Let James May teach you how to pump up a bicycle tyre


James May has been loving filming bicycle content recently, and here is his latest masterpiece. If you go to get your bike out of the shed and you happen upon a flat tyre, James is here to save you!
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  • A voice of calm and reason
    A voice of calm and reason2 dager siden

    Imagine James pumping up the tire with the pump and saying “buffeting”

  • أحمد ahmed
    أحمد ahmed8 dager siden

    James May makes me RELAX

  • EverythingEbike Channel
    EverythingEbike Channel8 dager siden

    Only james may could turn pumping up a tyre into an 8 minute video

  • cosgrove notts
    cosgrove notts15 dager siden

    This is really for numbskculls

  • Codiewilliams1406
    Codiewilliams140616 dager siden

    I see deer in my rear view mirgghhh

  • zack oblong
    zack oblong23 dager siden

    Thank you for this very informative video. Until now i'tires

  • bokimalou
    bokimalou26 dager siden

    When you really need to hit that minimum word count requirement on your essay

  • S T
    S T27 dager siden

    Only May could be so incensed by a dust cap. 😂

  • carlsberg 6254
    carlsberg 6254Måned siden

    Does anyone know why James calls his Orbea orca? Is there back story to this like Bim?

  • Matt Escott
    Matt EscottMåned siden

    i’d love to see a tour of all the bikes he has collected over the years

  • Joseph Goliber
    Joseph GoliberMåned siden

    lol what a goober

  • Gregory Wall
    Gregory WallMåned siden

    What's left of the Toy Stories Meccano motorcycle in the background.

  • Wes Little
    Wes LittleMåned siden

    The mechano motorbike in the background!

  • Hardtail Flo
    Hardtail FloMåned siden

    mate, schrader valves aren´t usually used on mountainbikes. i wish it was so because presta valves break to easily ( if you are not carefull) they are mainly used for dirt jumpers or bmx bikes because they are subjekt to more hard usage and usually less maintenance.....

  • Rajeeb Barma
    Rajeeb BarmaMåned siden

    next up: how to brush in foodtribe

  • Rajeeb Barma
    Rajeeb BarmaMåned siden

    comment. already subscribed

  • Fancy McDancy
    Fancy McDancyMåned siden

    If you're going to use a brush to clear out a valve I suggest you turn the wheel so the valve is at the top. Dust will then have gravity's help to fall out. I'd have thought James May would have known this..... And the same applies to pumping the tyre up - move the valve to the top so you don't have to bend down to attach the pump.

  • JDoc’s Film’s
    JDoc’s Film’sMåned siden

    Dust cap!!!!!!

  • Cesar Santellana
    Cesar SantellanaMåned siden

    Stiffle action? This guy .

  • Kim Skerving
    Kim SkervingMåned siden

    James, you forgot to tell us how much pressaure you need. An difference between Psi and bar.

  • Capt Nagrom
    Capt NagromMåned siden

    Suddenly realised I need a stirrup pump 👍

  • Mr. Anything
    Mr. AnythingMåned siden

    3:05 and 3:25 the best of the best

  • FEMA Inmate#636
    FEMA Inmate#636Måned siden

    I bought a bunch of extra dust caps, just so I never go without

  • Amon
    AmonMåned siden

    Season 21, episode 5. He still hasn’t given up on that bicycle safety thing.

  • Steven D
    Steven DMåned siden

    Let's have a real laugh ... can James show us how to do a tubeless conversion on that mountain bike without spilling a drop of sealant.

  • JaedonSmishh
    JaedonSmishhMåned siden

    Even tho the videos simple. I still learned some things about bike tires and pumps. Great video 🤟🏻

  • Jonny the Legs
    Jonny the LegsMåned siden

    Suprized to see you running Tubular tyres on the road bike James

  • Joe
    JoeMåned siden

    Thats a nice bike you got there James

  • Mech4Life
    Mech4LifeMåned siden

    So random

  • xaraxen
    xaraxenMåned siden

    I hear that tune every time I fill up my tyres.

  • Stan Noordman
    Stan NoordmanMåned siden

    This is actually exactly the video I needed for my city bike. I just aggressively randomly perform actions with various pumps at my disposal until my wheel has air.

  • oposkainaxei
    oposkainaxeiMåned siden

    oh come oooon... please...

  • Owen Birch
    Owen BirchMåned siden

    If he mountain biked then he would know that all high end mountain bikes use presta valves these days.

