How far can you ride an electric Harley Davidson before sunset?


Motorcycles are fantastic machines for grand touring, but what happens when you replace the internal combustion engine with an electric powertrain? Tim - starting in the south of England - has set himself the challenge of travelling as far as he possibly can before the sun sets using a Harley Davidson Livewire, the brand's first electric motorcycle. This is what went down...
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  • Tim Rodie Rides Motorbikes
    Tim Rodie Rides Motorbikes10 dager siden

    Hey everyone! Thanks for the kind comments. I'm doing bike reviews on there 'ere channel (from which I'm commenting), and I do loooads of DriveTribey car reviews on Tim Rodie Drives Stuff. Come join in the amateurish nonsense.

  • Sweaty left testi

    Sweaty left testi

    Dag siden

    @Si Raff yeah 4 hours if you go 71 flat out, and in the UK you wont get away with that. Ridiculous but true. Even the motorways have been changed to 50mph for miles in the west country 😭

  • Si Raff

    Si Raff

    8 dager siden

    Only thing bad was you showed me pork pie eating when I haven't got one. Otherwise top marks. 287 miles in a day though? Thats probably about 4 hours on a petrol bike.

  • Tim Rodie Rides Motorbikes

    Tim Rodie Rides Motorbikes

    8 dager siden

    @Richard Ingram Thanks babes

  • Lam Raliang

    Lam Raliang

    8 dager siden

    You're an awesome presenter 👍🏼

  • IA Aljabary

    IA Aljabary

    8 dager siden

    Awesome video. 👌

  • Anthony Jarvis
    Anthony Jarvis23 timer siden

    I know that other presenters exist and there is nothing wrong with this guy but when Drivetribe has the 3 biggest car content presenters 'in the world' im always left thinking, why arent you presenting the content on your own channel??????

  • TheKaiTetley
    TheKaiTetleyDag siden

    😱 A What? Electric? Blasphemy!

  • Anvi. A
    Anvi. ADag siden

    Budget Does Not Exceed 73 ¥

  • V
    VDag siden

    Thank you guys for this!

  • kiewanface
    kiewanface2 dager siden

    I couldn't tell is this was Foodtrive or Drivetribe. Now I'm hungry.

  • Steve Giles
    Steve Giles2 dager siden

    Nope where the sound at?

  • 3ducs
    3ducs2 dager siden

    A two wheeled Hovaround.

  • 3ducs
    3ducs2 dager siden

    My ex-wife's vibrators made more noise that that thing.

  • 3ducs
    3ducs2 dager siden

    Does this factor in the size of the boombox needed to make all the noise? That's gotta be a big draw on the batteries.

  • Chris Barth
    Chris Barth2 dager siden

    Thats got to be dangerous driving a motorcycle with no noise.

  • Christian
    Christian3 dager siden

    An electric Harley is not worthy of having the Harley name. 85% of what makes a Harley great, is the sound.

  • Matthew Burg
    Matthew Burg3 dager siden

    this was a joy to watch!

  • Nekminute
    Nekminute3 dager siden

    The lack of range and infrastructure really put me off, stickin to gasolina till then

  • Gaius
    Gaius3 dager siden

    This is great! Just like my road trips, eating all the local "foods" and riding a bit.

  • mocioclistu
    mocioclistu3 dager siden

    How did you managed to make a motorcycle clip this mind numbing boring?!

  • Toms' Creative Selepe
    Toms' Creative Selepe3 dager siden

    The Harley and Rivian trucks did well on Long Way Up. They did have to charge by Diesel generators cos of low output household outlets. Also, do yal really not wear masks in crowded spaces in public? Here S.Africa it has become so normal I cringe a bit seeing your citizens walking around unmasked in a town centre 🙈

  • Carlo Singh
    Carlo Singh4 dager siden

    Nice bike, but there is just one thing missing from that that bike: Noise. A bike always needs to be heard in a tunnel.

  • DocWolph
    DocWolph5 dager siden

    So you can make a day trip of it. Its just not convenient, unless you actually have somewhere to be. But if you are tourist, its hardly an imposition at all.

  • magicsammy
    magicsammy5 dager siden

    Great segment! Plan ahead, drive to food and charge, then drive home.

  • Vince Bagusauskas
    Vince Bagusauskas5 dager siden

    That classic Harley sound that OMGs love. A sale winner.

  • teknikal6969
    teknikal69695 dager siden

    Didn't even know long way up existed until I just watched this. I'm definitely interested in watching it now.

