James May gave us a tour of his new pub


You may have heard in recent weeks that James May has bought half a pub. Although it's still having finishing touches added to it ahead of its opening next week, James kindly offered to give us a sneak peek at what's to come.
Sorry in advance for the audio, James was wearing a very scratchy jumper.
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  • Crippled Crew
    Crippled CrewDag siden

    Change the name of the bathroom to Mays study.....

  • Ernest Higginbotham
    Ernest HigginbothamDag siden

    I suggest you refer to them as toilets.

  • Duke Royale
    Duke Royale2 dager siden

    Totally boring

  • Rafał Steć
    Rafał Steć2 dager siden

    Half of a pub in a pandemic is a quarter of the price at that time ;) Isn't it ?

  • Robin Holmes
    Robin Holmes2 dager siden


  • Dry Roasted
    Dry Roasted2 dager siden

    In America, all you'd have to do is emblazon the front with "James May's Royal Oak" and there would be a line around the block, similar to a Chick-Fil-A opening. Just a suggestion. Also, aren't they called W. C.s anymore?

  • Nate Lav
    Nate Lav3 dager siden

    James why did you redecorate this pub to look like a living room and kitchen combo that was turned into a pub

  • Barry Carlisle
    Barry Carlisle3 dager siden

    Wasn't there a sitcom about a british chef filmed there?

  • Thunder Junkie
    Thunder Junkie3 dager siden

    The "loos garden" should be called "The Shateau".

  • C Purchase

    C Purchase

    3 dager siden

    The shiteua

  • Johnny Wildheart
    Johnny Wildheart4 dager siden

    I still love extremely old looking British pubs ! Don't like the white restraunt plant look 😂

  • p 28
    p 284 dager siden

    One very gorgeous place

  • William Klos
    William Klos5 dager siden

    Where is it

  • Horseshoeman Running
    Horseshoeman Running7 dager siden

    How much did the pub cost?

  • S D
    S D7 dager siden

    The loos should be LadiesPrivate Lounge and Gentleman’s Private Lounge

  • Andrew Robens
    Andrew Robens7 dager siden

    James starting to look a bit elderly and that makes me sad

  • Nigel Jones
    Nigel Jones8 dager siden

    Change the sign to Stinky Hole & Dog Bog

  • John F
    John F9 dager siden

    James’ Ferrari will have to be sold because of this money pit.

  • Philip Wood
    Philip Wood11 dager siden


  • Baz
    Baz11 dager siden

    The 'Snug' sounds like death.

  • Scott Benier
    Scott Benier11 dager siden

    'Thunderbox' is the word you are looking for!

  • Mesrop Madzharyan
    Mesrop Madzharyan13 dager siden

    Knowing May everybody would go there

  • Obada Odeh
    Obada Odeh13 dager siden

    Fun fact i'm a big fan of the trio specially james and i flew all the way from california to the UK and i went to the little village of swallowcliff in wiltshire to see james may's pub and i orderd soup and it was delicious, unfortunately i did not see james hopefully in the next time.

  • Motolocouno Bike nut
    Motolocouno Bike nut14 dager siden

    Looks well boring and nondescript 😭

  • DM87™️
    DM87™️15 dager siden

    My Local is called The Royal Oak

  • Mondoblasto0
    Mondoblasto016 dager siden

    3:51 "... And this is the Oak Room, so-called because it's a room, and it's made of oak. Now I suppose you could call it a 'conservatory', but if you do, Chris will assist you in leaving the pub through the window."

    LIMIT CYCLE17 dager siden

    It's funny cuz I was born in Royal Oak. Just not this one.

  • Tom Ranum
    Tom Ranum20 dager siden

    Great interiour! Fix the facade too please. Looks like a very nice and just call the WC a WC.

  • Douglas
    Douglas20 dager siden

    Swallow the Royal what?

  • Brian Hilsden
    Brian Hilsden21 dag siden

    Well done on your purchase James. I hope more people follow in your footsteps and rescue our pubs.

  • Brian Hilsden

    Brian Hilsden

    21 dag siden

    PS. Ban Clarkson

  • Richard Millie
    Richard Millie21 dag siden

    call them restrooms

  • Jeff Beecher
    Jeff Beecher23 dager siden

    how about 'water closet' or 'wash room?'

