James May builds a bicycle | Part 1


He has recently shown off his bicycle maintenance skills, but now James May is going a step further. With great excitement, he is building a bicycle straight out of the box for our Producer's son. Stay tuned for part 2...
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  • forced into google plus
    forced into google plusDag siden

    liked,commented...off to p.hub now. thnx james.

  • Jeeff
    Jeeff2 dager siden

    I should be sleeping rn but this is important

  • nurzyhand
    nurzyhand11 dager siden

    I see scooter from BMW which is C400GT, interesting..

  • Gaz D Jones
    Gaz D Jones20 dager siden

    You can have £1,99 fer a follow Mr May... @Golf_Alpha_Zulu

  • Hasthabrata Christopher Liatna
    Hasthabrata Christopher Liatna23 dager siden

    why do i feel like 1:09 will be another meme like the cheese meme

  • Felipe Gonçalves
    Felipe Gonçalves26 dager siden

    3:50 Underrated meme

  • Howie Normus
    Howie NormusMåned siden

    Obviously he's having a blast without Jezza hovering over and badgering him for being so slow and accurate. The bike doesn't even appear to be for himself but a nephew or child of a friend.

  • TheBrickGuy7939
    TheBrickGuy7939Måned siden

    They need James' audio instructions on a disc instead of the booklet.

  • Blake Faz
    Blake FazMåned siden

    That's not a garage, that's an underground car park with work benches

  • Zayd Ansari
    Zayd AnsariMåned siden

    Totally agree with James about riding on the pavement and yielding to pedestrians In American Suburbia, footpaths are usually enmity and roads are big and fast so cyclists use the footpaths.

  • Mtb with Jack
    Mtb with JackMåned siden

    When he touched the disk rotor

  • Ben Aton
    Ben AtonMåned siden

    You know how you, Richard, and Jeremy feel about a G-wiz and the owners that accompany them? Like, because you care about cars, and a G-wiz is a terrible car- you then harshly judge the owner? That’s how anyone who cares about bikes feels about this video. 😬

  • Duncan ten Kate
    Duncan ten KateMåned siden

    In the Netherlands you can buy second hands bikes for 30 euro's that still last 5 years.

  • Nathan Archer
    Nathan ArcherMåned siden

    I want to see James build a computer. Like lego but you can do work on it after.

  • brad does mtb 14
    brad does mtb 14Måned siden

    I'm sorry but that's not a great bike

  • James
    JamesMåned siden

    Apparently Jeremy was asked to do this video first and spat at the producer in disgust

  • John Rambo
    John RamboMåned siden


  • Great Western Productions2857
    Great Western Productions2857Måned siden

    This is very interesting but I sometimes wonder “Whatever happened to May’s Bentley T2?”.

  • Just Somecunt
    Just Somecunt2 måneder siden

    I also have a 150 torque wrench actually I have 4 does that also make me a perv or a super perv

  • Andrew Norris
    Andrew Norris2 måneder siden

    A motorbike is a drug, and you get used to the acceleration buzz. End up needing it so often just to feel normal. A cycle is another matter, connects with nature, exercise, simplicity. They never grow old, and mountain biking is pretty involving, you learn lots of skills, satisfying, can push the bike to its limit, unlike a fast motorbike most of the time you are having to hold back or risk your life. On an MTB you can proper razz it. And not worry if you fall off too much or put scratches on it.

  • Andrew Norris
    Andrew Norris2 måneder siden

    Thought he was building one from a bare frame! Maybe building the wheels himself too. And I see him open up a box with a bike almost built for him! I dunno. "Assembling" would have been more accurate. Lazy sod ;) May is May - he is weird but we love him for it ;)

  • Daan-Marijn Theunissen
    Daan-Marijn Theunissen2 måneder siden

    You’ve put the disc on the wrong way round.

  • firebug
    firebug2 måneder siden

    torque wrench for fixings on a bike ????? no.

  • BestMoto Series
    BestMoto Series2 måneder siden

    We germans says "Technical Yoga" 🙌🏼 Perfect James and Crew!!!

  • Nick [Neck]
    Nick [Neck]2 måneder siden

    Imagine being a kid having your bike built by James May.

  • BonkyMC
    BonkyMC2 måneder siden

    Don't touch the disc with your bare hands James!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shilpa Shetty
    Shilpa Shetty2 måneder siden

    "A bicycle, the most exciting thing you can buy." - Sid the man who had worked in BBC and owned a Tesla Model S and multiple supercars!!!

  • H C
    H C2 måneder siden

    So you straighten your back out by working the bicep. Seems like sound advice you were given

  • Mark Taylor
    Mark Taylor2 måneder siden

    I'm pretty sure the disc is on backwards James, note rotation arrow at 1:24

  • Jo He

    Jo He

    2 måneder siden

    thats corect, i wanted to comment it too

  • Tony Dawson
    Tony Dawson2 måneder siden

    I build over 10 bikes for customers every week LOL

  • Putu Rizki Mahardhika
    Putu Rizki Mahardhika2 måneder siden

    Why did the Editor skips the click?