  • Tony Cruickshank
    Tony Cruickshank5 dager siden

    What helmet camera was that? I'm looking for one, and am paralysed by choice.

  • Chris Wallace
    Chris Wallace5 dager siden

    Can you imagine going to 3 or 4 fuel stations every time you needed petrol or diesel. The charging grid need to improve massively for electric vechicles.

  • b sa
    b sa5 dager siden

    irritaiting tuuat- but that was not enough- salad cream with a pork pie! pantene, you need hair

  • Daniel Schmidt
    Daniel Schmidt5 dager siden

    This electric bike with it's low battery range seems to be more suitable for the foodtribe channel, you will be more eating than driving...

  • Sam Gordon
    Sam Gordon5 dager siden

    He was doing more eating than riding 😂

  • MACurtis
    MACurtis5 dager siden

    Odd not hearing the rumble of an engine

  • Ziad Joumaa
    Ziad Joumaa6 dager siden

    Eat, enjoy food. Don’t take a bite out of something and throw it out. It’s food

  • Jacob Rasmussen
    Jacob Rasmussen6 dager siden

    Fantastic video, more of this type!!!! Also more on the electric hardly davidson

  • Paddle Shift
    Paddle Shift6 dager siden

    This is so dowl, dowl dowl, I want to be a lion tamer

  • Dan Murphy
    Dan Murphy7 dager siden

    Dull an dumb..learned nowt apart from tired pie jokes..yawn

  • Canadian Rocketboy
    Canadian Rocketboy7 dager siden

    I'm confused... DRIVETRIBE posted a FOODTRIBE video!?! (well there's no car content, and lots of food reviews, so... )

  • dirt boi dom
    dirt boi dom7 dager siden

    This is still better than new top gear

  • tg1
    tg17 dager siden

    Nice job and entertaining but every time I wanted to hear how the bike sounded, you cue up the music loud over the electric motor noise.

  • Ian Mangham
    Ian Mangham7 dager siden

    Holy snowflakes batman

  • KracOmi Music
    KracOmi Music7 dager siden

    Man the drivetribe community is so amazing it should be illegal

  • Edoardo Migliavacca
    Edoardo Migliavacca7 dager siden

  • Simon Portlock
    Simon Portlock7 dager siden

    Salad cream works with everything, including mint Aero...FACT!

  • alliwantedwasapepsi
    alliwantedwasapepsi7 dager siden

    I'd pick the burrito over the Livewire every time.

  • Cheng Zhang
    Cheng Zhang7 dager siden

    More contents about motorcycle please!!!!!!!!!!¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  • Saturnas Trisdesimseptini
    Saturnas Trisdesimseptini7 dager siden

    Nice video, thanks. What actually scares me is how silent the bike is. Cars already ignore bikers and it's a dangerous life, but if we remove the sound (one of the only things capable to attract attention), it starts to be really scary. At least for me.

  • Allan W.P
    Allan W.P8 dager siden

    NO, NOT YET, REALLY?....So i got your attention, i'd hope......this electric bike seems fine for sure, what does that bike cost? How did it feel? Real world problems other than charging points? These interest me. Look forward to your feedback.

  • Bogdan Markovic
    Bogdan Markovic8 dager siden

    Loved this video, but what about that soundtrack at the end? It blew my mind! What is it?

  • Pimped Mobility Project
    Pimped Mobility Project8 dager siden

    Salad cream goes with everything

  • Guy Parham
    Guy Parham8 dager siden

    Also you doing is eating than ridding bike

  • Dave Walsh
    Dave Walsh8 dager siden

    How was the bike?

  • anthony porter
    anthony porter8 dager siden

    Thought this was about the bike not food

  • David Cox-rogers
    David Cox-rogers8 dager siden

    What was the total cost of the journey ?

  • Finlay Bullough
    Finlay Bullough8 dager siden

    Enjoyed this far more than I thought I was going too. It’s like a budget grand tour special

  • mr Fairsthename7
    mr Fairsthename78 dager siden

    Is it supposed to be added culture or something the food thing ? , I clicked to hear about Bikes .

  • felipe367
    felipe3678 dager siden

    There are more dismal industrial estates in Patagonia than in Manchester...typical southerner that thinks anything north of North London is akin to the Outer Hebrides...

