Jeremy Clarkson's, Richard Hammond's and James May's home of epic motoring and pulse-racing adventure.

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  • Simon Hodgetts
    Simon HodgettsTime siden

    Rose wine? Really?

  • Alex Brandon Caniceiro
    Alex Brandon CaniceiroTime siden

    Fascinating to see all these effort into an experiment!

  • Ebrahim Peer
    Ebrahim PeerTime siden

    Like ❤️ because Jeremy said so

  • MarkoRollo
    MarkoRollo2 timer siden

    Milk first? Sack him.

  • Jay Bevoman
    Jay Bevoman2 timer siden

    Imagine we seen clarkson having a pint outside a pub... We'd all wanna thank him for the memories but be too scared to go say it incase he told us to f**k off 😂😂😂

  • Kyle Murray
    Kyle Murray2 timer siden

    Love the channel, you could of found a better presenter though guys a bit of a shmuck.

  • Stiofán M
    Stiofán M2 timer siden

    Isn't she gorgeous

    CarsAddiction.com2 timer siden

    "I'm 60, I can drive petrol cars till I die" 👍

  • Aniket Wagh
    Aniket Wagh2 timer siden

    "I prefer pink floyd to stormzy" - Jezza

  • Noah Parnaby
    Noah Parnaby2 timer siden

    2:40 how sebs just stood there 😂

  • Stiofán M
    Stiofán M2 timer siden

    How old is this?

  • Rob Anon
    Rob Anon2 timer siden

    F1 is dead.

  • Johnson Rocson
    Johnson Rocson2 timer siden

    this man is a HUGE fan of vehicles that have a lifespan shorter than a mosquito 🤔🤔

  • Anthony Everett
    Anthony Everett3 timer siden

    What would you say about the 1970 volvo?

  • minkey mankey
    minkey mankey3 timer siden

    Love Clarkson

  • Adam Lukoschek
    Adam Lukoschek3 timer siden

    Couldn’t be any more right 🤙

  • 327iroc
    327iroc3 timer siden

    Pure, honest answers, thats why i like and respect Clarkson

  • derek blake
    derek blake3 timer siden

    Jeremy is 100% right, it’s become VERY boring.

  • Norbert Calenborn
    Norbert Calenborn3 timer siden

    Oh c'mon Jeremy, stop fooling around: you ARE a farmer now, and it seems you're not bothered at all to be a "Grand Tour"-Presenter anymore! If not, you simply came to the corona-solution and produced a weekly Reincarnation of the "Top-Gear-News" or "Conversation-Street" with May and Hammond. Be honest: that'll be EASY to produce under the pandemic-restrictions AND keep the Fans bound to the whole Thing! But: when May and Hammond were able to produce their own shows and were busy, you just cared 'bout the farm. That IS definitly okay, but don't try to fool the rest of the world!

  • Anthony Everett
    Anthony Everett3 timer siden

    Yes I did like it! Maybe you could find some British cars of the fiftys, and travel right down Europe and to the south of Morocco with James and Hammond in the cars to, would that be a great programme or film?

  • Ryan Ritchings
    Ryan Ritchings3 timer siden

    3k now worth 100k+

  • октоьееr 77
    октоьееr 773 timer siden

    Clarkson must wear Jedi master t shirt

  • dolimi jotoo
    dolimi jotoo3 timer siden

    "I prefer Pink Floyd to Stomzy" I am with you on that one Jezza.

  • Invictus Barbell and Training
    Invictus Barbell and Training3 timer siden

    I would say that the studio segments and actually testing new cars and hearing their opinion was one of my favourite part of the show. Both TopGear and The Grand Tour. I personally would rather see more of that frequently rather than once a year/ two year massive worldly travel expedition. At the end of the day, We love this trio for their personality and what they offer to the car scene.

  • dolimi jotoo
    dolimi jotoo3 timer siden

    State of Him

  • HippoButtSecks
    HippoButtSecks3 timer siden

    i wanna snip those brows...

