P25 dager siden

    Hammond just casually tells us that Morgan is gone?!

  • copperfield3629
    copperfield362925 dager siden

    "Capability Hammond"... a second career clearly beckons.

  • Chaotic Nipples
    Chaotic Nipples26 dager siden

    V8 plsssssss!!!!!

  • Ken Muchiri
    Ken Muchiri26 dager siden

    What gardening is this?😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ogrematic
    Ogrematic26 dager siden

    Can't get enough of these guys.

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu26 dager siden

    It's quite amazing to me that he is 51, he doesn't look a day under 70. There are mountains with less erosion than this man.

  • ehab hatem

    ehab hatem

    22 dager siden

    Wth hammond is the only one that seems his age, clarkson doesn't look a day under 80

  • Oxford Blue
    Oxford Blue26 dager siden

    0:01 I'd tried to picture what Richard Hammond's house looked like, and this is exactly it.

  • bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiu

    26 dager siden

    So did he say his Morgan was "crashed" in a "flood"?

  • gogogeedus
    gogogeedus26 dager siden

    Don't look now but there's a Hamster in your garden!

  • Neil Harrison
    Neil Harrison26 dager siden

    Any attempt at humour has failed totally.

  • Jack Bates
    Jack Bates26 dager siden

    I was hoping for Hot Rod Oliver, oh well...

  • Thomas V
    Thomas V26 dager siden

    of course Hammond is in front of a hobbit house. lol

  • Owen Lloyd
    Owen Lloyd26 dager siden

    Anyone know what kind of dog Richard has?

  • RD Simonse
    RD Simonse26 dager siden

    I want someone to look at me with love like his dog does... Man, that is an adoring dog...

  • TheToastPeople
    TheToastPeople26 dager siden

    Retire? You should have poes loads of money by now mate

  • ZFrog
    ZFrog26 dager siden

    Dude is worth $45 million and acts like he has to keep working to survive. As if he can't retire already......

  • Bradley scott
    Bradley scott26 dager siden

    Hamster destroyed a car without craching it. I'm shocked.

  • g vg
    g vg26 dager siden

    Where's Hagrid?

  • Sam Pothecary
    Sam Pothecary26 dager siden


  • Krzysztof Kryg
    Krzysztof Kryg27 dager siden

    these videos are too quiet, not normalised and 13-15dB below the ads level - if you ask me that should be banned re hearing damage world and national policy. We sell more and more audio induction loops and never think twice why!

  • kolim jone
    kolim jone27 dager siden

    It’s so cool, the most boring one of them all, has the the most interesting personality of all. Hail Captain Slow! 👌

  • Supreeth S
    Supreeth S27 dager siden

    I'm just looking at Hammond's dog.

  • Boy If you don’t
    Boy If you don’t27 dager siden

    I can’t stop but appreciate Hamsters little fury friend. Doggooo!

  • kolim jone

    kolim jone

    27 dager siden

    Put the v8 in Richard

  • Frog Dog
    Frog Dog27 dager siden

    So did he say his Morgan was "crashed" in a "flood"?

  • Bronwyn Langley
    Bronwyn Langley27 dager siden

    What happened to Top Gear dog?

  • mrjustinesquer
    mrjustinesquer27 dager siden

    Hamsters humor has aged like a fine wine.

  • Lee Warren
    Lee Warren27 dager siden

    What’s the lovely dog’s name?

  • Robert Mcmurtry
    Robert Mcmurtry27 dager siden

    Hammond doin gardening- how hard can that be? 🤣 looks like a few JCB's got loose ?

  • Charles Reese
    Charles Reese27 dager siden

    Nooooo retirement