IT'S FINISHED! - James May builds a bicycle | Part 4


The bicycle saga comes to a close! James May has built this bicycle straight out of the box and in this finale, he takes to the saddle to try the finished product.
Watch the behind the scenes here:
James forgot to finish the brake adjustment on the bike, he might delve into that in a future video!
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  • Katsas13
    Katsas139 dager siden

    The three of you should do an e-bike board-tracker build and go racing around a velodrome.

  • Kenny Cameron
    Kenny Cameron29 dager siden

    That’s beautiful man

  • Rich Morris
    Rich MorrisMåned siden

    James.... build a decent bike. No modern bike has front mech. Get a Sram or Shimano with a 50 tooth cog and where is your dropper

  • Rich Morris
    Rich MorrisMåned siden

    James.... build a at least a decent bike. No modern bike has front mech. Get a Sram or Shimano with a 50 tooth cog and where is your dropper

    HI PEOPLEMåned siden


  • Dave Francis Jarrett
    Dave Francis JarrettMåned siden

    (Coughs) "Covid!"...... :) & I echo James's parting comment to young Charlie.... :)

  • Ricky Orta
    Ricky OrtaMåned siden

    What could be more wholesome than James May proudly and joyfully riding a bicycle he just assembled?

  • Rajeeb Barma
    Rajeeb BarmaMåned siden


  • Rameish Siva
    Rameish SivaMåned siden

    Sorry James this isn’t building a bike. This is just final assembly and tweaking a bike. But i enjoyed the fact that this partial assembly took four parts...😂 excellent

  • Steven D
    Steven DMåned siden

    So James has built an old fashioned 20th century hardtail mountain bike. Perhaps he could next try building a modern 21st century full suspension XC bike with 1 front gear and 12 rear (1x12), hydraulic brakes, tubeless tyres ... and aim to keep the entire bike under 11kg.

  • xaraxen
    xaraxenMåned siden

    There should be a new series: "James May's Cool Tool Tales"

  • Hubert Tubbs
    Hubert TubbsMåned siden


  • Enzo Garcia
    Enzo Garcia2 måneder siden

    This series should be in Netflix.

  • Vort
    Vort2 måneder siden

    Bim at it again.

  • chokeeweebee
    chokeeweebee2 måneder siden

    Is that Dr House's bike at the background there?

  • Mukundan.P 32
    Mukundan.P 322 måneder siden

    moral of the story get a normal cycle than a geared one

    THE WORD ARTIST2 måneder siden


  • Paganiproductions
    Paganiproductions2 måneder siden

    In the next video james may hoons that mountainbike

  • Johanna Morgan
    Johanna Morgan2 måneder siden

    Somehow, it is so delightfully reassuring to watch May assemble something whilst narrating.

  • Doctors n Politicians are Frauds
    Doctors n Politicians are Frauds2 måneder siden

    You need to clean up your garage, grab a broom or something. 😁

  • Santa Six
    Santa Six2 måneder siden

    'But now we must find out, how fast it goes around our track.

  • Bryn Evans
    Bryn Evans2 måneder siden

    You dont need the tires that hard

  • Миша Митин
    Миша Митин3 måneder siden


  • danmar007
    danmar0073 måneder siden

    "Bim, guess what..." "There are few people on this planet that I want to watch everything they do."

  • Pickle Supply Company Yep!
    Pickle Supply Company Yep!3 måneder siden

    James may is one of the coolest nerds on the planet.

  • todd richards
    todd richards3 måneder siden

    James may assembles a bike and then tinkers with it

  • Garrett Gourley
    Garrett Gourley3 måneder siden

    Where do I get that shirt

  • Jacob Perkins
    Jacob Perkins3 måneder siden

    Now let's watch me build a bike in 5 minutes

    POOLE REVIEWS3 måneder siden

    Imagine your garage was big enough/tidy enough l to ride a bike around in it.

  • Silver Back
    Silver Back3 måneder siden

    You should change the title to: A multi millionaire makes a bike without hydraulic brakes for someone he knows

  • TomSucksAt Finance
    TomSucksAt Finance3 måneder siden

    May got covid 😳

  • Eddie Meduza
    Eddie Meduza3 måneder siden

    Is that May's garage? Are those motorcycles and vehicles all his?

