James May is getting rid of his favourite car


The Toyota Mirai swiftly became the favourite car in James May's garage, with the hydrogen-powered car making for one of the most tranquil motoring experiences out there. But after a year or so of ownership, May has decided to switch things up.
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  • alliwantedwasapepsi
    alliwantedwasapepsi11 dager siden

    How could an electric Camry become your favourite car?

  • tankimus
    tankimus21 dag siden

    the more i see james in his personal life the less i enjoy him lol

  • Yantan Tethera
    Yantan Tethera22 dager siden

    Sooo funny saying that in his pink and purple jumper!

  • tim priddy
    tim priddy22 dager siden

    I only have one vehicle....it must be nice

  • Duncan Idaho
    Duncan Idaho23 dager siden

    Maybe it's just me with a Sunday hangover but I just read a headline elsewhere "Tesla Model Y vs Ford Mustang Mach-E comparison gets the Top Gear treatment" and wondered if that meant lying about both cars breaking down... just as a joke of course. I never saw the infamous episode but just freshly considered that I know it well (Clarkson pause) from everywhere else. Which raises the question what is the carbon footprint of that joke? James May, it's not quantified what you owe the world but you do owe - this little dalliance with the oil cartel's great white hope FCEV isn't lowering the balance.

  • Brian Cornish
    Brian Cornish23 dager siden

    Humm..Hydrogen and Hindenburg not the greatest of memories...

  • Mark Marten
    Mark Marten23 dager siden

    Replace it with a Dacia Sondero in beige with a vinyl roof and tartan seat covers, that would be different.

  • Zophus1
    Zophus123 dager siden

    Beeeeeeaaaaaaarrrdd! 😮

  • joe robinson
    joe robinson23 dager siden

    He meant to say obscene

  • Peter Thomas
    Peter Thomas23 dager siden

    Stop it. You don't have to move on. I own an S2000 that's 10 years older than the one that you're disposing of because it's 'old fashioned'. Up to now, there's no replacement - I'm quite happy with my maroon and pink hooped-shirt S2K thank you very much.

  • Leo
    Leo23 dager siden

    Germany actually has less then 100 hydrogen stations...

  • eurosonly
    eurosonly24 dager siden

    Is that paul hardcastle I hear?

  • elliot mortimer
    elliot mortimer24 dager siden

    But something already....

  • Hira Ahmed Shaikh
    Hira Ahmed Shaikh24 dager siden

    i cant find the option to "motorlikecommentsubscribe"

  • Dee M
    Dee M24 dager siden

    Is it me or James has had grey hair forever? 👨🏼‍🦳

  • Baron von Limbourgh
    Baron von Limbourgh25 dager siden

    This is simply obsolete technology now. Battery powered evs are the future.

  • Chris O'Grady
    Chris O'Grady25 dager siden

    We here in South Yorkshire are indeed seeking independence from the united kingdom of englandland

  • Dejan Petranović
    Dejan Petranović25 dager siden

    Freddy Krueger, khm, James may is right, you have to move on :P

  • Niels Nilsson
    Niels Nilsson25 dager siden

    In South Africa, "What is a hydrogen station?"

  • M F
    M F26 dager siden

    I need James as a neighbor

  • Shane Fell
    Shane Fell26 dager siden

    Now Clarkson, Hammond and May ALL have beards

  • The Dominator
    The Dominator26 dager siden

    It gave him a solid beard though

  • gelisob
    gelisob26 dager siden

    Last I heard, Germany was trying to get to 100 stations by 2021, so not too much there either. Oh and how long does the really expensive fuel cell last in those?

  • Kathleen Bradley
    Kathleen Bradley26 dager siden

    He's always so mature about saying "like, comment, subscribe" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ricardo Moran
    Ricardo Moran26 dager siden

    He’s been wearing that shirt for decades

  • Wermagst
    Wermagst26 dager siden

    It's not hundreds, Germany has 91 H2 stations and not all of them are operational due to breakdowns and mandatory servicing.

  • I solemly swear
    I solemly swear26 dager siden

    Hang on!? When did James find his shirt again!?

