Jeremy Clarkson's Lancia has been found in Botswana! Ft. James May


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The trio's trip across the Okavango Delta is one of the greatest pieces of television ever, and it's scary to think that it has been 14 years since that crazy special. You'd think that Jeremy Clarkson's Lancia Beta Coupe would have been lost forever after the crew left Botswana, but a NOlocalr currently living in the country has found the car, and has since completed the trio as well...
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  • T B

    T B

    2 dager siden

    DriveTribe why am I watching a balding man in pink with the overly waxed eyebrows taking shots at the presenters while attempting to sell gentleman's groomers?

  • Covert Garage

    Covert Garage

    10 dager siden

    I agree with you and welcome to my channel about cars

  • Nick Firth

    Nick Firth

    13 dager siden

    Bloke presenting the video look like he got his beard caught in a hedge trimmer, but sure I'll buy a plum razor of him....

  • BlackPanther BP

    BlackPanther BP

    14 dager siden

    Can you please say hi from me to James may

  • laundry2basket ez

    laundry2basket ez

    18 dager siden

    not very waterproof...

  • Anthony Everett
    Anthony Everett3 timer siden

    What would you say about the 1970 volvo?

  • Defenestrated Window
    Defenestrated Window13 timer siden

    But where is the Beetle!?

  • Monikerfree
    Monikerfree2 dager siden

    Manscape! because every blue blooded man wants to look like a 10 year old boy down there....

  • Walter Burton
    Walter Burton3 dager siden


  • John Morseman
    John Morseman4 dager siden

    Ok now it’s time to find all the other adventure cars

  • Kitdank
    Kitdank4 dager siden

    The BBC might try and buy these cars back and scrap them

  • Mazda Demio XD Touring '15
    Mazda Demio XD Touring '155 dager siden

    the merc only needs a small cheap part, that thing is indestructible

  • 1BigBen
    1BigBen5 dager siden

    best thing to do, is give that Lancia a Morris Marina funeral

  • Sputnik
    Sputnik5 dager siden

    could you just pronounce the name correctly?? it is not LLan see ya!!!! just ask some italian for help

  • roland hazuki
    roland hazuki7 dager siden

    I would like to see Hammond Impreza wagon

  • B Luster
    B Luster8 dager siden

    500k views in a day or two. If everyone chipped a penny, it would pay for the entire build of the car after. Makes ya think.

  • Gavin Dulebohn
    Gavin Dulebohn8 dager siden

    A Botswana episode of Grand Tour with all the original cars repaired would be cool

  • obi wan
    obi wan8 dager siden

    I wonder if the cow bell, cows head and steaks are still in james car.

  • Brian Ciofani
    Brian Ciofani8 dager siden

    Can someone explain what they mean by 'set rev' when they say it?? I tried to look it up and see it in context but no dice.

  • Kavinsky Smith
    Kavinsky Smith8 dager siden

    You know if old top gear was still going right now, Hammond or James would buy the thing, import it, paint it red, tow his alfa, switch the plates, and put it in his parking spot with the wheels off for him to discover it in the morning, and then all of england would wake to a very angry clarkson yelling where the F is my alfa?!!!!

  • oiuet souiu
    oiuet souiu9 dager siden

    Oliver and the lancia will live forever don't diss Jezzas eyebrows

  • oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiu

    9 dager siden

    Oliver and the lancia will live forever don't diss Jezzas eyebrows

  • FunteX
    FunteX9 dager siden

    Less snappy spitty saliva sounds when you talk please, bloddy unprofessional . . . =P

  • steven atkinson
    steven atkinson9 dager siden

    You say the doors have been welded back onto the merc. Are you sure thats weld and not chewing gum, blu tac and bird sh😃te 🤣

  • mikefranky
    mikefranky10 dager siden

    What happened to the Porsche 928.......🤦‍♂️

  • 69 is a great number

    69 is a great number

    7 dager siden

    It was destroyed

  • Zipp4Everyone
    Zipp4Everyone10 dager siden

    Clarksons Beta? Clarksson IS a beta ;)

  • Nate Creed
    Nate Creed10 dager siden

    I want to buy and restore that Lancia badly. Importing it will cost so much though

  • Ardal Hall
    Ardal Hall10 dager siden

    Would love James to buy the merc back and Jeremy to buy the lancia back and then have them back into original spec and have all 3 on a road trip together again

  • piskopow
    piskopow11 dager siden

    E class merc? no kind gentleman that´s an w123 merc. Which was thier "C"ompact model at the time. Maybe getting away to call the W124 an "E" is ok but this is not. Kind regards, everyone.