  • Adam Lapsley
    Adam Lapsley3 måneder siden

    Front Mecs don’t work that well end way

  • Diggnuts
    Diggnuts3 måneder siden

    What? No safety nazi's yelling he should wear a laminated styrofoam cup on his head?

  • MyEconomics101
    MyEconomics1013 måneder siden

    looks too small. bad ergonomics/bad bike fit.

  • quinnatr39
    quinnatr393 måneder siden

    Front brake rotor is still on backwards...

  • Tom Kearley
    Tom Kearley3 måneder siden

    I like his t-shirt

  • azmat rehman
    azmat rehman3 måneder siden

    Like, comment, subscribe.

  • Mike UK
    Mike UK3 måneder siden

    Pretty decent size garage...

  • Thomas Amos
    Thomas Amos3 måneder siden

    Should be a 1 x drivetrain..

  • Dan Pratt
    Dan Pratt3 måneder siden

    I don’t understand how it’s taken so long to put together a fairly standard bike 🙃

  • Michael Shawn
    Michael Shawn3 måneder siden

    Bim your the man !!

  • Comprezzed
    Comprezzed3 måneder siden

    Frame is too small for you

  • BugattlVeyron
    BugattlVeyron3 måneder siden

    It took him two months to complete the bike. ...too fast was my feeling.

  • ray77
    ray773 måneder siden

    I brought a mountain bike recently, not had one since i was a kid . Never built one before but figured it can't be that hard. Took me about half an hr to put it together. James may = 4 part series !

  • cuda70gt
    cuda70gt3 måneder siden


  • Rick w
    Rick w3 måneder siden


  • Carl Ranger
    Carl Ranger3 måneder siden

    Hey James, I've just rebuilt a 1937 Raleigh all steel bicycle. Looks a whole lot more comfortable than yours.

  • crusty bleach
    crusty bleach3 måneder siden

    You must hate your kid to give them a totem lol

  • cameron Bidiix
    cameron Bidiix3 måneder siden

    James May shreds Red Bull Rampage

  • Sami Khamis
    Sami Khamis3 måneder siden

    Like comment subscribe...

  • Sisi Kiteou
    Sisi Kiteou3 måneder siden

    james May bike videos are so entertaining - MORE (please)

  • NottsKing Co
    NottsKing Co3 måneder siden

    Is that his London home?

  • Kirbhie Rubion
    Kirbhie Rubion3 måneder siden

    im not gonna be surprised if i see one of jeremy clarkson's cars going over james may's bicycle

  • TheWeardale1
    TheWeardale13 måneder siden

    i hope he doesn't actually want ride off road with that shed as it'll fall to pieces haha

  • tone34
    tone343 måneder siden

    Ahh.. no offence but couldn't you have bought a better bike?

  • Jameson Pace
    Jameson Pace3 måneder siden

    O fer cry-zakes, ya hadda make that tiny bit of video-twaddle a stand alone piece? Yuh just could not tack it on to Part III...? O- Pah.

  • Floris Kuipers
    Floris Kuipers3 måneder siden

    Shouldn't it have lights? Here in the Netherlands they're mandatory (either way you have to be pretty suicidal to go into traffic in the dark without lights, you become nearly impossible to see).

  • Mike Fleming
    Mike Fleming3 måneder siden

    James May assembles a bike, poorly.

  • Zakashi 420
    Zakashi 4203 måneder siden

    Was that a Mondeo st200?

  • Mikethebrick
    Mikethebrick3 måneder siden

    This inspired me to create my own bike build video.

  • jujitsujew23
    jujitsujew233 måneder siden

    This video is great because you get to see all the cars in James garage

  • Jimb0b1111
    Jimb0b11113 måneder siden

    The lad was 10 when he started,he's now 35.

  • Ice Bear G
    Ice Bear G3 måneder siden

    Yes finally

  • leon Sutton
    leon Sutton3 måneder siden

    Erm you need to index the gears correctly and set your limit screws correctly. Viewers if you want how to build and set a bike up go to GCN or follow durian Rider !

  • Jamie Hogan
    Jamie Hogan3 måneder siden

    Not for nothing,but I spy a 2000's Moto Guzzi V-11

  • Mark
    Mark3 måneder siden

    Cough....'covid' 🤣

  • John Moruzzi
    John Moruzzi3 måneder siden

    Sidestand looks great down, terrible up !

