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  • Djovic Lawrence Flores
    Djovic Lawrence Flores4 timer siden

    Say what you want but he's brutally right. Here in my country at least, traffic conditions got worse because of bike lanes.

  • Thor Cain
    Thor Cain5 timer siden

    Did James age 10 years?!

  • Dennis Nedry
    Dennis Nedry5 timer siden

    That's Off road? That's the best State highways in India and we fly through them at 40Kmph while drinking hot tea without spilling over Also Hammond is chill

  • Cooper Haddock
    Cooper Haddock6 timer siden

    I went to the museum I lived like 30 min away it’s in Ames Oklahoma in the middle of nowhere btw it’s beautiful

  • Bob octopus
    Bob octopus6 timer siden

    I watched the Bim episode today and it was hilarious

  • Marrock V
    Marrock V6 timer siden

    You can tell he's over 50 because he's wearing The Hat.


    Rally car definitely. You can have all kinds of accidents in Olivia.

  • grinch hilligoss
    grinch hilligoss7 timer siden

    its time to make....JAMES MAYS GARAGE LOL.

  • Rob's Cosplay Cover
    Rob's Cosplay Cover7 timer siden

    Been rewatching Man Lab because of this video and I'm left with one question, what's happened to all the things ther make like the Pool Table, the Swiss Army Bike and stuff.

  • HemistReborn
    HemistReborn8 timer siden

    Some say that he HASEN'T SPOKE EVER and has NEVER MADE COMMUNICATION with ANYONE. All we know is that Ben Collins WAS and ISN'T the Stig.

  • Ethan Benton
    Ethan Benton9 timer siden

    that thing must rev reeeeeeeally high

  • Dave Smith
    Dave Smith10 timer siden

    I live in New Zealand yet i feel that I know Edd very well from TV. He is such a wonderful guy. Knowledge and a hugely pleasant personality --- a rare mix!

  • GarconBlanc
    GarconBlanc10 timer siden

    Does anyone know where one can watch the video of him in the Stig helmet speaking in his voice which he mentions is what helped fuel the rumour mill?

  • Christine Herrington
    Christine Herrington11 timer siden

    Pubs were'nt open a month ago 🤔

  • tomtalk24
    tomtalk2411 timer siden

    Wrong choice, desperate to get on the telly.

  • Ian Abraham
    Ian Abraham11 timer siden

    R E S T O R E O L I V E R

  • tomtalk24
    tomtalk2411 timer siden

    30 years lol. I'd bet ten.

  • Bob Costas
    Bob Costas11 timer siden

    Im not watching this for legal reasons

  • Ben Matheson
    Ben Matheson11 timer siden

    It is mental that he did the North Pole challenge after the accident

  • PepeOnPC
    PepeOnPC11 timer siden

    Does anyone else want to see a lotus 98t engine in a lotus evora. My dream though would be a cosworth v10 in a ford gt

  • Walter Burton
    Walter Burton12 timer siden

    Looking forward to James' future projects. 👍👍👍

  • Walter Burton
    Walter Burton12 timer siden


  • Zak Evans
    Zak Evans12 timer siden

    some say sabine schmitz was the stig, others say it was James May

  • Fabian Ojeda
    Fabian Ojeda12 timer siden

    First time ever a racing video makes me sleepy

  • Matthew Godwin
    Matthew Godwin13 timer siden

    I can't help but wonder if the four phoenix wankers hadn't wasted massive amounts of money on the race series, the ridiculous SV project, and their own inflated salaries, and instead invested in a much needed replacement for the 45, Rover might still be with us today.

  • Chase Sutherland
    Chase Sutherland13 timer siden

    To be honest, for going for a drive, I'd rather have a car like Oliver. No tricks, no bells and whistles, it's just a car that you have memories with and that's what makes a car imo. Sure you can have endless horsepower, fancy seats, all the gadgets that come with super cars, but nothing will ever beat memories.

  • Dodgey Solenoid
    Dodgey Solenoid13 timer siden

    Well Lotus must have found a motor manufacturer, that has managed to get an incredibly highest power density, into a 500hp motor. Can't see how they've squeezed that size motor at each wheel. Is this car actually in production, as it seems like a bit of a pipe dream car.

  • Random Thing On Fire
    Random Thing On Fire15 timer siden

    car on the stove

  • phillip kerfoot
    phillip kerfoot15 timer siden

    so basicallly they would become big karts brilliant

  • Augustine Deppmeier
    Augustine Deppmeier15 timer siden

    I love how Jeremy still has the drinks cabinet

  • Ankit Patil
    Ankit Patil15 timer siden

    1:07:10 Most wholesome moment you'll see!!

  • Ankit Patil
    Ankit Patil15 timer siden

    "Diddy diddy didylee diddy bop" - james may 2020

  • John K
    John K16 timer siden

    Mr Clarkson, you resemble an unchecked david letterman!

  • Hamsterwheel
    Hamsterwheel17 timer siden

    Funny that Clarkson mentioned it, my favourite moments of Top Gear where he would in fact work the crowd and comment on whatever they were saying, in segments like the Cool Wall.

  • Jst Drv
    Jst Drv17 timer siden

    Jeremy shows hamster how to grow a beard. Take it off Hammond!

  • Michael Michaels
    Michael Michaels17 timer siden

    May's becoming a mad scientist!

  • James Weldon
    James Weldon17 timer siden

    Is that his husband?