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue11 dager siden

    Mike is rocking the old school Johnny smith beard in that manscaped ad

  • soiung toiue

    soiung toiue

    11 dager siden

    James May has said before that he is not nostalgic when it comes to old cars. He prefers current and future technology

  • 77mazen
    77mazen11 dager siden

    this advertisement in the beginning, what a fail, immedieate dislike!

  • Kurt Depner
    Kurt Depner12 dager siden

    James May is absolutely right about the Mercedes. His perspective gives me hope for the world.

  • Matticus Madness
    Matticus Madness12 dager siden

    7:04 I can feel the “bog off” in his reply from here. Yeah he won’t be doing much about it, I can tell.

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue12 dager siden

    There's still one car unaccounted for: What happened to the VW Beetle that they would have to drive if their car failed?

  • soiung toiue

    soiung toiue

    12 dager siden

    I think when we find the merc we need to have a reunion with all 3 of the cars

  • RandahlR-Shedbythetracks
    RandahlR-Shedbythetracks12 dager siden

    You can always count on James to throw cold water on your dreams..

  • Akkbar
    Akkbar12 dager siden

    Clark son sure isnt very involved with this channel

  • Planet Of the ape man
    Planet Of the ape man12 dager siden

    If he restores them, do so to the point that they were in the program. Hammond has ruined his car by completely over restoring it.

  • dutchdna
    dutchdna12 dager siden

    I like your girlfriend.

  • bouytt guyt
    bouytt guyt13 dager siden

    Oliver and the lancia will live forever don't diss Jezzas eyebrows

  • roman king
    roman king13 dager siden

    james now have old face , but don´t forget that beautiful face will age perfect body will change but a beautiful soul will be always be a beautiful soul.

  • Broken Dreams
    Broken Dreams13 dager siden

  • bouytt guyt

    bouytt guyt

    13 dager siden

    black widows and thick tailed scorpions" "What about a honey badger?"

  • T. Y.
    T. Y.13 dager siden

    What is in your mouth.. Chew before you talk?!?

  • Ron Kirkpatrick Customs
    Ron Kirkpatrick Customs13 dager siden

    Raise chickens in it.

  • juiuffophiguo
    juiuffophiguo13 dager siden

    I like that they're just plain and open about it being a ball-trimmer

  • Tanner jordan
    Tanner jordan13 dager siden

    Ill go fetch it if you need someone, only 2 days drive away

  • Tanner jordan

    Tanner jordan

    13 dager siden

    Can take it to Durban harbor

  • ZZZeyad
    ZZZeyad13 dager siden

    Lancia Beta coupe superleggera

  • FDK
    FDK14 dager siden

    James May has said before that he is not nostalgic when it comes to old cars. He prefers current and future technology

  • Broken Dreams
    Broken Dreams14 dager siden

    DRIVETRIBE PLEASE PETITION FOR THEM 3 to make gta v online 🤣

  • Max G
    Max G14 dager siden

    This guy bores me to sleep

  • vbddfy euuyt
    vbddfy euuyt14 dager siden

    Oliver and the lancia will live forever don't diss Jezzas eyebrows

  • Jacob Norman
    Jacob Norman14 dager siden

    I think when we find the merc we need to have a reunion with all 3 of the cars

  • Nice-oscar
    Nice-oscar14 dager siden

    If it was in the UK, they would have shredded them to pieces and recycled them!

  • vbddfy euuyt

    vbddfy euuyt

    14 dager siden

    The special that introduced me to Top Gear and the Trio.

  • Thomas Flanagan
    Thomas Flanagan14 dager siden

    "Oliver's a Shitbox, always has been" hahahah Oh James....

  • Abdul Hadi
    Abdul Hadi14 dager siden


  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue15 dager siden

    clarkson can buy back the lancia himself is he is so inclined, 900 dollars is pocket change for him

  • soiung toiue

    soiung toiue

    15 dager siden

    i think you should try and locate all the old challenge cars, not like they will be expensive and surprise them with all of the cars that helped towards the success they have toda

  • ardvark84
    ardvark8415 dager siden

    "lions, lepards, hienas, wild dogs, hipos, black rhinos and crocodile, bird snakes, shield nosed snakes, puff adders, boomslangs, cape cobras, bandit cobras, black mambas, black widows and thick tailed scorpions" "What about a honey badger?"