  • CPT Ivanitchyanus
    CPT Ivanitchyanus8 dager siden

    Wholly impractical range for anything but short range commuting. You’re not really enjoying a bike ride or scenery, you are more accurately managing the transport of an inadequate battery system from one charge station to another. And unless you have lots of spare time to stay with your bike while it’s charging, or it’s in a dead safe area, then the charging process will end up dominating your day. Long way up barely got 70 miles in the cold too. No thanks. HD, come back to us when you’ve got a bike that has comparable range and refuel time to an ICE bike. Say 300 km and a 10 minute charge. As it is IMHO this bike is an expensive joke for virtue signallers.

  • Alex Norris
    Alex Norris8 dager siden

    Like for the sound guy! :'-D

  • Daryl Nicklen
    Daryl Nicklen8 dager siden

    All those broken chargers does not make me even contemplate an electric bike. I fuel my Indian and ride away and eat when I'm hungry not while I wait 45 minute per refuel NOTE : Range was not mentioned for people outside of UK we have no concept of distance between your recharges. One would think this was left out on purpose for some reason. As range anxiety on electric vehicles is always a problem. Especially bikes that are weight constrained. Strange I would think Harley Davidson didn't want it mentioned. NO Drivetribe would never bow to such outside influence or would they.

  • GingerPiston
    GingerPiston8 dager siden

    287 miles. Oh dear. How long were you actually riding for, how long did you spend trying to find a working charger, and how long did you spend charging?

  • Vince W
    Vince W8 dager siden

    Eye opener, how can people go electric if your infrastructure is so far behind

  • Andrean Rakka
    Andrean Rakka8 dager siden

    I like this guy.

  • HJ Shoon
    HJ Shoon8 dager siden

    What’s the total distance travelled and what’s the avg distance per charge for this journey?

  • Stu Trotter
    Stu Trotter8 dager siden

    Great video guys. I would like to know how much regenerative braking supplemented the pre departure range. Constant speed, like a dual carriageway, is the electric vehicles nemesis, virtually no regen. At night the range has to be compromised by lighting too. One last thing, these Electric Hogs are freaking xpnsv.

  • Helga Schneider
    Helga Schneider8 dager siden

    Boring! It's not a Harley if the engine doesn't roar.

  • Cipher160
    Cipher1608 dager siden

    Fitting you went to York since the bike was also made in York.

  • knytrydr73
    knytrydr738 dager siden

    I rode one of these a few months back and it was a lot of fun. IMO it needs two things tp make it better. 1st, they need to make it available in cruiser style like the softail. 2nd, It needs sound effects. I'm thinking it should sound like the speeder bikes from Star Wars (it almost does anyway), or a TIE fighter! LOL. Some folks have enough difficulty seeing us motorcyclists as it is, making us silent could just make it worse.

  • Jamie Jukes
    Jamie Jukes8 dager siden

    I like the concept but I dont like the thought of leaving my motorcycle to charge and them coming back to find it nicked. If thieves want something, there is no equipment thatll stop them from getting it

  • Auspishos Skverill
    Auspishos Skverill8 dager siden

    1- How far would a petrol bike reach for the same time? vs. 2- What were your charging costs? and 3- how much does it cost to buy one? I mean come on so-called "drive tribe"! we all know that electric bikes work, there are literally hundreds of channels showing this for EVs and bikes - you need to be a bit more useful in your videos.

  • Clay Bearman
    Clay Bearman8 dager siden

    Where's James? Was that motorcycle VLOG audio dubbed?

  • BG Hoody
    BG Hoody8 dager siden

    Ah yes, to become an owner of an EV because there isn't enough anxiety in life already, add on that of always worrying about finding a charging spot before you're left on the side of the road. I can guarantee Ewan McGregor didn't have this worry as he undoubtedly had an off camera support vehicle equipped with a diesel powered portable charging point.

  • altypeRR
    altypeRR8 dager siden

    It’s ironic really that harleys best looking bike is electric.

  • Tim Rodie Drives Stuff

    Tim Rodie Drives Stuff

    8 dager siden

    And best riding…

  • Reynaldo Dumalos Santos Jr.
    Reynaldo Dumalos Santos Jr.8 dager siden

    That was great. Thanks! More rides and pork pies!

  • Nasty business.
    Nasty business.8 dager siden

    Who wants an electric Harley ffs..

  • Phil Tucker
    Phil Tucker8 dager siden

    What a beautiful bike! (And sooo quiet!) I hope all the bikers in my area buy one in the next ten years! 👍🇬🇧

  • Armchair Racer
    Armchair Racer8 dager siden

    The guy in the striped shirt at the pub and the sound guy on the crew both look like 50 year old preteens

  • as
    as8 dager siden

    looks so bad when a fat middle aged guy tries to look young. less heinz would be better. that gut....