  • prepare uranus
    prepare uranus24 dager siden

    Poor jimmy broadbent felt so out of place with you guys. He was so excited to meet james. He was just a nervous wreck but he does his best to hide it 🤣

  • Marian Kelly
    Marian Kelly25 dager siden

    Instead of 'Loos Garden' call it: 'The Leaky Cauldron' ⬅️

  • A F
    A F25 dager siden

    Never a bad time to own a pub. Leasing is another matter though. He'll have no ties to a brewer; probably got a great price as it was a distressed asset. Loads of car enthusiasts will go out of their way to go there once they can. I bet he turns a profit in a year or two...None of us could though...Just a shame all the personality is on the outside of the building...

  • jerry Smith
    jerry Smith25 dager siden

    I'd love love love to come here

  • Nick Keene
    Nick Keene26 dager siden

    keep it classy with a american flair. Your bathroom sign should be short, direct and to the point. "

  • TexasTyphoon
    TexasTyphoon28 dager siden

    I'd love to go overseas just to come to your pub

  • TexasTyphoon
    TexasTyphoon28 dager siden

    Thank you Matthew Bird

  • Andy Blobby
    Andy Blobby28 dager siden

    The Dumping Ground

  • Mumu Alpaka
    Mumu Alpaka28 dager siden

    All the best May, looks like a Gentleman's place to hang out.

  • Stuey JabezServices
    Stuey JabezServices28 dager siden

    Who Bought Or Owns The Other Half ?

  • Cody Lietz
    Cody Lietz29 dager siden

    He already owned a pub called the rack and pinion in America

  • Rice Tanzania
    Rice TanzaniaMåned siden

    I would like to visit that pub

  • Rice Tanzania
    Rice TanzaniaMåned siden

    loos means without in dutch (adjective) so a proper name for a space without stress/customers/...

  • Novak Ingood
    Novak IngoodMåned siden

    Interestingly, James is wearing a mask, but the camerawoman and the painter aren't. Shome mishtake, shurely?

  • ThePwaro
    ThePwaroMåned siden

    Will they be serving only slow food?

  • Novitzmann
    NovitzmannMåned siden

    James is that kind of person that could sit down in front of camera and read yellow book and I would watch it witch pleasure.

  • Mollie Wye
    Mollie WyeMåned siden

    What a lovely pub, I would love to go there for a meal

  • Lee Andrews
    Lee AndrewsMåned siden

    Just an idea, for your toilet name how does ‘Emptying Station’ sound? You’re welcome 🤣

  • moremustard
    moremustardMåned siden

    May's Garden?

  • David Wolff
    David WolffMåned siden

    Congratulations James. I'm sure you'll do well.

  • Jeff Olson
    Jeff OlsonMåned siden

    So is it in the red?

  • leon grigson
    leon grigsonMåned siden

    And one more thing. Is your pub going to have a Tesla hook up point?

  • leon grigson
    leon grigsonMåned siden

    James. Just call the loo like the Americans. The John. Or John's garden.

  • Jonathan carter
    Jonathan carterMåned siden

    Extraction parlour?.

  • Nikolai Pelczarski
    Nikolai PelczarskiMåned siden

    gotta visit lol

  • Slackin AintEasy
    Slackin AintEasyMåned siden

  • Daniel Shack
    Daniel ShackMåned siden

    The pub will probably survive if he charges Hammond £20 per G&T.

  • MrSteve280
    MrSteve280Måned siden

    What does Oz Clarke have to say about this?

  • The Dim Reaper
    The Dim ReaperMåned siden

    Will you be pulling the odd pint James?

  • WASnME
    WASnMEMåned siden

    Loos Garden could maybe become Crapper Corner - it has a ring to it!

  • Sean Dempsey
    Sean DempseyMåned siden

    Loos? How about the craper.

  • Paul Atradies
    Paul AtradiesMåned siden

    I guess that's what you do when your career is in tatters, plus I forgot how boring he is, YAWN.

    NIK FORSTERMåned siden

    I’ll run it for you james..🍺🍺🍷🍷🤪🤪😂

  • JR Warner
    JR WarnerMåned siden

    When can get across the pond, James, Ill be heading that way!!!