  • poop
    poop15 dager siden


  • mark holloran
    mark holloran16 dager siden

    get off the internet you sell out. get the lads back on

  • Andrea Milnes Petersen
    Andrea Milnes Petersen16 dager siden

    I already own a Lancia Beta Scorpion (Montecarlo) and have a somewhat notorious penchant for adopting lost, stray, and unloved Italian heaps. I will admit though that I like being married and to import this project would definitely put my marriage in jeopardy.

  • Tbone Touch Hadebe
    Tbone Touch Hadebe16 dager siden


  • Just Browsing
    Just Browsing16 dager siden

    Did he just walk away from the car like it was a sweet wrapper? Don't say he did. Innocent until grassed?

  • Jack Archer
    Jack Archer16 dager siden

    I bet the 950 dollars has paid ten fold

  • Máté Tüzér
    Máté Tüzér16 dager siden

    When Jeremy's eyebrows are so bad, his own team builds an ad around it :D

  • Brett Nicholson
    Brett Nicholson16 dager siden

    Am I the only one who is sceptical that it's really the same Lancia? I very much doubt the crew would have refitted the doors, bumpers etc. Why would they bother if it's to be scrapped? Assuming the crew didn't simply leave the parts somewhere during the journey, then they would have to have been retained by someone and refitted afterwards. Then someone would have to go to considerable trouble to dig up all the other missing parts that were smashed by a hammer or burnt. Finally the rear plate looks suspiciously new too.

  • Colin Chung
    Colin Chung16 dager siden

    someone should just buy them and put them in a museum or something. dont bother restoring it

  • Colin Chung
    Colin Chung16 dager siden

    Clarkson after the Lancia is found:Oh no, anyways

  • Lou R R Zurn
    Lou R R Zurn16 dager siden

    The special that introduced me to Top Gear and the Trio.

  • damag3plan
    damag3plan16 dager siden

    Jeremy can afford to fly it back in a gold jet

  • How Now
    How Now17 dager siden

    Scraping the bottom of a barrel for shameless promotion. This car has been done by multiple NOlocalrs

  • Wes
    Wes17 dager siden

    I am so glad Oliver is loved by Hammond

  • Dan Haines
    Dan Haines17 dager siden

    The W123 is not an E-Class Mercedes. Mercedes didn't use the E-Class designation until the the facelifted version of the W124 in 1993.

  • 69 is a great number

    69 is a great number

    14 dager siden

    It's an W123

  • gstar games
    gstar games17 dager siden

    i think you should try and locate all the old challenge cars, not like they will be expensive and surprise them with all of the cars that helped towards the success they have today

  • gstar games
    gstar games17 dager siden

    why dont clarkson, may and hammond all chip in for this.. it will be small change for them... they will make there money back and more in views from various vids documenting the journey back to the uk... and possible restoration or restore it to the version on the show

  • Matt Darragh
    Matt Darragh17 dager siden

    I’ll buy it

  • Megamind Mesotlo
    Megamind Mesotlo17 dager siden

    Top Gear is my most favorite tv show of all time and that special made me real proud of my country, Botswana 🇧🇼🇧🇼❤️❤️

  • Andrew Gruffudd
    Andrew Gruffudd17 dager siden

    If the Lancia comes to the UK without a thorough rustproofing, it'll probably last about 3 weeks before falling apart. I'm surprised that jaunt they did across the salt flats didn't do for the thing. It's a pity, because of all Lancias, the Beta is my favourite - it has sentimental value, as my uncle used to have a sandy yellow one. Mind you, that was on Jersey, so, not being far from the sea, the car lasted about a week and a half.

  • Annette Kleynhans
    Annette Kleynhans17 dager siden

    Mend and make do mentality......... that’s Africa for you...... and we are proudly so!

  • Phillip Somerset
    Phillip Somerset17 dager siden

    You Drivetribe people really aren't looking for content. This is an amazing opportunity to do a rebuild series on something that people clearly care about because it's been showcased on the media everywhere. But no we will build bikes in a garage instead.