  • nongthip
    nongthip27 dager siden

    Change the show's name to Top Beard!

  • BKC
    BKC27 dager siden

    0:21 nice shirt that you had in season 4 of top gear.

  • Sisekelo Duma
    Sisekelo Duma27 dager siden

    So much Gran Turismo music

  • Brock Hamm
    Brock Hamm27 dager siden

    James looks like a bible character

  • Chance Proverbs
    Chance Proverbs27 dager siden

    How many times has James may worn this shirt

  • Gianni Russo
    Gianni Russo27 dager siden

    So James has a goatee.

  • markmd9
    markmd927 dager siden

    James May saw the review of the new dacia Sandero and decided to sell the Mirai

  • C B
    C B27 dager siden

    you have to move on......still wearing that GANT shirt :P

  • Antonio Gugliucci
    Antonio Gugliucci27 dager siden

    James, you look like Loky from manga Ken

  • bahaha lol yup wow
    bahaha lol yup wow28 dager siden

    I hereby offer £1.50 for the shirt.

  • Artur Santos
    Artur Santos28 dager siden

    I just heard "the lick" in a James May video... is this heaven? (Minute 2:04 for the lick)

  • Irmiahu Horwitz
    Irmiahu Horwitz28 dager siden

    I'm sorry is that the same sweater from the Ariel atom V8 review??

  • Steve Quinn
    Steve Quinn28 dager siden

    Less of the South Yorkshire bell end comments please James.

  • skierbaz
    skierbaz28 dager siden

    I just cannot see why we haven't gone this way full tilt. Hydrogen is defo the best solution to the fossil fuel demise. It is completely clean, and can give the range of a petrol or diesel without problem. We should have gone this way wholesale, batteries are not the better option IMO. If we invested in loads of solar in areas of the world where it would work constantly, and used all the power to create H2, it would be completely clean. I just don't see batteries being a viable option long term as they die off after cycles and are costly AF to replace, and are heavy so planes etc?? But built in obsolescence is the key to making money for car companies etc.... just like you mobile phone eh...

  • Pulsar


    27 dager siden

    > It is completely clean, and can give the range of a petrol or diesel without problem. Nope. H2 is made out of steam reformed methane today. With the Mirai you are basically driving a natural gas car. Real "green" H2 needs huge amounts of electricity, and is still today not economically justifiable. The typical range of the Mirai is not bigger than of a modern BEV. > they die off after cycles and are costly AF to replace A fuell cell also needs to replaced after 2000-3000 hours of operation. They are expensive because they contain, in contrast to batteries, very rare elements. There is a reasons why a full cell car is much more expensive than a BEV.

  • The Shadow Man
    The Shadow Man28 dager siden

    Hé talks about fashion while wearing a shirt that is decades old

  • immerdieserJos
    immerdieserJos28 dager siden

    Well there are actually only 82 Hydrogen Fueling stations😕 not even one per million citizens

    RTSRAZORBACK29 dager siden

    I'm rather looking forward to James May Buys a New Motorlikecommentsubscribe

  • L33tSkE3t
    L33tSkE3t29 dager siden

    I recently had a friend who wanted to get an EV but, didn't want a model S because he said he wanted a more luxurious car than a Tesla and so he leased the Porshe Taycan Turbo and immediately regretted it, not because it wasn't a fast or nice car but, the range comparatively he was getting was only about 200 miles despite being advertised as closer to 300 mi. Also the Porshe or VW Group's Electrify America Charge network only has 500 charging stations total in North America and a total of only 2,200 chargers across America compared to Tesla's Supercharger Network of 1,101 Stations currently in America alone with an average of 9 chargers per station and a Total of 2,564 stations Worldwide, with an available 23,277 superchargers total, that doesn't include the 23,963 "Destination Chargers" Tesla has implemented worldwide at places like hotels, restaurants and shopping centers where a Tesla can plug in to charge over a period of a few hours at the lower rate of 22KW while the driver shops or eats. That also doesn't include third party stations which the Teslas can also use but the Porshe has to pretty much rely on. My friend was so disappointed and rightfully so that he traded the Taycan in for a Panamera. Until more Companies build out bigger charging networks, I don't see how owning any EV other than a Tesla is practical.