  • Bryn Evans
    Bryn Evans2 måneder siden

    I've just come from sam pilgrim spray painting his suspension which is 2x more expensive than my whole bike to james may adjusting a torque wrench which is 150 pounds

  • KiTT
    KiTT3 måneder siden

    I built my bike in on the street in front of my apartment

  • Generic Channel
    Generic Channel3 måneder siden

    great...loads of new numberplate options for my bikes! Goodbye captain slow...hello 180mph speeding fines!

  • Strategic Thinker
    Strategic Thinker3 måneder siden

    The motorbikes and the Tesla are up front. We know what you ride and drive the most :)

  • IcyCocoWaterTM
    IcyCocoWaterTM3 måneder siden

    he car guy but he build bike ?\

  • Samuel Kim
    Samuel Kim3 måneder siden

    "like, subscribe, and go f*** yourself" gotta be in every outro when a video has james may on it lol

  • Samuel Kim
    Samuel Kim3 måneder siden

    tonight on first gear james secretly simps on a bicycle richard missed his opel kadett and im clearly running away from nothing

  • Douglas Robertson
    Douglas Robertson3 måneder siden

    Where can i get a bike as cool as that ?

  • BugattlVeyron
    BugattlVeyron3 måneder siden

    Advice: No James May was injured while making this video.

  • Keith Skelton
    Keith Skelton3 måneder siden

    As a child For sure the best gift ever ✌🏼👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Marc Humphreys
    Marc Humphreys3 måneder siden

    I've been building bikes for years and still I love this video anyway .

  • Alaina Christine
    Alaina Christine3 måneder siden

    I fell asleep watching this. Now I have to rewatch it until I fall asleep again 💕

  • Sean Cremin
    Sean Cremin3 måneder siden

    I noticed the chicken strips on his motorcycles seem rather wide maybe he should learn to corner his motorcycle

  • cwuzii
    cwuzii3 måneder siden

    How old is the kid? That bike won’t last 6 months if he’s older than 10, mark my words.

  • TaswcmT
    TaswcmT3 måneder siden

    What's next? "James May assembles stuff from IKEA"?

  • Tarun Shome
    Tarun Shome3 måneder siden

    Err - grabs the disc rotor in his fingers, thus contaminating it!

  • Hamdan Ali
    Hamdan Ali3 måneder siden

    6:04 they should. they’re on the road and if they’re using a bike for work, they should have insurance and pay road tax. if a cyclist smacks a car and it’s the cyclist’s fault, the driver of the car can’t do anything for a claim

  • fadzlen kadir
    fadzlen kadir3 måneder siden

    Tune another Renault Aventine....

  • Alex Chastney
    Alex Chastney3 måneder siden

    you shouldn't handle disc brakes without gloves as the oils from your hands will affect the braking

  • Aachen Fan
    Aachen Fan3 måneder siden

    Why didn‘t he put the bike down?

  • Terminus Est
    Terminus Est3 måneder siden

    Probably the most ill-informed question a man can ask 'why do people wear clothing like they're in the TdF etc?'. It probably also indicates a village bumpkin desire to bully anyone different from them. In cycling the clothing works as part of the efficiency of the bike is the answer for all the low-brains out there.

  • paul fullagar
    paul fullagar3 måneder siden

    you do know, that you can lower the bike stand thing as well as raise it so not have the need to reach lol

  • Terry Lawrence
    Terry Lawrence3 måneder siden

    Torque wrenches are for Wankers and Lawyers!

  • gurupharan nadarajan
    gurupharan nadarajan3 måneder siden

    Jesus would probably want to have a word with you 😂😂😂😂😂

  • David Carvalho
    David Carvalho3 måneder siden

    Aaaaaand the rotor is on backwords

  • Gavin Newton
    Gavin Newton3 måneder siden

    Shame that bike stand is set for Clarkson

  • Rob Lucchetti
    Rob Lucchetti3 måneder siden

    2 questions 1) Why is the bike up so high? and 2) why don't you open up the leaves on the table?

  • Morgan Southcott
    Morgan Southcott3 måneder siden

    Did he put the front disc on the wrong way round for its rotation ??

  • John
    John3 måneder siden

    I did what he said and my mum caught me. 🤭

  • quinnatr39
    quinnatr393 måneder siden

    That rotor (disc) is on backwards James. Sorry... @drivetribe

  • Jay M
    Jay M3 måneder siden

    That little thing is 150 ft/lbs? Or in/lbs?

  • Remi Ramos
    Remi Ramos3 måneder siden

    "Crickey, it's the rozzers" That's probably my favorite James May line ever.