  • Amos 1057
    Amos 1057Måned siden

    *C H E E S E*

  • Dai C
    Dai CMåned siden

    Haha, always wondered what the official title of that small inner pocket was.

  • David Marshall
    David MarshallMåned siden

    I saw this and died laughing, love it

  • myview1875
    myview1875Måned siden

    It would of been interesting to see one of the old bicycle pumps with the pull out flexy connector in the pump handle. 😊.

  • Wouter Veenma
    Wouter VeenmaMåned siden

    it would be a complete outro if james also mentions to ring that dang bell.

  • Mead Vice
    Mead ViceMåned siden


  • Pata Pajak
    Pata PajakMåned siden

    Watching james pump up tires is way more entertaining than the entire top gear series since they got fired

  • Philip Sudron
    Philip Sudron2 måneder siden

    One tip I learnt aged 10...when parking and securing the bike, it's worth rotating the wheels so that the valves are hidden from view, for example at the top end of the forks or between the brakes...in case wandering ferals or chavs enjoy deflating your tyres while you're in the shop buying liquorice or chuggy.

  • Craig Marshall
    Craig Marshall2 måneder siden

    I enjoying riding my bicycle, I have 4 of them.

  • Kemp English
    Kemp English2 måneder siden

    After you blow out the dust with a compressor - use the compressor with appropriate adapter to pump up the tire.

  • Cappuccino Gonzzalez
    Cappuccino Gonzzalez2 måneder siden

    Instructions unclear, swallowed the dust cap

  • kodongo
    kodongo2 måneder siden

    Britain's answer to Joe Budden.

  • Don Kiddick
    Don Kiddick2 måneder siden

    Michelin presta inner tubes don't have the knurled lock ring at the bottom on them, look much better... 👌🏼

  • Anhad Sharma
    Anhad Sharma2 måneder siden

    This video is shorter than I expected.

  • volgg
    volgg2 måneder siden

    i'll watch James May talk about how to put on your socks and it'll be a great content.

  • Just Somecunt
    Just Somecunt2 måneder siden

    James may is funny even when he’s not doing anything funny

  • Catweasle
    Catweasle2 måneder siden

    "Remove it smartly"

  • 1911shad
    1911shad2 måneder siden

    “Put the dust cap in your mouth” Bet it should taste wonderful after all the stuff that wheel been through

  • The Informative Droid
    The Informative Droid2 måneder siden

    Believe it or not, I perfectly understood every single word James said. 🤣

  • ZeidGho
    ZeidGho2 måneder siden

    Let James May teach you how to pump up a bicycle tyre ❌ Let James May teach you how to obsess over dust caps ✅

  • Tomas Ruival
    Tomas Ruival2 måneder siden

    I don't even have a bike, but I watched the whole thing

  • Noé Toffolutti
    Noé Toffolutti2 måneder siden

    The Presta valve was invented by a frenchman actually

  • D Saxophone
    D Saxophone2 måneder siden

    I can completely rebuild a bike or custom build ond from a frame but i wanted to watch this video anyway

  • Ugh Why
    Ugh Why2 måneder siden

    So glad I see deer has lived on.

  • Sunny Curwen
    Sunny Curwen2 måneder siden

    ...liked, subscribed, commented 👍

  • n 89
    n 892 måneder siden

    I don't get why he finds that song so interesting....hahaha

  • - spudman 2.0
    - spudman 2.02 måneder siden

    As a child I used to steal nice dust caps from cars, still have the collection if you want to 'un standard' them bikes 😂

  • Muffin the Pug
    Muffin the Pug2 måneder siden

    Why didn't you let James discuss pressures endlessly, I have no doubt he wanted to

  • Data Tutashkin
    Data Tutashkin2 måneder siden

    Come on, Mister Slowly. You were cool boring in the past, but now you are just boring boring.

  • the stig
    the stig2 måneder siden

    so James may, Aka captian slow, has one of the fastest road bikes in the world

  • Steve Brill
    Steve Brill2 måneder siden

    Great looking road bike Mr May....but toe clips??? Whats the matter with you man, get some clipless pedals on there.

  • DavZ
    DavZ2 måneder siden

    Act your age, get a car.

  • niki123489
    niki1234892 måneder siden

    Well I learned something today or I was dreaming, I can't tell for sure, but thank you James!

  • Lars van den Booren
    Lars van den Booren2 måneder siden

    Only James is allowed to ride an orca with zipp wheels with STRAPS!?

  • Greg Hawley
    Greg Hawley2 måneder siden

    James, clipless pedals. Do it!