  • Hissey1987
    Hissey198729 dager siden

    the important question: how fast is it around the Nürburgring?

  • Donald Kline Media
    Donald Kline Media29 dager siden

    LOL last count is 43 stations in the USA most of them in California where I've, the closest one to me is 80 miles away,

  • Anonymous Guy
    Anonymous Guy29 dager siden

    I wonder if they’re all not gonna have a beard on the next episode

  • Миша Митин
    Миша Митин29 dager siden


  • j k
    j k29 dager siden

    "it's polite" only James May would say that about a car.

  • The Original Chefboyoboy

    The Original Chefboyoboy

    19 dager siden

    Stephen Fry also, perhaps? Richard Ayoade? Julian Barrett?

  • Javier
    Javier29 dager siden

    James FFS how many years has that polo?

  • YesitsKam
    YesitsKam29 dager siden

    the first mistake of buying that car is that its a Toyota

  • Av 4real
    Av 4real29 dager siden

    But I have already motorlikedcommentandsubscribed.

  • sdFdM
    sdFdM29 dager siden

    I really like, how there's smooth Gran Turismo Jazz playing through the whole video. It suits James May's laid back personality somehow.

  • Kiz I
    Kiz I29 dager siden

    ‘Getting rid’ and ‘favourite car’ are incompatible in a sentence.

  • galihxtreme
    galihxtremeMåned siden

    Y'know, energy-wise, you should've put in Mr May's showcase about *Honda FCX Clarity* for a long forgotten car show a while ago...

  • Reiner Anselmo
    Reiner AnselmoMåned siden

    best ending music ever. whats the title?

  • Sith Lord
    Sith LordMåned siden

    Ah the UK. Behind.

  • Cornflakes Packet
    Cornflakes PacketMåned siden

    Thought it was Damon Hill after a night on the sauce.

  • D Hools
    D HoolsMåned siden

    “Just like fashion, our cars have to move on” Says the guy wearing the same shirt from top gear season 3 😂😂

  • Pero3000
    Pero3000Måned siden

    As long as he keeps the Alpine

  • liam
    liamMåned siden

    “like fashion, you have to move on” *has the same shirt since 2006”*

  • The IRS
    The IRSMåned siden

    “Cars are like fashion, you have to move on” - a man wearing the same shirt he has been for the last fifteen years

  • Scammell Jones
    Scammell JonesMåned siden

    May ...you look like Brian May s stunt double .... is he your brother ?? Same surname family resemblance ..... I can see an urban myth starting here

  • Max Power777
    Max Power777Måned siden

    A fugly car that he should never have owned in the first place

  • Andrew Simpson
    Andrew SimpsonMåned siden

    Cars are like fashion and you have to move on. Says a man wearing a shirt he's worn for dozens of years... :-) love you James, never change.

  • Rmdhn
    RmdhnMåned siden

    Now what electric will James buy?

  • Stig Cruise
    Stig CruiseMåned siden

    Ooooo get an hmv freeway lol

  • Ananthu Stalin
    Ananthu StalinMåned siden

    Nobody: My brain: "CHEESE"

  • El Macho Vlogs
    El Macho VlogsMåned siden

    I did it

  • Jaap Cappon
    Jaap CapponMåned siden

    Remember the old days

  • Bonnie Wachira
    Bonnie WachiraMåned siden


  • coldiron
    coldironMåned siden

    2:02 - The Licc

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnonMåned siden

    James: "I'm selling my Toyota because like fashion, cars go out style". Old Top Gear Wardrobe People for James:

  • Tactical Ginger
    Tactical GingerMåned siden

    All three have a beard now... What is this???

  • Joe Cupano
    Joe CupanoMåned siden

    "More brains than gob." So James is opting for "a little less conversation, a little more action" nolocal.info/have/video/jImKgbyFuItox3g

  • qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnon

    Måned siden

    ""cars are a little bit like fashion you HAVE to move on" hypocrite much?..why does he have such messed up views?..this just shows his opinion is not worth taking serious

  • Gold
    GoldMåned siden

    What is the point of a car cover if you’re gonna mindlessly fold it and Chuck it a side picking up dirt that may scratch the car

  • Read My Comment
    Read My CommentMåned siden

    This was inevitable. The infrastructure for electricity already exists in our homes and is very easy to install in carparks etc. Hydrogen is just difficult and complicated to handle.