  • Toni
    Toni3 måneder siden

    I vote for Clarkson ,Hammond & May to buy a bicycle and try and build them.

  • Tomasz Ferdek
    Tomasz Ferdek3 måneder siden

    I'd love to build my second Kozmo kit car with You ;-)

  • caspar valentine
    caspar valentine3 måneder siden

    is this the new gohkeekol?

  • Harry Ward
    Harry Ward3 måneder siden


  • Diego RS
    Diego RS3 måneder siden


  • Laurens Kamies
    Laurens Kamies3 måneder siden

    He put the brake on backwards

  • Djordje Blaga
    Djordje Blaga3 måneder siden

    So whats the torque spec for these bolts? - "Finger tight with an allen key."

    DEE STIN3 måneder siden

    I think... that disk rotor is on the wrong rotation direction.

  • Randy Terpstra-Carignan
    Randy Terpstra-Carignan3 måneder siden

    A pipe cutter is a better tool than a hacksaw to trim handle bars, it makes a cleaner cut.

  • Eric David
    Eric David3 måneder siden

    Looks like you’ve got a motor cycle shop going there James.

  • Tom Kao
    Tom Kao3 måneder siden

    “Crickey, it’s the RoZzeRs.”

  • Conza
    Conza3 måneder siden

    Well I've liked and commented now James so, cheerio!

  • Craig
    Craig3 måneder siden

    What happened?. I fell asleep.

  • Wicked
    Wicked3 måneder siden

    3:00 i would have lowered the bike down a bit for that process :)))

  • Shorjok
    Shorjok3 måneder siden

    Those handlebars look like they're angled forward insted of up and back.

  • pyrho1
    pyrho13 måneder siden

    James made the cardinal sin of touching the brake rotor with his bare fingers. This transfers oil onto the rotor and reduces brake performance, and also causes squealing.

  • Siwa SM
    Siwa SM3 måneder siden

    Don’t mean this in a mean way but this would be very boring if some else was doing this

  • Stuart Gibson
    Stuart Gibson3 måneder siden

    James, lower the bike stand a bit next time

  • GameOverYeah 4
    GameOverYeah 43 måneder siden

    Can we have a link to where you bought your torque wrench please

  • Bojan Saksida
    Bojan Saksida3 måneder siden

    The brake disc is mounted in the wrong way...you must turn it around

  • TheWeardale1
    TheWeardale13 måneder siden

    he mustn't think much of his son buying that.. :(

  • Matt
    Matt3 måneder siden

    1:24 any bike mechanic will CRINGE at the sight of this. Love these videos though

  • Inigo Navarrete
    Inigo Navarrete3 måneder siden

    What happened to “Act your age, get a car”? 😂😂😂

  • Captain Caveman
    Captain Caveman3 måneder siden

    got 1 thing wrong. you are not supposed to touch the breaking surface of the disk breaks with your fingers

  • Martin Dalton
    Martin Dalton3 måneder siden

    Now I get it! This garage is perfect for bike work! (Sincerely noted.)

  • GTA V Editor Vids
    GTA V Editor Vids3 måneder siden

    Why does James Have such a massive garage ? why does James have so much stuff?

  • Oliver Brookes
    Oliver Brookes3 måneder siden

    It appears James does not yet understand the concept of a dropleaf table, preferring to squeeze all parts, tools (and chocolate bars) onto a third of the potential surface area!

  • Ade C
    Ade C3 måneder siden

    It's virtually pre-built

  • qbantoss
    qbantoss3 måneder siden

    You installed disk rotor wrong direction. There should be an arrow showing correct spinning direction :)

  • EuroCyclingTrips - CMI Pro Cycling
    EuroCyclingTrips - CMI Pro Cycling3 måneder siden

    Please DON'T cut the stem with a hacksaw... The steerer tube maybe, but not the stem. Poor Director's kid will end up toothless.

  • H.J. Peters.
    H.J. Peters.3 måneder siden

    I came across this video after searching bike building, having been struck by a car I've decided to fix it myself. this was very entertaining. 😂

  • Kieran Martin
    Kieran Martin3 måneder siden

    Imagine letting James may build your sons bike

  • Joseph Emmanuel Bernarte
    Joseph Emmanuel Bernarte3 måneder siden

    but jeremy clarkson hate cyclists.am i correct? haha!

  • Mike Ormond
    Mike Ormond3 måneder siden

    You got 2 fireblades and 2 porches....are they all yours James?

  • Harvey Post
    Harvey Post3 måneder siden

    Anyone buikd a bicycle build a better mouse trap.

  • allen schmitz
    allen schmitz3 måneder siden

    You dont have to have the bike stand that high..your not 'Lemmy' of Motor Head.

  • bertjesklotepino
    bertjesklotepino3 måneder siden

    The tiny tightening torque table to torque that tiny thing to tiny torques that the tiny tightening torque table ....... cant find an ending, ha