  • ZE4LE
    ZE4LE2 måneder siden

    Cycling enthusiast? No, James may enthusiast

  • Simon Board
    Simon Board2 måneder siden

    Love that I see deer is now the unofficial theme tune 👍

  • Jaap
    Jaap2 måneder siden

    "Universal ends" are actually really horrible. I'd love a pump with a dedicated presta or schrader end and end the always suboptimal seal/fitment. And please remove the nut on your presta valve. If your tyre goes half flat and moves a bit in your outer tyre your tear the tube around your valve when pumping it up again.

  • Dave40
    Dave402 måneder siden

    I guess I learned something, Mr May!

  • Thebeastwithinusall
    Thebeastwithinusall2 måneder siden

    this is my comment.

  • Curtis H
    Curtis H2 måneder siden

    "Put the dust cap back on, you peasant!" That's just great!

  • Sordidpaprika66
    Sordidpaprika662 måneder siden

    I like how he still has the mechano bike

  • Walter Crim
    Walter Crim2 måneder siden

    I use an electric pump at home and the Schrader adapter when necessary.

  • K1W1fly
    K1W1fly2 måneder siden

    The IoM Meccano Sidecar in the background needs some air in the tyres.

  • ambxrpeoplxs


    2 måneder siden

    that’s next weeks video

  • Zev Feitelson
    Zev Feitelson2 måneder siden

    Why doesn't richard or Jeremy do videos on here

  • KingKinggTv
    KingKinggTv2 måneder siden

    This man right here, bested Gordan Ramsey in a cooking head-to-head match. Out of five Ladies, 3 voted for this absolute beast of a man. I must study his ways

  • Doctors n Politicians are Frauds
    Doctors n Politicians are Frauds2 måneder siden

    How to boil an egg, make toast, brush your teeth...you peasant! 😁

  • killalldude
    killalldude2 måneder siden

    I'd like to see James May pump up the air on a car tire with that foot pump

  • Simpa Luyolo
    Simpa Luyolo2 måneder siden

    Thanks Sir James. I was using bicycles for almost 30yrs and honestly I never knew there is a adapter for the feeder in the slim tyres

  • Dan The car guy
    Dan The car guy2 måneder siden

    How dumb would you need to be to be .... oh year cyclists 😂🤣

  • Shaun Oliver
    Shaun Oliver2 måneder siden

    As Jeremy says, cycles and the Lycra clad ignoramuses Should be banned and flogged at the stake

  • MeneGR
    MeneGR2 måneder siden

    What are you on about, too patronizing? It wasn't patronizing enough!

  • herdyan trikuncoro
    herdyan trikuncoro2 måneder siden

    James May : how to pump up a bicycle tyre Me : hemmm interesting

  • Blodershade
    Blodershade2 måneder siden

    Why is James so skinny?

  • Robert Cook
    Robert Cook2 måneder siden

    Just curious, James. What psi do you use on the road bike? When I was seriously biking I used 110 psi. What say you?

  • hellzone
    hellzone2 måneder siden


  • TheFunkygardener
    TheFunkygardener2 måneder siden

    I’m always losing dust caps, either on car or bike but I’m not going to put them in my mouth!

  • tyler zesiger
    tyler zesiger2 måneder siden

    The best content on NOlocal

  • LordManhattan
    LordManhattan2 måneder siden

    I have no idea what I just watched, other than I see deer, I see deer in my rear view mirror?

  • G M
    G M2 måneder siden

    Really? Pumping tires? We’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel now huh

  • Robert Beyer
    Robert Beyer2 måneder siden

    As someone who worked in the bicycle industry for 15 years this was both painful and enjoyable at the same time. Mr. May could make watching paint dry or standing in line at the post office enjoyable.

  • Dane Brass
    Dane Brass2 måneder siden

    6:11 *feet*

  • Robert Hamilton
    Robert Hamilton2 måneder siden

    Thanks 👍

  • Justin H
    Justin H2 måneder siden

    When is Tom's son's birthday? James has been working on this bike for a couple months now hahah.

  • Lilly like da flower
    Lilly like da flower2 måneder siden

    People who don't use dust caps are psychopaths Edit: I notice James has one of those new fangled electronic scooters, can he even use it now with the Tories making then illegal.

  • Siddarth Joji
    Siddarth Joji2 måneder siden

    I didn't know you could make a 8 min video on how to pump a tyre.

  • Wojciech Dyks
    Wojciech Dyks2 måneder siden