  • Andreas Bruns
    Andreas Bruns4 timer siden

    He is absolutely right, it's the Beatle, or the original German name: Kaefer. In Germany we said, you only know how to drive a car if you know how to drive a Kaefer. Very difficult gearbox, very reactive, super light, and inviting to way overdoing it. I absolutely loved my mum's one. And although that wasn't his full point, I so respect May, because he really gets the essence and spirit of it.

  • Kiku 2001
    Kiku 20014 timer siden

    ここで日本に発送できます. 私は物事を開くのが大好きです. haha

  • Trü Ter
    Trü Ter4 timer siden

    Some say Jeremy Clarkson brushes his teeth with a 4.8 liter v8 toothbrush

  • blerim kqiku
    blerim kqiku4 timer siden

    Electric Cars are Soulless

  • Cliff McAulay
    Cliff McAulay4 timer siden

    Ive never met him, but I feel like he is my slightly daft mate.

  • Oliver Ingram
    Oliver Ingram5 timer siden

    Not sure about the bracelets and the watch strap, what's going on there.....?

  • rage12345678
    rage123456785 timer siden

    That's Walmer Castle in Nottinghill.

  • Henry Corbitt
    Henry Corbitt5 timer siden

    The mustang comment didn’t age well

  • gaptoofgranny
    gaptoofgranny5 timer siden

    If you made a stop in vancouver, you'd see people using hazard warning lights all the time to park wherever they want.

  • palatinator
    palatinator5 timer siden

    Richard Top, Defender ....

  • Vincent
    Vincent5 timer siden

    Anyone else waiting for a new season. The grand tour

    BRANDON FROM LONDON UK5 timer siden


  • Musa Ahmed
    Musa Ahmed5 timer siden

    "I prefer a ford mustang to a tesla" That moment when you realise that the current Mustang is electric: Rest in peace you glorious 427 v8

  • Nawali Raiihan
    Nawali Raiihan5 timer siden

    why they do the like our clarkson sir signatur

  • Grumpy OldMan
    Grumpy OldMan6 timer siden

    Im hitting like because the eyebrows told me to..

  • Nasri Rosman
    Nasri Rosman6 timer siden

    You know its a strong friendship when you literally have murderous intentions for your friends and still be okay with it.

  • Dino S. Dominic
    Dino S. Dominic6 timer siden

    1:49 Was Mark Wahlberg aka Marky Marky around at the time?

  • Steve Mawer
    Steve Mawer6 timer siden

    You need to spellcheck your questions - at 3:30 there's an 'n' missing from "performance". Otherwise great video, Clarkson is great.

  • Sexy Hotdog
    Sexy Hotdog6 timer siden

    Can't believe he didn't rate ksi's lambo

  • Ruairi McCarthy
    Ruairi McCarthy6 timer siden

    State of Him

  • Fred Munro
    Fred Munro6 timer siden

    Clarkson still won't admit that he did a number on tesla for legal reasons 😂

  • j x
    j x7 timer siden


  • esr243
    esr2437 timer siden

    Totally boring; no wonder it did not make it to the original cut

  • William Miller
    William Miller7 timer siden

    The history of knitting machines....

  • SpaceMuffin
    SpaceMuffin7 timer siden

    the csl was savage. didn’t even have wipers if i remember correctly 🤔

  • Yourtubisfilled
    Yourtubisfilled7 timer siden

    I love him but as a Dutch guy, living in a city, a car owner and a frequent cyclist I have to disagree with him. Enlightenment here:

  • Mohammed Yahya
    Mohammed Yahya7 timer siden

    Why does the guy in the back, in the window, look like Daniel Riccardo? 😂

  • Sarojini Sundaresan
    Sarojini Sundaresan7 timer siden

    at 3:08, the spelling of performance is wrong........oops

  • Sarojini Sundaresan
    Sarojini Sundaresan7 timer siden

    at 3:26, the spelling of performance is wrong.........oops

  • Chaab_002
    Chaab_0027 timer siden

    So many people in the comments are so salty - just say you're envious and move on.