  • Winkle Brown
    Winkle Brown17 timer siden

    He's getting quiet boring in his old age.

  • Skoski
    Skoski17 timer siden

    different now as in now they just take the whole car :)

  • Aditya Rai
    Aditya Rai18 timer siden

    He's still smoking that Porsche design pipe.😁😁

  • Graham Moore
    Graham Moore18 timer siden

    *He likes the vw beatle but hates Oliver* 😐

  • maxman1602
    maxman160218 timer siden

    Jeremy with a beard looks a bit like King George V.

  • BottleAire New! 1/2 Vaxxed!
    BottleAire New! 1/2 Vaxxed!18 timer siden

    May seems like he'd be the easiest to direct compared to the walking scandal of Jeremy and the hazards of Hammond's perpetual crash reel.

  • Tony Baker
    Tony Baker18 timer siden

    I joined in at home and passed out halfway through the video!

  • Ethan Shields
    Ethan Shields19 timer siden

    He looks like Billy Connolly

    KAVIN KUMARASAMY19 timer siden

    this was released on my birthday

  • Red Leicester
    Red Leicester20 timer siden

    hammond had an accident is basically like saying beer is best enjoyed when ice cold.

  • DoorDashing Couple
    DoorDashing Couple20 timer siden

    This stuff is so interesting! I Love it. NOlocal is wonderful.

  • S Fen
    S Fen20 timer siden

    Bespoke firearms, or Bespoke liquor in the those beautiful cases in the back of his Rover?

  • João Graça
    João Graça20 timer siden


  • QuackInaHood
    QuackInaHood23 timer siden

    As soon as I saw "Hammond had an accident" I thought "what has he done this time"


    les go more grand tour

  • the Teo
    the TeoDag siden

    he looks like old Ali G

  • Matt H
    Matt HDag siden

    Why it the darkest car? Me: it’s dark and activate the invisibility mode for the police

  • MrJaguar747
    MrJaguar747Dag siden

    whers jeremy

  • Scout 1874
    Scout 1874Dag siden

    A Top Chap

  • Fukai REN
    Fukai RENDag siden

    BMW M8 GTE is a mountain on track

  • Kyle P
    Kyle PDag siden

    Is no one talking about how the earbud wasn't in her ear at 3:39?

  • tabu
    tabuDag siden

    when you see it

  • Peter bell
    Peter bellDag siden

    I’d be so excited to road trip with him

  • cjsawinski
    cjsawinskiDag siden

    Man I’m sooo mad at VW group for shutting down petrol motorsports! I recognize it’s the future but can’t we delay that future a little?!? Would love to see Porsche supply PU to F1 and still at the top of WEC prototype racing

  • Kaden Wijayatilleke
    Kaden WijayatillekeDag siden

    Perfect, I love to watch Top Gear/ The Grand Tour and I love to watch Doug DeMuro!

  • Gehms Eliehshar Cruz
    Gehms Eliehshar CruzDag siden

    His daughter didnt care hahahahha

  • mugdays
    mugdaysDag siden

    Why did I spend nearly 12 minutes watching an advertisement???

  • Natheniel Becken
    Natheniel BeckenDag siden

    52:22 that got me laughing out soooooo loud my cat thought I’m choking to death

  • Kaden Wijayatilleke
    Kaden WijayatillekeDag siden


  • Kaden Wijayatilleke
    Kaden WijayatillekeDag siden


  • Kaden Wijayatilleke
    Kaden WijayatillekeDag siden

    I watch Doug DeMuro A LOT

  • Mah Fah
    Mah FahDag siden

    Finally with the trio, I am getting hooked to this channel. Now it feels this is a worthy channel given all three are putting work and we get to see them often. For people in US, NOlocal is only way to see them, BBC America is not get to get or other channels locally

  • Pablo Salgado Castillo
    Pablo Salgado CastilloDag siden

    I got to be honest, the windscreen was the first thing i looked, maybe the front lights would have been better references.

  • Adam Brewer
    Adam BrewerDag siden

    The new STANGS are the [email protected]#$!!!! We absolutely loves ours. Traded a 2018 SS in for our GT 5.0!!!!!!!!

  • Joey Misc.
    Joey Misc.Dag siden

    You sounds just like mike boyd

  • Eoghan Dridl
    Eoghan DridlDag siden

    So basically his small stature saved him

  • Joshua Honeck
    Joshua HoneckDag siden

    Imagine if hammond had the dodge hellcat starts Revving his engine during the interview with James may starts shouting stop doing that

  • Da Boiz
    Da BoizDag siden

    sir what about top fuel

  • Bradical Radical
    Bradical RadicalDag siden

    11:57 nearly crashes into that van

  • mark rickard
    mark rickardDag siden

    Nice video

  • Gidmonkey
    GidmonkeyDag siden

    My favorite slot cars that I own are Porsche 962 C - #8 Blaupunkt. Le Mans 24h 1988, Hornby MG Lola slot car, Scalextric Pirelli Dallara Indy Car C2518, Indy Car Dallara GULF Scalextric C2517. All great cars, sadly I took them apart and broke the internals trying to find out how they work.

  • Allan Johnson
    Allan JohnsonDag siden

    Richard Hammond you were a baby man your whole life read you will grow into a full Jack the Ripper

  • Z Tol4_I
    Z Tol4_IDag siden

    I Absolutely HATED the Joel Schumacher Batman.