  • Chuck Williams
    Chuck WilliamsMåned siden

    I clicked on this video because I thought it looked a lot like a pub my aunt used to run. Turns out it’s not.

  • ekibarthenid
    ekibarthenidMåned siden

    Some nice Trompe l'oeil required in and definitely around that place matey Mr May.. are you open to busman's holiday's ??

  • James Bowden
    James BowdenMåned siden

    Wonder who bought the other half??

  • s k
    s kMåned siden

    Loos = shiter 👌

  • marccas10
    marccas10Måned siden

    "Clarkson's office"?

  • marccas10
    marccas10Måned siden

    "La Merd gare"?

  • marccas10
    marccas10Måned siden

    "Brick Outhouse"?

  • marccas10
    marccas10Måned siden

    "Poo Dungeon"?

  • c6gav
    c6gavMåned siden

    The last Marstons pub I want to was a fancy dress night..! And I went as The Stig..! The amount of people who wanted there photo taken was unbelievable..! So I ended up going home early..!

  • Matt 0
    Matt 0Måned siden

    So basically, you bought a country pub and turned it into another wine bar? Well done 😪

  • Tocks
    TocksMåned siden


  • Markolero1
    Markolero1Måned siden

    'Clarkson's suggestions --> ' would be a nice sign

  • Martyn anthony
    Martyn anthonyMåned siden

    Nice pub in a nice setting I will make a visit for sure

  • scenczyk1429
    scenczyk1429Måned siden

    That furniture 🤢

  • MsPerfectly Imperfekt
    MsPerfectly ImperfektMåned siden

    Keep it Simple💋

  • manofweed1
    manofweed1Måned siden

    Guess he bought a pub, not leased a pub. Big difference.

  • Mr Matko
    Mr MatkoMåned siden

    We call them rest rooms in the States ... Not sure why. We also call them Johns ...John's Garden? I love English pubs and I hope they can keep going until I can go back.

  • Jamie Walker
    Jamie WalkerMåned siden

    Ahhh crickey James.... why??? 😭 (Family business pub guy here- one of the busiest in the city I add- and we broke sir)

  • bengis52
    bengis52Måned siden

    How about calling the toilets Hammond and clarkson

  • One Wheel Appeal
    One Wheel AppealMåned siden

    I think you through half your money right down the toilet

  • Chris Plant
    Chris PlantMåned siden

    Would watch an entire season of the three of them arguing over how to run the pub

  • James Vibert
    James VibertMåned siden

    It looks beautiful, better still probably one of the nicest looking pubs so far.

  • Michael Ayling
    Michael AylingMåned siden

    Looks very nice,should do well,pubs tend to be only as goo as the owner.

  • Karman Studio
    Karman StudioMåned siden

    It should be named "The Garden"

  • MCMC watch channel
    MCMC watch channelMåned siden

    instead of Loos I suggest the following alternatives: 'Two pound butter splasher'' or 'Kentucky glue gun' or 'Facebook seat'

  • David Eason
    David EasonMåned siden

    Looks like a residential care home or x ray department in the local hospital inside.

  • goodguyjas
    goodguyjasMåned siden

    Pretentious pub to avoid. What an irritation. Worst than a smarmy Gastro.

  • Have A Knife Day
    Have A Knife DayMåned siden

    Slows garden

  • ac dc
    ac dcMåned siden

    Defo a tax dodge

  • Dr Jon
    Dr JonMåned siden

    Unbelievably rich man buys something that may or may not make money. Fascinating!

  • Dg 27
    Dg 27Måned siden

    only 78 pound a pint ha looks very nice james hope its all ok moden log fire be nice

  • Mali 57
    Mali 57Måned siden

    Pirates Garden

  • werthy penile
    werthy penileMåned siden

    Always admire James ,as a presenter...BUT, i 'may' object, to being thrown out, via the window....Because i mention a conservatory......lol

  • 93raver09
    93raver09Måned siden

    Call the loos "The Royals Throne's"

  • paul Tubero
    paul TuberoMåned siden

    Great business venture that is. covid will keep it closed 🙄