  • Subah Hubah
    Subah Hubah3 måneder siden

    oi drivetrube make hammock, jams and clarkson react to bot om gea

  • Fat Munch
    Fat Munch3 måneder siden

    That bike looks a bit fast someone tell James to be careful around hills

  • Aaron Arshad
    Aaron Arshad3 måneder siden

    I can imagine James cycling away and shouting "Like, Comment, Suscribe".

  • Tim P
    Tim P3 måneder siden

    Front disc rotor is still on the wrong way around 🙈

  • Rule 1 Model Railways
    Rule 1 Model Railways3 måneder siden

    Nice Halfords pump...

  • L S
    L S3 måneder siden

    Wish he would make some more videos with Oz. Those ones in California wine country were so fun to watch - seems like a lifetime ago.

  • Haitchpeasauce
    Haitchpeasauce3 måneder siden

    Love your Honda bikes, James.

  • Distorted Vision
    Distorted Vision3 måneder siden

    I want to see James May build a bike starting with just the frame.

  • Sammy Terranova
    Sammy Terranova3 måneder siden

    In the beginning I thought your videos were cute. How about you go volunteer at a food pantry , soup kitchen or do something to help those less fortunate then yourself. Enough already with this drivel. Go make a real difference in the world. Build a bike for some poor kid whose parents cant afford. Open up your pub to frontline workers or serve food to the homeless.

  • pw510577w
    pw510577w3 måneder siden

    And this demonstrates the importance of a test ride, to check for faults post assembly.

  • Coen Czysz
    Coen Czysz3 måneder siden

    he needs to build a motorcycle

  • Thomas Emmett
    Thomas Emmett3 måneder siden

    What's going on with the Mondeo? I'd quite like to buy it!

  • Skidmark Comedy
    Skidmark Comedy3 måneder siden

    Haha you pedantic fool James that was the best clip! All that time you spent to f*ck up. Hope Clarkson & Hammond were watching! The laughing Hyenas 😜😂

  • anarchyreins
    anarchyreins3 måneder siden

    The pandemic is faked

  • Djmill
    Djmill3 måneder siden

    Highly Qualified, Easy Speakin' Immunology Professor tells you why you are afraid of Covid and (more importantly) why you shouldn't be...

  • Rhys Clark
    Rhys Clark3 måneder siden

    you can literally hear the brake pad rubbing the wheel even when he isnt braking

  • NotProperPython
    NotProperPython3 måneder siden

    Was I the one thinking that the bike was broken the whole time due to the cracking noises but ended up realising that he was just changing gears?

  • DADventureTV
    DADventureTV3 måneder siden

    Now send it James!!!!

  • Йл 11
    Йл 113 måneder siden

    Жалко что не на русском. Куда делись все переводчики !?(( Спасибо Джеймс за видосики

  • Jordan Melton
    Jordan Melton3 måneder siden

    We wanna see James and motorbikes

  • Harkeill
    Harkeill3 måneder siden

    I think feeling the tyre with your fingers when you pump it up takes us all back to our childhood, when all we had was those cheap $10 K-Mart pumps and that habit will stay with us all our lives.

  • geogamer86
    geogamer863 måneder siden

    TONIGHT... James discovers that front derailleurs are always annoying to work on!

  • Mac Edmunds
    Mac Edmunds3 måneder siden

    Can we have a garage tour

  • Kevin
    Kevin3 måneder siden

    Charlie’s probably too old for it now.

  • theiviaster2
    theiviaster23 måneder siden

    well done!

  • Roel
    Roel3 måneder siden

    does somebody know which car is under the white blanket?

  • mav
    mav3 måneder siden

    James May for PM !

  • Gustav Bates
    Gustav Bates3 måneder siden

    I really like the tempo...

  • Trilochan velmurugan
    Trilochan velmurugan3 måneder siden

    Next james may We have Bicycle vs *complete silence* *BICYCLE*

  • Broken Dreams
    Broken Dreams3 måneder siden

    Now can i have it ?

  • golfgtioz
    golfgtioz3 måneder siden

    I hope you’ve fixed those brakes properly, in the last video they looked to be dragging a touch. It would be like riding around dragging a dead dog with the brakes stuck on that much ! Come on May get it right 👍

  • Carl DGreat
    Carl DGreat3 måneder siden

    *coughs* James: Covid