  • Vulcan 9919
    Vulcan 99197 timer siden

    Such a tiny little mind. If what he says should happen actually happened F1 would be no more within 5 years

  • brian willis
    brian willis7 timer siden

    My biggest regret was listening to his drivel about EV’s for a decade and he is still talking bollocks now!

  • Belino Volante
    Belino Volante7 timer siden

    i would love a podcast with those three

  • Stephen Buckley
    Stephen Buckley8 timer siden

    Blurred out image, I wonder what car it is...

  • Jon M.
    Jon M.8 timer siden

    James May is an earthling treasure. He should be on the next Voyager space probe thingy traveling very slowly through the cosmos to encounter alien civilizations and boring them to death with his storytelling.

    BGFTCHKN8 timer siden

    I would take the flat-6 from a 911 and put it in the Bolide

  • chet goodenough
    chet goodenough8 timer siden

    he looks sooo old now. he aged in the last year

  • softtack
    softtack8 timer siden

    Nice shirt, Jezza.

  • kukelhupf
    kukelhupf8 timer siden

    Not gonna lie. The montage of you showing of the bodywork reminded me of when you made fun of exactly that on Top Gear.

  • Marcel vdm
    Marcel vdm8 timer siden

    I don’t get it. What did the big letters say?

  • aybalam
    aybalam8 timer siden

    I bet he would die for a single cigarette drinking that wine

  • K Da
    K Da8 timer siden

    Performace car???????

  • channel surfer
    channel surfer8 timer siden

    but the Mustang is electric now too....he should have a talk with the folks running Jaguar now....their CEO dresses and acts like an Eastern European communist

  • Adam D
    Adam D8 timer siden

    Clickbait. Came for James May, got like 20 seconds of him. Lame.

  • Edith Sullivan
    Edith Sullivan8 timer siden

    The inquisitive fur seasonally communicate because pin computationally point during a unhealthy humidity. sturdy, daily steel

  • eps
    eps9 timer siden

    🤣 he starts with... it's filthy. proceeds with career driving abominations around. I love himz

  • My New Life
    My New Life9 timer siden

    I sold my ears and brought bitcoin!

  • My New Life
    My New Life9 timer siden

    I sold my ears and brought bitcoin!

  • Oriru Bastard
    Oriru Bastard9 timer siden

    If that toilet roll would've had Clarkson's face on it, I bet he would've kept it and used each and every piece of it as carefully as possible.

  • EnterTheCarp
    EnterTheCarp9 timer siden

    458 italia? Donate it to meeeeeeee

  • EnterTheCarp
    EnterTheCarp9 timer siden

    Oh. That?

  • A320 REMF
    A320 REMF9 timer siden

    Diamond geezer, per sé. People hate him because they don't get him. Closing down the original Top Gear was the death of Top Gear! But Diesel, Diesel, Diesel, Turbo Diesel!! We have no choice in 2030 you have to go volts and amps!

  • Jeremy Frances
    Jeremy Frances9 timer siden

    Looking down the comments, there's no mention of the obvious. Down force, down force, down force. In other words, a lack there of. I know that they have addressed this several times in recent years or even decades, including this season with the floor. But nothing has been drastic enough, ever! Some would say this would be dangerous, however I would argue the opposite. When you come unstuck with big down force, you leave the track in a big way. I mean they stuffed around with grooved tyres for god's sake. You need to take away the down force, drastically. Simple.

  • SuperChromatic
    SuperChromatic9 timer siden

    Frame off restorations are brutal and cost a fortune - that's old cars for you.

  • Buddy Guy
    Buddy Guy10 timer siden

    When is Jeremy getting an OnlyFans account ?

  • GasmanOAV
    GasmanOAV10 timer siden

    Ferrari is planning on returning to Le Mans. Bugatti too? Amazing.