  • N
    NMåned siden

    So James hasn’t become a farmer like Clarkson and Hammond, interesting. I was starting to think there was a bit in the works.

  • Przemolob1
    Przemolob1Måned siden

    "something more exciting" new fiat panda i guess

  • Pooyan 1920
    Pooyan 1920Måned siden

    Very strange video, in my opinion.

  • Paul Vo
    Paul VoMåned siden

    It's no wonder why James May selling his Toyota Mirai due to not enough hydrogen station in the UK but at least James still got a Tesla Model S P100D to use as it gets to be run on electric which is the best and fastest alternate resources to make a car run forever.

  • Ali Rae
    Ali RaeMåned siden

    I love his Cheshire Cat shirt! 😸❤

  • Thomas Jensen
    Thomas JensenMåned siden

    the toyota is a very european car

  • Venkat Babu
    Venkat BabuMåned siden

    Why cars are extremely dangerous creatures. They accomodate 50% of human life. They burst tyres tubes excavation UTI dust collector license plate huge gas guzzler energy price hike tow charge etc.

  • Justin Belshe
    Justin BelsheMåned siden

    It I had your discretionary budget, and I wanted something exciting, I would seriously consider a kit car... A Caterham 7 with a Hartley or RPE Hayabusa V8; a pair of Subaru EZ36 flat sixes in a Porsche 917 reproduction; an updated Ford GT40 in carbon fiber, with a Coyote engine and modern brakes. Do you want to be excited, or don't you?

  • Justin Belshe

    Justin Belshe

    Måned siden


  • Hunter Gawart
    Hunter GawartMåned siden

    My car is a 1969 Chevy caprice it has 330 hp and I have a 1965 ford galaxy q code

  • eVOL UC
    eVOL UCMåned siden


  • M E
    M EMåned siden

    Wales do want to be part of the UK... it's just that idiot drakedord and plaid cymru stooges who want independence. The lefty cronies don't speak for us all!

  • wood1y
    wood1yMåned siden

    James has had that purple striped jumper since the early seasons from Top Gear. That jumper is older than some of you reading this comment...

  • GEN2-X
    GEN2-XMåned siden

    11 hydrogen stations !!!! Don't have one hydrogen station where I live in the northeast USA.

  • john banks
    john banksMåned siden

    ""cars are a little bit like fashion you HAVE to move on" hypocrite much?..why does he have such messed up views?..this just shows his opinion is not worth taking serious

  • A Michigan Boi Whose Real Lazy

    A Michigan Boi Whose Real Lazy

    Måned siden

    I really really hope this is a joke that’s flying over my head like a space ship.

  • Sam Elliott
    Sam ElliottMåned siden

    Wow, James May looking like he has aged backwards a decade during lockdown. Especially compared to the other two. Well done!

  • NorybDrol82
    NorybDrol82Måned siden

    Is this really James May? Or did Hammond stopping coloring his beard and is now playing a joke selling May's car.

  • Vidit Jain
    Vidit JainMåned siden

    Sad seeing legends grow old

  • Arda
    ArdaMåned siden

    “A car is like fashion you eventually have to move on” Wears the same jumper for 20 years

  • MrTzumpi
    MrTzumpiMåned siden

    get a haircut! get a shave! get a set of clean clothes!

  • Alpaca
    AlpacaMåned siden

    Video: Toyota Mirai Comments about Dacia Sandero Me thinking of his 1.2l Fiat Panda

  • patinka toyota
    patinka toyotaMåned siden

    Oh its be very awesome if the new James car is be dacia! Dacia and these shirt=James May!👍👍🤣

  • Utred Bee
    Utred BeeMåned siden

    It's a shame that James is bailing out of supporting hydrogen cars by selling his - just when global interest in this - the best idea for a green powered vehicle - is finally finding more traction worldwide.