  • TheNiittylahti
    TheNiittylahti17 dager siden

    To that man in the Bosnia would be nice to Give little more than 900 dollars. Heck, the car is worth maybe 50 bucks, but maybe just maybe we could be nice to him. You should make one video about it and maybe gift him revenue from it.

    JUICE BOX BUILT17 dager siden

    Someone get the car for gods sake

  • Justin Hedrick
    Justin Hedrick17 dager siden

    Lies. No Lancia Beta is driving across a salt pan and then sitting for 14 years without turning into a pile of brown crumbs.

  • Kristoffer Lilja
    Kristoffer Lilja17 dager siden

    I would also be able to restore the Lancia. I dont really have the means to go to Africa, find it and buy it thou. Would be cool to make a youtube series out of restoring it.

  • less
    less17 dager siden

    thumbs up for jim - can we see him again? - keeping his spots that is - open the christmas gifts for the kids - its a poignant 'one of those'

  • Ailsa Ni
    Ailsa Ni17 dager siden

    would be amazing to see them do something with these cars in the grand tour, maybe rebuild them to be proper safari motors and do it again

  • LeavesUselessComments
    LeavesUselessComments17 dager siden

    That episode was 14 years ago, where does the time go?

    PC PLANET17 dager siden

    1000 dollars should be pocket change to drive tribe . Looks like best place for it is to stay where it is .

  • Ailsa Ni

    Ailsa Ni

    17 dager siden

    So show Jeremy Clarkson his cat

  • Informed Choice
    Informed Choice17 dager siden

    The only certainty, is that Hammond wasn't driving:

  • Mich ._.1020
    Mich ._.102017 dager siden

    Will Clarkson, Hammond, and May please come to the Philippines to do a special when the coronavirus has disappeared?

  • ev andersen
    ev andersen17 dager siden

    Restore that Lancia, its rare and far more interesting historically than oliver which is just a mundane vauxhall.

  • daryll Hattingh
    daryll Hattingh17 dager siden

    Guys if you want to pay for my travel and accommodation I can go to Botswana😂😂😂 I live in South Africa we border Botswana

  • speedwaynutt
    speedwaynutt17 dager siden

    These two cars need to be saved. Now curious about the other cars used in specials.

  • Jacky Dlalisa
    Jacky Dlalisa17 dager siden

    That's a South African registration plate

  • Colby Rendell
    Colby Rendell17 dager siden

    Buy a better camera

  • Andrey D
    Andrey D17 dager siden

    14 years???

  • RS
    RS17 dager siden

    Still can't believe the the cars from the Patagonia special were destroyed.

  • Lucario !

    Lucario !

    17 dager siden

    Wait what

  • Andre 1ZZ
    Andre 1ZZ17 dager siden

    Jeez who on Earth did that dreadful welding job on the Mercedes

  • DESU!
    DESU!17 dager siden

    Considering how common and popular those Mercedes were over there, it was likely either used by someone else or thoroughly parted out to other cars.

  • NightStarJumper J
    NightStarJumper J17 dager siden

    Imagine if they did a special where they got a challenge to find and fix the Botswana cars and go on another tour of different part of Africa.

  • Granjacia
    Granjacia17 dager siden

    Someone needs to have a word with Jeremy about his eyenbrows, he stopped trimming them since he lost his Lancia

  • Jack Radzelovage
    Jack Radzelovage17 dager siden

    idk about the 3rd gear only lancia, but i would buy jeremys range rover from bolivia in two seconds...

  • Hunter Gawart
    Hunter Gawart18 dager siden

    So show Jeremy Clarkson his cat

  • Hunter Gawart

    Hunter Gawart

    18 dager siden


  • prince shabalaladingdong
    prince shabalaladingdong18 dager siden

    You guys should’ve paid it and brought both the lancia and the merc, Ryan can meet clarkson and may and talk about the cars lol

  • acidcharon
    acidcharon18 dager siden

    "14 years later" really hit a nerve there... :/

  • Darth Biker
    Darth Biker18 dager siden

    I've just seen both of Alaska to Africa's videos. He lives in Botswana now with his family. Not sure if he intends to ship the cars to the UK. I think his plan is to purchase both cars, repair and restore them, and use them locally. So yeah, I think he's going the way of May's statement that the cars need to stay and live in Africa.

  • Saurabh Kulkarni
    Saurabh Kulkarni18 dager siden

    Why would you want to buy the lancia back? It was nothing but trouble.