  • Tim Rodie Drives Stuff

    Tim Rodie Drives Stuff

    8 dager siden

    Cool thanks

  • Grant Bierlmeier
    Grant Bierlmeier8 dager siden

    How far can you drive a sportster?

  • Dan Burks
    Dan Burks8 dager siden

    6 ads and 3 commercial breaks in an 11 minute film. Mostly a film of a mouth breather stuffing his face with meat pies. Also about 20 seconds total of footage of the bike. 👎

  • Adam Simper
    Adam Simper8 dager siden

    That poor pork pie didn’t see that coming...

  • Nemesis
    Nemesis8 dager siden

    Electric and Harley Davidson said no one ever in one sentence...

  • Douglas Cooper
    Douglas Cooper8 dager siden

    Do you require any amendments to your licenses

  • Mladen Milić
    Mladen Milić8 dager siden

    Why not plug into the pub? Pubs should give free charges.

  • John Ooyen
    John Ooyen8 dager siden

    literally the bike no Harley rider would ever want, less popular than their attempt at water cooling even

  • Anthony Perkins
    Anthony Perkins8 dager siden

    That was a real anticlimax. Just as you head off at the start on the bike, the music starts- the bike has zero soul. I ride a Sportster in crazy city traffic in Phnom Penh, but with the music of a proper engine. Add on the dearth of charging stations, and the wait time, I just can’t see this taking off just yet. For me electric vehicles need interchangeable batteries that are as easy as 123 to pull up, change, ride off. The charging station recharges empty batteries for the next customer, etc. Still, making your own music, meh.. :)

  • Sam Bowmer
    Sam Bowmer8 dager siden

    You'd definitely want to keep your finger ready on the horn whenever you're in traffic. General traffic is bad enough at noticing noisy motorcycles let alone silent ones.

  • Daniel Wang
    Daniel Wang8 dager siden

    Eating British cuisine with 99% carb, talking to the crew on camera, this guy is a true disciple of James May

  • Ryzza5
    Ryzza58 dager siden

    This video was a waste of time. I'm not subscribed to food tribe for a reason.

  • Shane Bradman
    Shane Bradman8 dager siden

    No wonder the English are always unhappy if this is the food they have there.

  • KLR-Zoomie
    KLR-Zoomie8 dager siden

    A very expensive commuter vehicle. I guess if I won the lottery...

  • Riley Mundt
    Riley Mundt9 dager siden

    Now for something completely different... Yet very familiar. This reminds me of Clarkson's drive across the south of England to beat the sunrise. I welcome this quite a lot.

  • Ben Halligan
    Ben Halligan9 dager siden

    Big Clarkson vibes from this guy. Well done!

  • onebladeprop
    onebladeprop9 dager siden

    But where is the oil going to leak from?

  • Freddo Flintstono
    Freddo Flintstono9 dager siden

    That's never going to sell to Harley owners - they want/need the noise.

  • Neck
    Neck9 dager siden

    really like this new presenter

  • RICH M
    RICH M9 dager siden

    Is there no pandemic in the UK anymore? Not seeing any masks.

  • Chris 1492
    Chris 14929 dager siden

    I'm not remotely interested in buying an electric bike untill recharging becomes as quick as filling up with petrol.

  • Ahmet Sokullu
    Ahmet Sokullu9 dager siden

    Food menu is better than the bike. May be this episode should be in Foodtribe. Very enjoyable to watch, thank you.

  • Mr T
    Mr T9 dager siden

    ...Or I could hop on my GSA and ride 287 miles non-stop and still have 100-150 miles left in the tank.

  • Tim Rodie Drives Stuff

    Tim Rodie Drives Stuff

    8 dager siden

    But you'd still have a GS ;)

  • L2HfT
    L2HfT9 dager siden

    Just get over the charging already. You are also charging your phone even multiple times per day. You can charge this bike nicely at home, have some breaks on the way, just relax.

  • Scott Andersen
    Scott Andersen9 dager siden

    How was the bike?

  • Wayne Wayne
    Wayne Wayne9 dager siden

    Thats the First Harley since the first series that I Like. I mean the real old ones and this. The others are for fat old bald Guys. With leather Vests.

  • Darren Mcphillips
    Darren Mcphillips9 dager siden

    Electric bikes really I will never never Be Into that absolutely wrong on so many levels never 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • Insiainutorr T
    Insiainutorr T9 dager siden